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Tyrannic Ethiopian Regime Wins Misplaced Praise from U.S. | Freedom House. #Africa July 28, 2015

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???????????Freedom HouseEthiopia's scores on freedomObama's Africa Tour

In response to President Obama describing Ethiopia’s government as democratically elected, during his visit to the country, Freedom House issued the following statement:

“President Obama unfortunately was fundamentally wrong in his comments about the parliamentary elections Ethiopia held in May, in which the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) won every seat,” said Mark P. Lagon, president of Freedom House. “Calling Ethiopia’s government democratically elected lowers the standards for democracy and undermines the courageous work of so many Ethiopians who fight to realize a just and democratic society.”

Ethiopia is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2015, Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2015, and Not Free in Freedom on the Net 2015.

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization that supports democratic change, monitors the status of freedom around the world, and advocates for democracy and human rights.


Africa: Obama criticised for calling Ethiopia’s government ‘democratically elected’ July 28, 2015

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While US president calls for end of crackdown on political and press freedom, his comments on Hailemariam administration are widely condemned


Obama's Africa TourOromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia3. 19 June 2015

‘Critics accused Obama of granting legitimacy to the regime. Reeyot Alemu, a columnist released earlier this month after four years in jail on terrorism charges, said: “It’s not ‘democratically elected’ because there was only government media and people did not get enough information.

“They also arrested many opposition leaders and journalists. They won the election by using human rights violations. How can it be democratically elected? It is completely false. I wish Barack Obama had sent a strong message.”

Bekele Nega, general secretary of the Oromo Federalist Congress, representing Ethiopia’s biggest ethnic group, said: “I don’t know if democracy means robbing people’s vote and robbing their election result? They have killed people and they have taken the ballot box with them in organised fraud.”

Nega claimed his party found some of its votes thrown down a toilet, while at one polling station its victory by 800 votes to 40 was reversed to a 40-800 defeat. “I wonder if people could tolerate this in America or Britain or wherever? Is this the meaning of democracy in America? We are very sorry that Mr Obama’s comment on our election is really supporting dictators. We know the US is always looking after its own interests and will take over on the military side, sending our people to Somalia.”’

Barack Obama has been criticised by opposition groups and journalists in Ethiopia after referring to the country’s government as “democratically elected”, with one human rights watchdog describing the statement as “shocking”.

The US president was speaking at a joint press conference with Hailemariam Desalegn, the Ethiopian prime minister, after the two leaders held talks in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Although Obama said he had raised issues of good governance – “I don’t bite my tongue too much when it comes to these issues” – he also insisted: “We are opposed to any group that is promoting the violent overthrow of a government, including the government of Ethiopia, that has been democratically elected.”

Answering questions from journalists later, Obama repeated the phrase: “We are very mindful of Ethiopia’s history – the hardships that this country has gone through. It has been relatively recently in which the constitution that was formed and the elections put forward a democratically elected government.”

Hailemariam’s party and its allies won 100% of seats in parliament two months ago. The opposition alleged the government had used authoritarian tactics to secure victory, including intimidation, arrests and violently breaking up rallies. At the time, the US said it remained “deeply concerned” by restrictions on civil society, media, opposition parties and independent voices and views.

But Ethiopia remains a key security ally for the US in the fight against the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab. It has also become an economic battleground with China, which has delivered huge infrastructure projects in Africa’s second most populous nation.

Critics accused Obama of granting legitimacy to the regime. Reeyot Alemu, a columnist released earlier this month after four years in jail on terrorism charges, said: “It’s not ‘democratically elected’ because there was only government media and people did not get enough information.

“They also arrested many opposition leaders and journalists. They won the election by using human rights violations. How can it be democratically elected? It is completely false. I wish Barack Obama had sent a strong message.”

Bekele Nega, general secretary of the Oromo Federalist Congress, representing Ethiopia’s biggest ethnic group, said: “I don’t know if democracy means robbing people’s vote and robbing their election result? They have killed people and they have taken the ballot box with them in organised fraud.”

Nega claimed his party found some of its votes thrown down a toilet, while at one polling station its victory by 800 votes to 40 was reversed to a 40-800 defeat. “I wonder if people could tolerate this in America or Britain or wherever? Is this the meaning of democracy in America? We are very sorry that Mr Obama’s comment on our election is really supporting dictators. We know the US is always looking after its own interests and will take over on the military side, sending our people to Somalia.”

Oromia: Paartiileen Mormiitoota Itoophiyaa, Obaamaa komatan. July 28, 2015

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???????????OFC Medrek’s Last Campaign Stops – Xuquur Incinii (Diree Badhaas) and Holataa in Central Oromia4OFC MEDREK’S Election Symbol (Five Fingers with the Open Palm'High Five Goes ViralOFC criss crossing Oromia ,  Shashe Town,  9 May 2015

(OMN:Oduu Adol.27, 2015) Ameerikaan Rakkoo sabaaf utuu hin taane sodaa ofii isheef qabdu irraa kaatee Mootummoota abbaa irreef beekamtu kennuu akka barbaaddu Dr Mararaa Guddina himan.

Dura taa’aan Paartii Samayaawwii Injinar Yilkal Getnat affeerraa Irbaataa Pirzdant Omaaf qophaa’e irratti akka hin argamne beeksisan.

Dura taa’aa Itti aanaan paartii Madrak Dr Mararaa Guddinaa akka himanitti daawwiin Pirezdant Obaamaan Itoophiyaatti gochaa jiran gaaffii fi bu’aa ummata Itoophiyaaf utuu hin taane dhimmonni shororkesummaa gaanfaa Afriikaa waan Amerikaa irriba dhorkateef jedhan.

Ameerikaa Xiyyaara waraanaa nama malee balali’u Drone jedhamu Nannoo Arbaa Mincii akka qabdu fi Itoophiyaan Soomaliyaa keessatti ergama Ameerikaa waan raawwachaa jirtuuf obamaan dhimma kana cimsuuf akka achi deeme dubbataniiru.

Itoophiyaa keessatti Ijaarsa sirna dimookiraasii babalisuuf Pirezdant Obaamaan miillaan dhufu hin barbaachisu ture kan jedhan Dr Mararaan Pirezdantiin wagga tokko booda aangoo isaa iyyuu gad dhiisuuf jiru jijjirama gudda siyaasa Itoophiyaa keessatti fida jedhanii akka hin yaadnes himan.

Gama biraatiin dura taa’aan Paartii Samayaawwii Injinar Yilkal Getnat affeerre Irbaataa Pirzdant Omaaf qophaa’e irratti akka hin argamne beeksisan.

Injinar Yilkaal Gaazexxa Nagara Itoophiyaaf ibsa kennaniin Pirzdant Baraak Obamaan Ihadeg Paartii karaa dimokiraasiitiin filatame jechuun isaanii ijaarsa sirna Dimookiraasii Itoophiyaa irratti bishaan naquu dha jedhan.

Waamicha aaffeerraa Irbaataa Ihadeg Waame irratti argamuun dararaa fi miidhaa ummata ofii irra gahaa jiru akka irraanfachuuttan ilaalaa jechuun yaadasaanii nuuf kenannii jiru.

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa paartiilee Mormitootaa akka shororkesitootatti ilaaluy prezdant Baraak Obamaan dhufnaan akka paartii karaa seera qabeessaa filatameetti of fakkeessuuf waamicha taasise waan ta’eef irartti hirmaachuu dhiisuuf murteessera jedhan.

Ibsi Pirezdant Obaamaan Mootummaa karaa Dimokiratawaa fialtame jechuun kennanis akka isaan gaddisiisse himuun Ihadeg karaa Dimookiratawaa filatame jedhanii beekmatii kennuun paartiilee karaa nagaa qabsaaaniif dantaa dhabuu akkasumas Mootummaa abbaa irreetiif deggersa kennu ta’aa jechuun dubbii Obamaa qeeqaniiru.

Gabaasaan Alamaayyoo Qannaa ti.


Nostalgic Patriotism is a luxury: The Danger of A Single Story on Africa Rising July 28, 2015

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Originally posted on manyminimusings:

“Last time I saw you, you looked like apocalypse
Hell and then Genesis combined
Last time I saw you, you were stripping me of
Anything and anyone that was mine

See that’s how I remember you
That’s how I remember you

So please forgive me if
I never call you home again
So please forgive me
If I never call you home again”                            ~~Corneille: I’ll Never Call you Home Again

Yesterday I attended a conference where we met this year’s fellows from the Mandela Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI). The hot topic of course was discussing how to build and maintain a bridge between the diaspora and residents of the homeland, to leverage a superpower that will engender great change. One of them was of the opinion that those living on the continent had been let down…

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Economic Freedom Index 2015: Ethiopia is ranked 37th out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and its overall score continues to be below the regional average.Ethiopia’s economic freedom score is 51.5 July 27, 2015

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???????????The TPLF Corruption network

‘State institutions are dominated by ruling EPRDF officials who reportedly receive preferential access to credit, land leases, and jobs. Under the government’s “villagization” program, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people have been forcibly relocated to new villages with inadequate infrastructure so that the state can lease their lands to commercial agricultural foreign investors.’

Ethiopia’s economic freedom score is 51.5, making its economy the 149th freest in the 2015 Index. Ethiopia is ranked 37th out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and its overall score continues to be below the regional average.

With a large domestic market and promising economic prospects, Ethiopia has the potential to become a regional economic powerhouse, but persistent state intervention in the relatively closed economy has suppressed the growth of economic freedom over the past five years.

Overall, the institutional basis of economic freedom in Ethiopia is still weak. A nominally independent judiciary continues to follow government policy advice, and corruption remains endemic. The government has made significant investments in major development projects, including the Grand Renaissance Dam, but restricts foreign investment in major industries and keeps important sectors of the economy closed to global trade and investment.

Ethiopia has had 10 years of steady economic growth, but not enough to reduce poverty. Its per capita income remains among the world’s lowest. Ethiopia is a leading coffee producer. Its economy is largely based on agriculture and is vulnerable to droughts and external shocks.


Corruption is a significant problem in Ethiopia. State institutions are dominated by ruling EPRDF officials who reportedly receive preferential access to credit, land leases, and jobs. Under the government’s “villagization” program, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people have been forcibly relocated to new villages with inadequate infrastructure so that the state can lease their lands to commercial agricultural foreign investors.


Ethiopia’s top individual income tax rate is 35 percent, and its top corporate tax rate remains at 30 percent. Other taxes include a value-added tax and a tax on capital gains. The overall tax burden equals 11.6 percent of the domestic economy, and government spending accounts for 16.9 percent of gross domestic product. Public debt equals 22 percent of annual production.


Inconsistent enforcement of regulations often impedes business activity and undermines economic development. The minimum capital requirement for launching a business is higher than the level of average annual income. Much of the labor force is employed in the informal sector. Monetary stability has been weak, and subsidies for the government’s state-led development model are hindering private-sector growth.


Ethiopia has a 10.3 percent average tariff rate. It is not a member of the WTO, and government procurement processes can favor domestic companies. Foreign investment is heavily regulated. There is no constitutional right to own land. The small financial sector continues to evolve and is largely dominated by banks. The capital market remains underdeveloped, and there is no stock exchange.

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Ethiopia: President Obama Should Urge Changes to Help Civil Society, Political Opposition July 24, 2015

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Freedom House

Ethiopia's scores on freedom




(Freedom House) — As President Obama prepares to visit Ethiopia next week, Freedom House has prepared policy recommendations for the White House, highlighting Ethiopia’s undermining of civil society, independent media, and the political opposition:

“The political environment during parliamentary elections held in May included arrest, harassment and intimidation of opposition members and supporters,” the letter says. “Apart from seriously eroding citizens’ faith in any prospect of an inclusive political framework, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s entrenched control over all levers of political power sends a strong signal that all avenues of legitimate dissent are closed, fomenting resentment that could lead to violent extremism.”

“Freedom House recommends that President Obama urge the Government of Ethiopia to undertake a comprehensive review of the country’s civil society and anti-terrorism laws and to release imprisoned journalists and peaceful political activists.”

Read the policy reccomendations below.

Ethiopia is rated Not Free in Freedom in the World 2015, Not Free in Freedom of the Press 2015, and Not Free in Freedom on the Net 2015.

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization that supports democratic change, monitors the status of freedom around the world, and advocates for democracy and human rights.

Ethiopia: Policy Recommendations, July 2015


In 2009, the Ethiopian Parliament passed the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSP), tightly restricting Ethiopian civil society organizations (CSOs). This includes limiting the amount of foreign funding that organizations are allowed to receive to 10 percent. Legislation passed in 2009, the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP) has been extensively used to silence critical voices including independent journalists and members of opposition political parties. These laws coupled with other government policies seriously limit the ability for independent voices to be heard.

Political Space and Inclusive Political Process

In May, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) conducted another tightly controlled national election and won all seats in both federal and regional legislatures. The political environment included the widespread arrest, harassment and intimidation of opposition members and supporters. Apart from seriously eroding citizens’ faith in any prospect of an inclusive political framework, EPRDF’s control of all levers of political power sends a strong signal that all avenues of legitimate dissent are closed, fomenting resentment that could lead to violent extremism. The rise in politically motivated killings of opposition activists after announcement of the election results in May and June (seven reported cases) shows that local officials believe that a total win for EPRDF means no space for opposition. Freedom House therefore recommends that during his visit, President Obama:

  • Urge the Ethiopian government to release members and supporters of opposition political parties imprisoned as a result of their peaceful political activities.
  • Encourage the Ethiopian government to undertake a thorough review of electoral laws and institutions to allow for a meaningful engagement of civil society in voters’ education and election observation activities.
  • Call on the Ethiopian authorities to take measures to address the concerns being raised by the country’s Muslim population. A positive first step in this direction could be releasing representatives of the Muslim community that have been in prison since 2012 being tried under the ATP.

Civil Society and Media

The CSP has effectively decimated human rights groups in Ethiopia. While the stated purpose of the CSP is ‘to aid and facilitate the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the development of the country,’ it has actually forced at least 10 prominent human rights and democracy promotion organizations to abandon their mandates in order to continue receiving foreign funding while others were forced to scale back their operations significantly. As a direct result of the CSP, Ethiopia’s leading human rights NGO, Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO, now HRCO), had to close 9 of its 12 regional offices and cut 85 percent of its staff. The Ethiopian Women Lawyers’ Association (EWLA), another prominent group, cut nearly 70 percent of its staff. Authorities also froze the bank accounts of these groups. In addition to the severe restrictions the CSP imposes on funding and human rights work, the dysfunctional legal framework it put in place is actively undermining the role of civil society in development. A 2014 performance audit conducted by the Federal Auditor General found that more than 85 percent of NGOs were not able to comply with one or more of the expenditure and reporting requirements. The Director of the Charities and Societies Agency, the government agency in charge of regulating NGOs, told parliament that if his agency were to enforce the CSP as written, all NGOs would have closed. During President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia, Freedom House recommends that he:

  • Urge the government of Ethiopia to undertake a comprehensive review of the CSP and the eight implementation guidelines (directives) that limit access to international funding for human rights organizations and their abilities to form networks and consortia.
  • In the short term, seek ways of making U.S. government funding accessible to Ethiopian human rights groups by setting up a special ‘human rights and civil society’ fund that is not subject to the 10 percent foreign funding cap. The European Union successfully negotiated such an arrangement with the Ethiopian government.
  • Welcome the recent release of five journalists and bloggers and call for the release of the remaining 11 journalists and bloggers as well as scores of peaceful opposition activists who are currently in prison.
  • Meet with human rights defenders, civil society activists and recently released journalists and bloggers as a demonstration of U.S government support and solidarity to their cause.

Human Rights and National Security

After Ethiopia’s most competitive elections in 2005 concluded with violence and the detention of hundreds of opposition members and civil society leaders, EPRDF moved to systematize the tools of political control through a series of restrictive legislation backed by intense crackdown on media and civil society intended to silence perceived opponents and critics. As a result, the operational space for legitimate opposition, independent media and human rights activists has been seriously constrained. The ATP is being used to pursue vigorous prosecution of opposition party members and journalists.

The excesses of Ethiopia’s counter-terrorism operations that include arbitrary arrests, widespread practice of torture, alarming trends of disregard to due process rights of detainees and excessive pre-trial detention have stifled legitimate dissent and created a profound climate of fear. Lack of accountability of security forces is exacerbated by a judiciary that is largely subservient to the executive and lacks institutional autonomy to exercise effective oversight and enforcement of constitutionally guaranteed human rights protections. Freedom House therefore recommends that President Obama:

  • Urge the Ethiopian government to review the provisions of the ATP that lay out an overbroad definition of legitimate activities of journalists and political activists as acts of terror.
  • Call on Ethiopian authorities to adhere to national and international standards of due process and fair trial in their treatment of detainees under the ATP; and establish an effective mechanism of accountability for law enforcement officials who commit human rights violations.
  • Offer US technical assistance in reviewing the ATP to bring it up to international standards, and train law enforcement and judicial personnel in international human rights principles and prudent counter-terrorism techniques.
  • Reiterate the need for civil society to be considered a partner rather than an obstacle in counter-terrorism efforts and stress the role civil society can play in addressing the underlying challenges and gaps that drive extremism.

Support for Human Rights and Democracy Promotion

Given the highly repressive political environment in Ethiopia, it is admittedly difficult to support those who risk their lives to promote democracy and human rights. But it is not impossible, and if such groups are to survive in Ethiopia, they need outside support. Even a small increase in democracy and human rights assistance can have an enormous impact in ensuring that local civil society is able defend the fundamental rights of all Ethiopians. Freedom House recommends that the Obama Administration:

  • Increase USAID’s democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) budget for Ethiopia to support programs that aim to strengthen independent media and investigative journalism in an effort to stem growing trends of official corruption and other human rights abuses. The current obligated amount of $350,000 for DRG represents only 1.68 percent of the Agency’s obligated total funding for Ethiopia. Expand USAID programming to cover much needed capacity building support in digital security and human rights monitoring to civil society and digital activists.

The Oromians Protest Ethiopia’s Tyrannic Rules, Its Land Grabs And The New Master Plan Of Ethnic Cleansing Against The Indigenous Oromo People In The Name of Development Expansion Of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) July 23, 2015

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OOromo students, voices of the voicelessOromo Protests defend Oromo National Interest

Ambo your sacrifices will be remembered for ever

Oromia (Buraayyuu): Godina Addaa Oromiyaa Naannoo Burraayyuu Adda Addaa Keessaa Guyyota Arfan Darban Keessa Qonaanan Bultooti 400 Ol Lafa Irraa Buqawuun Diiddaa Jiraatottaa Daran Dabalee Jira.Waraanni Wayyaanees Uummata Adamsee Dararaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase.  Adoolessa (July) 23, 2015

Guutummaatti toora  armaa gadii irraa (Read more at):-


Dhimmi Master Plaanii fi Saamichi Lafaa Tooftaa Jijjiirratee Deemaa Jiru Dura Tokkummaan Dhaabbachuuf Qonnaan Bulaa, Barataa fi Hojjettooti Shaggar Kaabaa‏ Jiraatan Ibsan

Adoolessa 22, 2015 Finfinnee


Qonnaan bulaa, barataa fi hojjetaan garagaraa shaggar kaabaa aanaa Kuyyuu, Sulultaa, Caancoo, Akaakoo fi kanneen biroonis godina addaa dabalatee dhimmi Master Pilaanii deebi’ee ka’uu hin qabu jechun walitti dhufuun kana duras dhaabbachuuf of qopheessuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Ammos dhimmi Master Palan Finfiinnee kun tooftaa jijjiratee qonnaan bultootaa fi jiraattotaatti waan dhufaa jiruuf qabeenyaa fi mirga Oromummaa keenya kan sarbu dura of qusatnoo tokko malee ni dhaabbatna jechuun  qonnaan bulaan aanaalee kanneen irraa ibsuu Qeerroon naannicha irraa gabaasee jira.

Tooftaa fi malli mootummaan Wayyaanee saamicha lafaa raawwatuu fi qonnaan bulaa Oromoo balleessuu fi qabiyyee lafaa Oromoo dhuunfachuuf
gama kamiinuu itti wareegamuuf dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo fi uummanni godina kana keessatti har’a dhaamsa waliif dhaamuun yomiyyuu
mootummaa Wayyaanee ofirratti hin goobsinu jechuun murteeffachuu gabaasni Qeerroo addeessa.
Shaggar Kaabaa aanaa Caancotti halkan Adoolessa 20,2015 halkan waraqaaleen garagaraa magaala keessa faca’an
– Dacheen Oromiyaa kan Oromooti, Oromoodhaan haa bultu,
-Saamtotni fi sobdoonni nun bulchin.
-Mootummaan wayyaanee shororkeessaadha.
-Dinaaf hin jilbeenfannu
-Uummata Oromoo saamuun haa dhabbatu
-Miirri maqaa Master Pilaanii waamu haa dhaabbatu
-Wayyeen diina uummata oromooti
-OPDOn uummata Oromoof hin dhaabbanne
Kan jedhu waraqoonni bakka garagaraatti barreeffamuun maxxanfaman irraan kan ka’e har’a poolisii fi humni waraana federaalaa naannicha qubachuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.


Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Eebba Eebbifamtoota Barattoota Oromoo Ilaalchisuun Qophii Addaa Marsaa 2ffaa Qopheeffachuun Hegeree Qabsoo Oromoo Irratti Marihatan, ABO fi WBOs faarsan. Goototni qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa akeekaa diinni keenya Oromiyaa diiguuf Oromoo balleessuuf, umrii gabrummaa dheereffachuuf maqaa Maaster plan Finfinnee jedhuun yeroo amma kana illee hojii irra olchuuf fiiga waan jiruuf akkeeka karooraa badii balleessii kana fashaleessuu fi karroorrii Oromoo balleessuuf irra deddeebiuun akeekkamaa jiru kun akka haqamuuf yeroon gamtaan dura dhaabbannuu amma waan taeef Uummatni Oromoo bakka jirruu hundaa dammaqinsaan akka bira dhaabbannu jechuun waamicha dabarsana,

Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa Waxabajjii 25,2015

Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa qophii bifa adda taeen mooraa Main Campus keessatti qopheeffachuun walaloolee warraaqsaa fi sirboota warraaqsaa garaagaraa dhageesisuun ABO/WBO fi Hoggantoota qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Jaal Daawud Ibsaas Dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoon faarfamee jaalalaa fi kabaja qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof qaban daraggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa ibsatan. Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galmaan gauufi wareegama kamuu baasuun kan nurraa jiru tauun gadi jabeessuun wal hubachiisaan, keessattuu Jaalalli, tokkummaan fi kabajni Oromummaa fi eenyummaa akka jabaatuuf boqonnaa tokko malee hojjechaa kan turanii fi uummata Oromoo gidduutti addatti immoo dargaggoota gidduutti jijjirama guddaa fiduun milkii guddaa gonfachuu isaanii ibsuun tarsiimoo siyaasaa wayyaanee abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF dura dhaabbatani kan jiran tauu mirkaneessuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo fi ABO faarsuu itti fufan.

Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa humna waraanaa fi humnoota tikaa Wayyaaneen eeggichaan hamaan utuu irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruu fi Doorsifamaa jiranii seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti seenaa guddaa hojjechaa jiraachuu ibsatan. Goototni qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa akeekaa diinni keenya Oromiyaa diiguuf Oromoo balleessuuf, umrii gabrummaa dheereffachuuf maqaa Maaster plan Finfinnee jedhuun yeroo amma kana illee hojii irra olchuuf fiiga waan jiruuf akkeeka karooraa badii balleessii kana fashaleessuu fi karroorrii Oromoo balleessuuf irra deddeebiuun akeekkamaa jiru kun akka haqamuuf yeroon gamtaan dura dhaabbannuu amma waan taeef Uummatni Oromoo bakka jirruu hundaa dammaqinsaan akka bira dhaabbannu jechuun waamicha dabarsana, Bakka hundaatti uummatni keenyaa bakka jirruu hundatti dammaqnee Uummata keenyaa dammaqfachuun roorroo mootummaa abbaa irree dura dhaabbachuu amma jechuun waamicha dabarsan.


Mormii Caamsaa 30 Bara 2015 magaalaa buraayyuu keessati ta’e keessaa hanga tokko. Sababin mormii bahaniif mani jireenya isani isin deegartoota OFC jechudhaan Wayyaaneen irrati waan diigameef.

On 30 May 2015 residents in Buraayyuu (Central Oromia) protesting the demolishing of their residential houses by TPLF/ Agazi  for being the supporters  and voting for  the popular opposition OFC/Medrek) in the  24 May 2015 General Elections.

Oromo protests in Buraayyuu Oromia 30 May 2015

Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Dargaggoota Oromoo Itti Fufuun Godina Wallaggaa,Horroo Guduruu Keessatti FDG Itti Fufe.

diddaa9Caamsaa 30,2015 Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaatti FDG uummata Oromoo fi dargaggoota Oromoon Jabbaachuun Walqabatee barsiisotni Oromoo kan keessatti argaman namootni 12 hidhamuu maddeen Qeerroo gabaasan.
Diddaan Uummataa kallattii hundaan mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF irratti jabaachuun kan itti fufe yoo ta’uu, Godina Horroo
Guduruu Wallaggaa AANAA AMMUURUU jedhamu keessatti diddaan uummata daran jabaachuun mootummaa Wayyaanee guyyaa irraa gara guyyaatti raafama guddaa keessa galee jira.

Wayyaaneen gaaffii uummataaf deebii kennuu dhabuun ilmaan Uummata Oromoo qaroo biyyaa ta’an qabee hidhuu fi dararaan gochaa diinummaa isaa calaqisiisuu fudhachaa jiraachuun ibsame jira, haaluma kanaan ilmaan Oromoo kanneen barsiisotni Oromoo keessatti argaman AANAA AMMUURUU irra Caamsaa 29/2015 maqaa uummata nurratti kakasuun fincila nurratti gaggeessaa jirtu jedhamuun fi isin miseensota Qeerroo
Bilisummaa Oromooti jedhamuun qabamuun kanneen hidhaman ta’uu madden Qeerroo bilisummaa magaalaa Shaambuu irraa gabaasan.ilmaan Oromoo hidhaman kessaan kanneen maqaan nu ga’ee jiruu keessa:
1.Barsiisaa Arabuu Yaasiin
2.Barsiisaa Jireenyaa Dachee
3. Barsiisaa Gammachuu
4.Dargaggoo Garramuu Biyyansaa kanneen keessatti argamaan AANAA AMURUUtti hidhamuu maddeen keenya gabaasan.mootummaan wayyaanee hidhaa fi ajjeechaan warraaqsaa FDG fi bilisummaa keenya dura dhaabbatus nuti ilmaan Oromoo wareegama kamiifuu of qopheesinee mirga keenyaa fi bilisummaa keenyaa kabachiifachuuf murteeffannee kaane jirra jechuun dhaammata sabboontootni Oromoo dhaammatu.


Caamsaa 29/2015 Godina Lixa  Oromiyaatti Uummatni Oromoo  Filannoon  Fakkeesii Wayyaanee Irratti Dammaquun  Mormiin Dura Dhaabbachuun FDG Jabeessan.

DiddaaUummatni Oromoo Godina lixa Oromiyaa keessatti filmaata fakkeessii abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO maqaa dimookiraasii sobaa fi filmaata sobaa baachuun Uummata ganna 24 guutu Gowwomsaa jiraate irratti Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo filmaatichi soba, waliin dhaahaa fi itti fakkeessii ta’uu Uummata Oromoo dursee irra deddeebi’uun ibsoota garaagaraa baasuun uummata Oromoo  waan hubachiiseef uummatni Oromoo  Oromiyaa bakka hundattuu  filmaata Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachuun FDG kaachisuun  mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi bilisummaa isaa deeffachuuf qabsoo warraaqsaa FDG karaa nagaa fi dimookiraatawaa ta’een finiinsa jira. Haluma kanaan Yeroo amma kana Godina dhihaa Oromiyaa AANAA MIDAA QANYII, MEETTAA ROOBII,  Adaa’aa Bargaa,  Calliyaa Geedoo, Iluu Galan, Baakkoo, Giincii (Dandii), Jalduu, fi Gindabarti, Amboo, Tokkee Kuttaayee, Xiiqur Incinnii, fi Godina Bahaa Wallaggaa Siree, Guutoo Waayyuu, Magaalaa Neqemtee, HAROO LIMMUU, HEEBANTUU , Limmuu Galiilaa, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, fi Godina Horroo Guduruu Wallaggaa ;  Aanaawwaan JImmaa Gannatii, Haratoo, Hammuuruu, Jaartee Jaardagaa, Hagamsaa, SHaambuu, Jimmaa Raaree, Finca’aa,  fi Guduruu fa’aatti Uummatni haalaan filmaata fakkeessii fi sobaa Wayyaanee irratti dammaquun diddaa cimaan jala dhaabbachuun FDG itti jabeessa jira.

odina dhihaa Oromiyaa Aanaawwaan armaan olitti tarreeffaman keessatti yeroo amma kana Uummatni fi Mootummaan garboomsaa wal irraa haala waliitti deebi’uu hin dandeenyeen gargar bahee jira, Manneen barnootaa sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qophaa’inaa Hanga sadarkaa 1ffatti jiraan adeemsa baruu fi barsiisuu dhaabani jiru, Wajjiraalee garaagaraa keessatti hojiin gaggeessummaa uummataa dhaabbatee jira, bakka hundatti uummatni mootummaa akka hin qabne fi mootummaa bakka isa bu’uu akka hin qabne Warraaqsa gochaa jiruun mirkaneessa jira.

Magaalaa Neqemteetti Manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inaa, koolleejjii technikaa fi Ogummaa , Koolleejjii barsiisota Neqemtee, dabalatee Caamsaa 27/2015 barattootni Oromoo barnoota dhaabuun FDG dhoosuuf wayita jiranitti hoomaan Waraanaa Magaalaa Neqemtee irra qubsiifamee jiruu irra garagaluun magaalitti raafama guddaa keessa buusee jira, Barattootni Oromoos barnoota dhaabuun gar uummata fi maatii isaanitti deebi’an. Kana Maleesa Guutummaa Godna Dhihaa Oromiyaa keessatti diddaan uummataa kallattii hundaan mootummaa Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO irratti jabaachuun mootummaa wayyaanee raafama Guddaa keessa galchee jira.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDOn  Uummata afaan qawween bulchaa akka jiran uummatatti argisiisuuf Dhukaasaanii ajjeessuu, ukkamsanii hidhuu fi gara dabarsuu ifatti gaggeessa jira, adeemsii kun Uummata daranuu FDG kan Onnachiisee fi akka namni diinaan wareegamuu irraa diinarratti qabsoo finiinsuun Wareegamuutu Caala jedhee murteeffatu godhee kan jiru ta’uun isaa haala amma qabatamaan Oromiyaa keessatti rawwachaa jiru irra hubachuun dabda’amera.


Caamsaa 28/2015 Godina Lixa Shaggar AANAA MEETTAA ROOBII Keessattis Fincilli Ummataa Daran Jabaachaa Dhufe.

DiddaaGodina Lixa Shaggar Aanaa Meettaa Roobii keessatti holola mootummaan Wayyaanee maqaa filannoo dharaatiin afarsuun walqabatee fincilli ummataa Magaalota akka Gooroo, Eelaa, Minaaree, Laga Roobii, Shinoo fi gandoota baadiyyaa kanneen akka Suubbaa Gaajoo, Dhalataa, Qaxqaxoo, Kuyyuu Gicii cimee Kan itti fufe tahuun ibsameera.

Addaatti immoo Uummatni Oromoo Meettaa Roobii ganda ‘’Kuyyuu Gicii’’ jedhamtuu ganda gootichi Oromoo Jaal Laggasaa Wagii itti dhalatee yoo taatu yeroo amma kana FDG finiinsuun qamni mootummaa Wayyaanee sadarkaa Aanaa irraa hanga Sadarkaa Federaalaatti jiru kamuu akka nutti hin seennee jechuun of irraa kan ittisan ta’uun ibsame jira. Yeroo Ammaa kanatti Gadindi dhalootaa Gooticha Oromoo Laggasaa Wagii qama bulchiinsa Aanaa illee of irraa ittisuun, diina dura dhaabbatan milishootni  gandaa illee gara uummataa hiriiruun qaamni mootummaa kamuu hidhatees, ergama addaas qabaatee akka ganda Kuyyuu Giciitti hin seenne dhorkatan, hanga bilisummaan keenya gonfanutti halagaaf garboomnee hin bulluu jechuun uummatni murtoo fudhachaa jira.

Akka Waliigala guutummaa AANAA MEETTAA ROOBIItti  Ummatni sagalee keenya diinaaf hin laatnu jechuun,filmaata sobaa keessatti hirmaachuun fafa jechuun uummatni karaan keenyaa tookichaa kanaan booda falmannee falmachiisuuf murtii fudhannee jirra jechuun FDG jabeessuun kan itti fufan yoo ta’uu , Caamsaa 26/2015 gandoota baadiyyaa keessatti korojoon filannoo wayyaanee utuu gara Aanaa Geessuuf adeemanii uummatni itti iyyuun koree boordii irraa fudhachuun ibiddaan barbadeessuun gabaafame, Waraanni wayyaanee uummata sodaachisuuf sagalee dhukaasaa meeshaa gurguddaa dhageesisaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo shororkeessee jiraachuu akkuma bare sababa kanaan walqabatee guyyaa har’aa dargaggoo Taaddasaa Shifarraa magaalaa Gooroo keessatti loltoota mootummaa wayyaatiin rukutamee Hospitaala Phaawuloos Finfinnee galuun dhagahame. Haaluma walfakkatuun dargaggootni Oromoo fi qonnaan bultootni lakkoofsaan 40 ol tahan yeroo ammaa naannuma kanaa mana hidhaatti darbamanii dararamaa jiraachuunis barame. Uummatni Oromoo AANAA MEETTAA ROOBII Waan manaa baaneef mana argannutti manatti hin deebinu, Kan manaa baaneef Bilisummaa fiduufi malee rasaasa diinaan reebamnee galuu miti jechuun Ibsa ijjannoo baafatan ummatni naannichaas. Qabsoon daran finiinee itti fufee jira. http://qeerroo.org/2015/05/31/yuuniversitiilee-gara-garaa-keessatti-kae-gaaffiin-mirgaa-barattoota-oromoon-itti-fufe/

Yuuniversitiilee Gara Garaa Keessatti Ka’e Gaaffiin Mirgaa Barattoota Oromoon Itti Fufe.

Caamsaa 30,2015 Adaamaa

DSC00047Yuuniversitii saayinsii fi teknoloojii Adaamaa keessatti Caamsaa gaafa 27/2015 barattootni waraqaa garagaraa mooraa keessatti facaasuun
kan dhagayame YEROO BILISUMMAAN KEENYA DHIYAATE KANATTI HIN CALLISNU YAA BARATTOOTA OROMOO KA’AA kan jedhu barattootni waraqaa balaliituu bittimsuun eegduwwan mootummaa Wayyaanee bakkaa kan sochoose tahee jira, akkasuma yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa, Madda Walaabu fi Haromayyaa keessatti walleewwan qabsoo dhageessisuu, mootummaa Wayyaanee hin barbaannu, bulchiinsi Wayyaanee nugaheera jechuu fi barumsa dhaabuun gara FDG olkaasuun uummata dhageesisuu fi hirmaachisaa jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasaa jira.

Gaafa Caamsa 29/2015 barattootni mooraa Yuuniversitii Bulee Horaa keessaa qabamanii bahan yeroof maqaa isaanii argachuu baannus ilmaan Oromoo sabboonummaa qabanii fi kijibni mootummaa Wayyaanee wayita kana aangoo isaa itti fufee jiraachuuf karoorfate kun yoomiyyuu cal kan nama hin jechiisne tahuu barattootni diddaa gaggeessanii fi kanneen fincila kaasuuf adda dureedha jedhamanii shakkaman tikoota wayyaaneen qabamanii mooraadhaa bahuus gabaasni Qeerroo nugahe hubachiisa. FDG ammas haaluma wal irraa hin cinneen itti fufee jiruudha.

Oromiyaa Bakkoota Garaa Garaa Keessatti Barattooti Manneen Barnootaa Dhaabuun Oromoota FDG 2014 Irratti Wareegamanii fi Lammiilee Liibiyaatti Dhumaniif Uccuu Gaddaa Uffachuun Yaadachaa Jiru.

Ebla 30, 2015 Finfinnee

Gadaa11Har’a dhaabbileen barnootaa barumsa dhaabuudhaan hucuu gaddaa uffatanii barattoota waggaa darbe wareegaman yaadachuu fi akkasuma addatti uummata Oromootiin yaadannoon gaddaa dhiyoo biyya Liibiyatti namoota ajjeefaman kan lammiin Oromoo keessa jiru irratti ta’e gaddaa jirama.

Ebla 30,2015 har’a Yuuniversitiileen kanneen akka Adaamaa, Amboo, Wallaggaa, Mattuu, Dirre Dawaa, Bulee Horaa, Madda Walaabuu, Hawaasa fi Jimmaa barumsa dhaabuun hucuu gaddaa uffatuudhaan daandii bahanii yaadannoo taasifamaa akka jiru gabaasi nu gahe addeessa. Manneen barnootaa sadarka garagaraa lixa Shaggar keessatti argaman Amboo, Calliyaa,Baabbichoo, Miidaqany, Xiqur Incinnii sadarkaa 1ffaa irraa kaasee hanga oliitti barumsi dhaabbatee daandiitti bahuudhaan barattootani yaadannoon gadda mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffatuun agarsiisaa jiru. Alaabaan manneen barnootaa keessa jirus kan Oromiyaas gadi butuudhaan, Akka walii galaatti dhabbileen barnootaa barumsa dhaabuu fi itti fufuudhanis Warraaqsi Bilisummaa itti fufaa jira.

Gabaasi dabalataa itti fufa


Goototi Dargaggoonni Oromoo Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Diddaa Sirna Wayyaanee Itti Fufan.

Maqaa dorgommii Ispoortii jedhuun dargaggoota Istaadiyoomii Wallaggaa keessatti walitti qabuun kan afaan faajjessaa jirtu Wayyaaneen,karaa dabballoota isaanii filmaataaf jecha barattoota Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa akka isaan mormii kamiinuu ka’u keessatti hin hirmaatne olola adda addaa gaggeessaa turan. Dargaggoonnis haala kana kan hubatan magaalaan Naqamtee keessa naannawanii mormii fi diddaa isaanii dhageessisaa oolanii jiru.

Kana irratti dabalees mooraalee Yuuniversitii fi naannoo Istadiyoomii keessa naannawuun dhadatnoo fi walleelee warraaqsaa akka dhageessisaa turan odeessi jiru beeksisa. Dadhatnoolee Qeerroon dhageessisaa turan keessas:-

  • Oromiyaan ni bilisoomti!
  • Mootummaan Wayyaanee gabroomfataa dha,
  • Abbaay Tshayyee farrummaa uumata Oromoof qabuun seeratti dhihaachuu qaba.
  • Walabbummaa fi bilisummaan Oromoof haqa.
  • Maaster planiin Finfinnee daddaffiin akka dhaabbatu fi kkf irra turan

Mormii dhageessifamee fi muldhifame kunis akka media adda addaa irratti hin dabarreef jecha manneen interneetii fi network jiru akka cufaa oolan gabaasi Qeerroo Naqamtee nu gahe addeessa.



Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Dargaggoota Oromoon Qabsiifame Godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Magaalaa Aggaaroo fi Aanaa Adda Addaatti Itti Fufuu Qeerroon Gabaase.

diddaa9Bitootessa 28,2015 Godina Jimmaatti FDG gootota dargaggoota barattoota Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaan qabsiifame jabaachuun gara uummataa magaalaa fi baadiyyaa Godina Jimmaatti babaldhachuun guyyaa har’aa Warraaqsi FDG Magaalaa Aggarootti kabaja ayyaana waggaa 25ffaa dhaaba ergamtuu Wayyaanee OPDO irratti uummatni FDG kaachisuun Ayyaanni Wayyaaneen qophaa’ee mormii guddaan fashalaa’e. Mootummaan Wayyaanee OPDO ‘n guyyaa har’aa Magaalaa Aggarootti maqaa guyyaa 25ffaa ayyaana Wayyaanee OPDO’n qopheessitee
uummata dirqamaan hojii isaanii dhaabanii akka irratti hirmataaniif humnaan baasteetti Uummatnii fi Goototni barattootni Oromoo M/B sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’ina Aggaaroo, M/b sadarkaa 1ffaa magaalaa Aggaaroo fi Koolleejjii Tekinikaa fi Ogummaa Aggaaroo fi Uummatni Oromoo fi sabaa fi sablamootni Magaalaa Aggaaroo, Magaalaa Gembee fi baadiyaa Aanaa Goommaa fi Aanaa Toobbaa irraa uummatni dirqamaan maqaa ayyaana hundeeffama dhaaba maxxannee fi ergamtuu wayyaanee OPDO waggaa 25ffaa kabajuu jedhuun Isteediyeemii Aggarootti uummatni kumootan lakka’amu walitti dhufuun mootummaa Wayyaanee dirqamaan fedhii uummataa malee doorsisee mana baasetti garagaluun mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti FDG kaachisaan.

Goototni Qeerroon dargaggootni barattootni magaalaa Aggaaroo fi aanaa Goommaa sagalee dhaadannoo dhageesisuun mootummaa Wayyaanee balaaleffachuun olola Wayyaaneen maqaa Filannoo kijibaan ofaa jirtuu irraatti uummaatni nuti Wayyaanee OPDO hin filannuu, Dimookiraasiin hin jiru, olola wayyaanees hin barbaadnu, mirgootni amatii keenyaa nuuf kabajamuu qaba, mirgii dimookiraasii fi namummaa nuuf haa kabajamuu, Oromoo hidhuun, ajjeesuu fi biyyaa irraa baqachiisuun dhaabbachuu qaba jechuun ifatti ba’ee uummatni Wayyaaneedhaan nuti isin hin filannuu isin hin barbaadnuu jechuun uummatni fi dargaggootni sagalee guddaan Wayyaanee balaaleffatan.mootummaan Wayyaanee walga’ii ofii isaan dirqisiisee uummata baase irrattii mormiin uummataa guddaan isa mudatee waan qabee gadhiisu dhabuun akkuma amala isaa humna poolisoota federaalaa, fi nannootti dhimma ba’uun uummata dura dhaabbate, dhukaasaa qawwee fi rookkeeta garaagaraa dhukaasuun uummaata sodaachisuuf dhukaasaa kan ture yoo ta’uu walga’iin maqaa ayyaana guyyaa dhaloota ergamtuu Wayyaanee 25ffaa kabajamuuf yaalames hoggansa Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo qindeessitoota warraaqsa sochii FDG karaa nagaa gaggeessuun mirga uummata Oromoo kabachiisuuf godhaniin sochiin mootummaa abbaa irree FDGtti jijjiramuun walga’iin wayyaanee bu’aa tokko malee mormii guddaan fashalaa’uu danda’e jira.


Qeerroon Bilisummaa Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Warraaqsa Bilisummaa Jabeessanii Itti Fufuun Guyyaa Har’aa Seenaa Galmeessan

 Bitootessa 24/2015 Goototni dargaggootni Qeerroon Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa  FDG qabsiisan jabeessuun itti fufuun guyyaa har’aa uffata gaddaa uffachuun ilmaan Oromoo bara darbee mootummaan EPRDF waraana itti bobbaasuun mooraa  Yuunibarsiitii fi manneen barnootaa sadarkaa adda addaa keessatti fixeef gaddaa qaban mormii guddaan ibsachuun walleelee warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuun gootota ilmaan Oromoo faarsan.

   Goototni barattootni Qeerroon Oromoo hanga gaaffii keenyaaf deebiin nuuf kennamuutti warraaqsii FDG haala wal irraa hin citneen itti fufa nuti bilisummaaf falmanna, nuti mirga keenyaa fi mirga uummata keenyaa kabachiisuuf falmanna, Mootummaan abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO’n bara darbee baatii Eblaa irraa eegaluun ajjeechaa jumlaa fi duula duguugginsa sanyii fi ukkaamsaa  hidhaa utuu uummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessa jiranii har’a biyya bakka buuna biyyaa bulchaa jirra, ayyaanaa hundeeffama keenyaa waggaa 25ffaa kabajna jechuun dibbee sobaan afuufamtee dhiitofte reebaa jiraachuun mootummaa wayyaanee fi ergamtoota Wayyaanee OPDO/TPLF itti gaafatamaa seeraa fi seenaa jalaa baasuu hin danda’u.
Jimma[1]Goototni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa waraaqsa FDG egaalan jabeessuun mootummaa wayyaanee boqonnaa dhorkuun torbee dhuma kana dheengaddaa dabbaallootni mootummaa wayyaanee fi mataan mootummaa Wayyaanee jiilli abbootii irree EPRDF/OPDO/TPLF Muktaar Kadirii,Hayleemaariyaam Dassalee fi Barakt Simoonin durfaman mootummaa keenyaa warraaqsaa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoon raafamee kufuuf jiru kufaatii irraa haa baraarruu jechuun guyyaa hundeeffama ergamtuu wayyaanee OPDO kabajuu maqaa jedhuun uummata gooluu fi olola siyaasaa oofuuf gara Jimmaatti duula gochuun dhiphina keessa galanii jiraachuun hubatamera. Goototni barattoota Oromoo dhugaaf falmataan dullii olola siyaasaa  fi humni poolisaa fi waraanaa gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa keenyaa duubatti hin deebisuu, deebii gaaffii mirgaa fi dimookiraasii gaafachaa jirruus hin ta’u jechuun tarkaanfii gara jabinaan mootummaan abbaa irree barattoota Oromoo nagaa irratti fudhateen gootota ilmaan Oromoo wareegamaniif gaddaa guddaa nuti dhagaa’amu ibsachaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galiin ga’uuf warraaqsa FDG gama kamiinuu ni finiinsina hanga gaaffiin karaa nagaa gaafachaa jirruu deebii sirrii argannuutti duubatti hin deebinu jechuun eebbifamtootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa barattoota Yuunibarsiitii jimmaa ilmaan cunqurfamoo kaan illee dabalachuun mooraawwaan yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa Saayinsii fi Teekinooloojii irraa ka’uun uuffata gaddaa uffachuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa wallee warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsu fi gootota Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo irratti wareegaman faarsaa gara mooraa Main Campusiitti walitti dhufuun nuti eebbifamtootni ilmaan Oromoo yoom iyyuu yoo eebbifamnes uummata keenyaaf jiraanna, uummata keenya waliin jiraanna, mootummaan abbaa irree uummata keenya irraan kaafna jechuun marii gabaaba godhachuun  obbolaawwaan keenya bara darbee sabaaba gaaffii mirgaa gaafatneef dhaabbilee barnoota garaagaraa keessatti wareegamaniif gadda guddaatu nutti dhagaa’ama barattoota Oromoo mootummaan EPRDF/OPDO/TPLF garaa laafina tokko malee dhukaasee ajjeeseef yoom iyyuu itti gaafatamuu qaba jechuun dhaamsa dabarfachuun walleelee warraaqsaa mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun sirbuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan.

Diddaan Sirna Wayyaanee fi Gaaffiin Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa Guyyaa Har’aa Yuuniversitii Afur(4) Keessatti Jabaatee Itti Fufe.

Diddaa, Gabaasa Qeerroo Bitootessa 19,2015

Dhaabbilee barnootaa Yuuniversitii, koollejjii, godinaalee oromiyaa naannoo adda addaatti FDG gaaffii dhimma gubachuu bosona Oromiyaa, dubbii  Abbaa Tsaayee fi mirga walabumaa Oromiyaaf falmuun wal qabsiisudhaan Qeerroon Oromiyaa keessatti diddaan ka’ee jira, bakka gabaasa Qeerroo ibsu irraa kana gaditti kan argamuudha.

  1. Haromayyaa Yuuniversitii:-


    Mooraa yuuniversitii guddicha Haromayyaatti Bitootessa gaafa 18/2015 dhaabaa ibsaa fi manaa irratti barruu mata dureen isaa “Sabboontotni Oromoo FDGf Kaaffee keenya Keessatti Ganama Sa’a 7:30 Irratti Wal Arguun Dhaamsa Dabarsina” jedhuun dhaadannoolee qabxii 8 qabu waliin bakka garagaraatti maxxanfamee bule odeessi Qeerroo yoo addeessu, dhaadannoon qabxiidhaan maxxanfamanis

  • Bosonni oromiyaa mootumma wayyaaneetiin gubachaa jira,manca’aa jira
  • Ilmaan Oromoo yoo xiqqaate 35,000 ol mana hidhaa keessaa gadhiifamuu qabu,
  • Barattoota ajjeefamaniii fi hidhamaniif mormii keenya itti fufuu qabna
  • Poolisiin federaalaa mooraa keessaa haa bahu
  • Mirgi diimokiraa fi uummataa haa eegamu
  • Kaardii filannoo sobaa hin fudhannu
  • Abbaay Tshaayee uummata oromoo arrabsuun seeraan gaafatamuu qaba
  • Maqaan Master Pilaanii kana booda ka’uu hin qabu.

Kan jedhu dhaadannowwan kanaa olii kana mooraa keesatti bittimsuun humni waraana wayyaanee gubbaadhaa socho’uun kaleessa naannoo fi keessa mooraa Yuuniversitii Haromayyaa buufatee akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo addeessa. Barattootnis nyaata kaaffee lagachuudhaan barumsas dhaabuun kan beekame, humni ittisa biyyaa sochii barattootaa kana dhaamsuuf garasitti ergame diddaa barattootaa dhaamsuu akka hin dandeenye odeessaan ibsa.

  1. Yuuniversitii Jimmaa:-

    yeroo barattooti didanAkuma beekamu yeroo darbe sadarkaa itti aanaa fi gorsaan mootummaa Itoophiyaa kan ta’an Abbaay Tsaahe dhimma Master Pilaanii dubbiin afaanii baafate ilmaan oromoo kamuu jalaa dhokataa miti,kanumaan kan wal qabate diddaan mooraa barnootaa yuuniversitii oromiyaa keessa jiru mara keessatti dhimma qabeenyaa oromiyaa gubataa fi manca’aa jirus dabalatee gaaffiin ka’aa akka jirus odeessa Qeerroon darbaa jira, haala kanaan kaleessa Bitootessa 18/2015 yuuniversitii Jimmaa mooraa Kiitoo Fardiisaa(Engineering Compus) jedhamee kan beekamu, mana yaalaa barattootaa moorichaa keessatti Qeerroodhaan barruun afaan Oromoo fi afaan Ingiliffaatii fuula 9 qabu mata duree “Master Pilaaniin Hojii Irra Ooluu Hin Qabu fi Dubbii Obbo Abaay Tsahe Dubbates Tuffii Uummata Oromoo Akka Tahe” keessattis waamicha diddaa kan ibsu barruun kun bakka namni argu lama lafa kaa’amee jira, jalee mootummaatiin argamee yeroodhaan toohatame malee mooraa yuuniversiti keessatti barruu hedduun akka maxxanfamee jiru Qeerroon odeessa isaa nuun gaha,kanumaan mootummaan wayyaanee mooraan xiyyeeffannoo guddaadhaan akka eegamu,humna ittisaa mijeeffachaa mooraa Yuuniversitii sana qofaaf mijeeffachaa akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo addeessa. Akka Yuuniversitii Jimmaatti mootummaan sodaa guddaa keessa seeneera, barataan Oromoo diddaadhaaf of qopheessee akka jiru hubachuu irraan, barruuleen waamichaas mumul’aa waan jiraniif hordoffii jabeeffachuun karoorfata, haaluma kana fakkaatuun guyyaa har’aas barattootni mooraa keessatti sochii diddaa mul’isuun dhagayamee jira, diddaan itti fufuu qaba.

  2. Adagirat Yuuniversitii:

    Gaafiin mooraa Yuuniversitii kanatti ka’ee jiru dhimma amantaan kan wal qabate tahullee barattootni Oromoo heddumminaan keessatti gaaffii miidhaan saba Oromoo kaasuun, gubachuu bosonaa fi warshaalee Oromoo keessa jiranis kaasuudhaan gaaffii barattootaa gara gaaffii mirgaatti naannessanii guyyoota lamaan kana jechuun Bitootessa 17 fi 18 barumsi dhaabbatee akka jiru odeessaan Qeerroo gamasii addeessaa jira. Barumsas akka hin baranne Oromiyaan boca uumamashee mootummaa Wayyaanen utuu gadhisaa jirtuu, ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaatti osoo gidirfamuu jireenya dhuunfaa keenyaaf barumsa kennee lafa dhiituun haa dhaabbatu jechuun diddaan mooraa kanattis qabatee akka jiru odeessi nugahee jira.

  3. Naannoo Wallootti:-

    Aanaa Gudayaa ganda Konkaa Ijaa jedhamau Bitootessa gaafa 15 fi 19 /2015 mootummaa irraa ergamee hojii basaastummaa aanaa kana keessatti kan hojjetu dhalootaan Amaara kan tahe tokko nama dhalootaan oromoo tokko sabboonummaa qabu harka mootummaatti dabarseekennuu irraan tarkaanfiin ajjechaa basaasaa mootummaa wayyaanee kana irratti raawwatamee jira. sababa kanaan manneen jireenyaa saba amaaraa 4 ol tahus ibiddaan gubateera,diina mootummaan ergamee uummata hammeenyaaf kennaa jiru kana irratti boombiinis darbatamee namoonni hedduun mada’anii jiru, odeessa Qeerroo hubatamu irraa uummanni tarkaanfii mootummaa wayyaanee irratti fudhachuu eegalee jira,deggertootni mootummaas sodaa kana keessa seenuudhaan hojii isaanii irraa akka deebi’aa jiran dhalootaan saba biraa kan tahan, ilmaan habashaa hojii diinummaa irratti bobbahanii jiranis naannoo sana irraa uummataan ariyamaa akka jiran odeessi Qeerroo addeessa. http://qeerroo.org/2015/03/19/diddaan-sirna-wayyaanee-fi-gaaffiin-mirga-abbaa-biyyummaa-guyyaa-haraa-yuuniversitii-afur4-keessatti-jabaatee-itti-fufe/

Qeerroo’s Status Updates: Feb. 22, 2015 – March 13, 2015

Oromo students protests continue to erupt in several towns in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia – taking various forms in recent weeks. The new round of protests began on February 22, 2015, when Oromo students and youth of Jimma town turned an Oromian Sports Championship event, which had been taking place in the city, into a protest against the so-called “Addis Ababa Master Plan” and against the recent inflammatory speech of Abay Tsehaye, one of the TPLF strongmen. The students chanted slogans, such as “Finfinne is ours! Adama is ours! Jimma is ours!” and more, a reminiscent of the bloody April/May 2014 widespread protests, in which more or less the same slogans had been chanted throughout Oromia. The Oromo youth were also singing revolutionary songs in the whole stadium. The protests continued beyond control in Jimma Stadium and on the streets of the city on a daily basis until the Sports Championship was to come to a close on Sunday, March 1, 2015.


Audio: Feb. 23, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Audio: Feb. 25, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Speech of Oromian “President” Muktar Kedir Interrupted

On March 1, 2015, the Oromo students protest escalated to a higher level when two high-level delegates of the Ethiopian government, the so-called President of Oromia – Muktar Kedir and President of Amhara Region Demeke Mekonnen appeared in the stadium for the closing ceremony, and also in an attempt to address and pacify the protesting youth. As the whole stadium erupted with shouting voices, slogans and revolutionary songs of the students, Muktar Kedir was unable speak at all, and he and all the “guests,” including the Honorable GuestDemeke Mekonnen, were forced to leave the stadium in humiliation and eventually reported to have left the city the same day.

Audio: March 1, 2015 – Jimma, Oromia

Govt Messenger’s Indoctrination Meeting Foiled in Nekemte

On the evening of March 1, 2015, the same day students of Jimma university protested, a meeting organized in Wollega University by the government delegate and messenger Dr. Getachew Begashaw through the university administration intended to inculcate the students with the evil policies of the government and to pacify the Oromo students from protesting was foiled by the Oromo students, and the meeting was dismissed. It was as soon as the meeting began that Oromo students started shouting, singing revolutionary songs and chanting slogans, such as “the [Addis Ababa] Master Plan will never be realized! OLF is the hope of Oromo people! International community should be made aware of the genocide committed against us!” and more. Dr. Begashaw and other “guests” were forced to stop their lecture, and leave the university while the students continued chanting slogans and singing in the whole university campus throughout that night. Although the students were protesting peacefully, hours later, a large number of police force entered the university campus and started beating the students and arrested many of them, including a 3rd-year electrical engineering student Kuma Gammachu. The whereabouts of the arrested students is still unknown.

At least 10 Oromo Students Abducted in Jimma

On March 2, 2015, the Ethiopian government unleashed its police force in Jimma University, and abducted at least 10 students for no crime other than exercising their rights by peacefully protesting, together with thousands of other Oromo students. Among the abducted Oromo students of Jimma University are:

1. Guddisa Amsalu, Afan Oromo – 2nd-year

2. Dejenee Gonfa, Afan Oromo – 2nd-year

3. Adam Muktar, Law – 2nd-year

4. Sisai Kebede, Law – 2nd-year

5. Sisayi, Geography – 2nd-year

6. Musxafa Edeto, Biomedical Engineering – 4th-year

These and other abducted Oromo students are said to be held in a prison in Jimma city in an area known as Alazar.

Looting of Oromian Top Soil Thwarted in Sibu Sire

On March 7, 2015, Oromo farmers – who were evicted from their land and from whom their farm land was given to investors in East Wollega zone, Sibu Sire district, in a village called Tuqa Wayyu – organized the youth and the local Oromo population, and stopped lorries which were looting top soil (fertile soil) of their land and taking to an unknown place.

Three OPDO Officials Fired

On March 10, 2015, the government fired three OPDO officials in Western Shaggar (Shoa) zone, Abuna district, accusing them of siding with the protesting Oromo people for their right and being sympathetic to Oromo students. These are:

1. Shiferaw Mekonnen, Head of Finance of the district

2. Bacha Lamessa, Head of Human Resource

3. Girma Bacha, Jobs Coordinator

Protest in Wama Hagalo: An Oromo Pastor Arrested

On March 10, 2015, protest of the Oromo population for their right and against the policies of the EPRDF government was flared up in Eastern Wollega zone, Wama Hagalo district, Qasso town. A fierce clash has occurred between the Oromo population – who were protesting, and government police forces during which the police arrested several people, among whom are:

1. Qajeelaa Raggaasaa

2. Boodanaa Baqqalaa

3. Misgaanuu Raggaasaa

4. Danjaa Dhangi’aa

5. Dhugaasaa Abdiisaa

6. Booboo Addunyaa

7. Misgaanuu Addunyaa and many more.

Moreover, an Oromo pastor of the Evangelical Church of the district, Waqgari Ayana, was abducted and disappeared, accused of praying to God for the downfall of the current government. The whereabouts of this pastor is still unknown. It is to be recalled that a respected Oromo pastor Gudina Tumsa was abducted and killed by the Derg regime in 1970’s.

2nd Round of Protest in Wollega University

Oromo students of Wollega University, Nekemte town, protested for the second time on March 11, 2015 in their university campus. It was right after their breakfast that the students gathered in front of the cafeteria and started chanting the slogans which they had prepared. One of the students who was interviewed by Simbirtu Radio and another student interviewed by OVL/SBO (Oromo Voice of Liberation) – both explained the details of the protest. It was before the protest expanded to the entire campus that a large number of police force came and dispersed the students. It is reported that still a tense situation exists in the university campus, and no two students are allowed to stand together.

Audio: March 11, 2015 – Wollega, Oromia

Protest in Busa: Young Oromo Severely Beaten & Abducted


On March 11, 2015, protest of Oromo population erupted in South West zone of Oromia, Dawo district, Busa town, during which the people chanted slogans, such as “Oromia belongs to the Oromo! We will not give Finfinne (Addis Ababa)! We need peace! We are fed-up of Woyane’s lies!” and more. During this time the government dispatched a large number of police force which were seen beating the protesters. Especially the police has severely beaten an Oromo youth Geleta Waqo – dragged him on the floor and have taken to an unknown location.



(SBO, Bitootessa/March 11, 2015): Yunversitii Wallaggaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa ganamarraa qabee goototni barattootni Oromoo FDG mootummaa wayyaanee irratti jalqaban itti fufuu oduun nu gahe ifa godha.

Yunversitii Wallaggaa keessatti guyyaa har’aa ganamarraa qabee goototni barattootni Oromoo FDG mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti jalqaban itti fufuu oduun nu gahe ifa godha. Humnootni Faashistii Wayyaanee barattoota osoo isaan mooraa hin ba’in baay’inaan itti duulanis sochii isaanii dhaabuu akka hin dandeenye ibsameera. Barattootnii fi poolisootni wayyaanee walgaarreffatanii akkuma jiranitti jiraachuu dha oduun nu gahe kan ibsu. Barattootni dhaadannoolee adda addaa kan wayyaanee balaaleffatuu fi FDG leellisu dhageessisaa akka turanis ibsameera.

Haaluma walfakkaatuun Yunversitii Jimmaa, Mattuu Amboo, Bulee Horaa fi kkkf keessattis sochiin FDG jabinaan mootummaa wayyaaneerratti mul’ataa akka jiru oduun walqabatee nu dhaqqabe addeessee jira.

Sochii FDG barattootni Oromoo bifa haaraan itti jiran irratti odeessa dabalataan jiru akkuma nu dhaqqabaa deemuun kan wal hubachiisnu ta’uu isin beeksisna.

– Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo (SBO)


Gootonni barattooti Oromoo mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa har’a Bitootessa 11,2015 irraa jalqabanii gaaffii mirgaa mootummaa Wayyaaneetti dhiheeffatan akka deebii argatuuf jecha FDG itti fufanii jiru.Mooaraan Yuuniverstii Wallaggaa dhadatnoo fi sirboota Warraaqsaan gootamtee jirti,Poolisoonni Wayyaaneen keeessa mooraa fi alaan hidhatnoo guutuun naannicha qubatanii barattoota doorsisaa jiru,gariin poolisoonni Oromiyaa ammoo barattoota Oromoo jajjabeessaa akka jiranii fi haalaan dhaabatanii akka ilaalaa jiran qeerroon ni gabaasa.


Mooraaleen Agriculture fi Saayinsii and Technology Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Waraana Wayyaaneen Sakatta’amaa Jira,FDGs Bifa Qindaawaan Itti Fufaa Jira.

 diddaa9Bitootessa 10,2015 Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF/OPDO jechuun of waamaa jiru Sochii warraaqsa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoon irratti qabsiifama jiruun yaaddoo fi dhiphina keessa seenuun Mooraa Yuunibarsitii Jimmaa irratti dabballootaa fi poolisoota isaa bobbaasuun sakkatta’insa gaggeessa jira.

Sochiin warraaqsa FDG goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa qabsiisaniin walqabatee, sochiin kun haalan jabachaa jiraachuu fi itti fufinsa qabachuu irraan mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee waan qabee gadhisuu walaaluudhaan sochii kana duubaan kan jiru ABO dha.  hojjeetootni mootummaa, barsiisota, fi poolisotni illee sochii kanatti ijaaramanii jiru jechuun baala lafaa sochootu hundaa ija shakkii guddaan ilaaluu irraa bakka argan hundatti dhaabiitti mirga namaa sarbuun sakkatta’insa seeraan alaa gaggeessa jiru. Keessattuu Mooraa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa arfan Mian Cumpas, mooraa Business anda Economics, Mooraa Agriculture fi Mooraa Saayinsii fi Technology irratti sakkatta’insa balbala ittin ol gara mooraatti seenanii fi gadi ba’an irra poolisoota isaa hiriirsisuun sakkatta’insa seeraan alaan muddama seene jira.

Sochiin Warraaqsa FDG gootota dargaggoota Qeerroo Oromoon qabsiifame bakka hundatti haala walfakkaatuun jabaatee itti fufaa jira, keessattuu sochiin warraaqsa gootota barattoota Oromoo dhabbiileewwaan barnoota olaanoo fi manneen barnoota sadarkaa 2ffaa dabalachuun walduukaa socho’aa jiraachuun mootummaa wayyaanee muddama guddaaf saaxilaa jira. Warraaqsi gootota barattoota Oromoo dhaabbilee Barnoota olaanoo Jimmaa, Wallaggaa, Amboo, Adaamaa, Harammayyaa, fi madda Walaabuu keessatti daran jabachaa jiraachuu maddeen keenya bakka hundaa gabaasa jiru.  Hogantootni Sochii Warraaqsa FDG sochii bilisummaa uummata keenyaa gonfachiisuuf gaggeessa jirru mudamuun sakatta’insaa fi raafamni wayyaaneen argisiisuu kamuu dhaabuu hin danda’uu FDG jabaatee bakka hundatti itti fufa jechuun dhaamsa dabarsuun uummatni Oromoo bakka jirtan hundaa ka’uun sochii kanatti hirmaachuun mootummaa abbaa irree dhabamsiisuuf yeroon warraaqsi bakka hunda qabsiifamu amma waan ta’eef bakka jirruu hundatti dirqama Oromummaa bahuu qabdu jechuun itti fufuun wamicha gochaa jiraachuu beeksise.


Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Magaalaa Adaamaa fi Gandoota Baadiyyaa Naannoo Keessatti Baldhinaan Raabsamaa fi Maxxanfamaa Oole.

Adaama 111Bitootessa 10,2015 gabaasa Qeerroo waraqaan waamichi abbaa biyyummaa fi gochaa gar-jabeenyaa mootummaan Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessaa jiru dura dhaabbachuuf waraqaan dhaaddannoo mata duree IYYAA IYYA DABARSAA.WARAABESSI ILMAAN OROMOO NYAACHUU BARE ABBAAY TSAHAAYYEE GUYYAAN YUUSE  jedhu manneen barumsaa,waajjiraalee fi gaandoota baadiyyaa tokko tokko keessatti haala hoowaa ta’een ummata keessa raabsame bakkoota muldhatoo ta’an itti ammo maxxanfamee jira, keessattuu tuffii fi ilmaan Oromoo ajjesiisuf hiisisuu keessatti gahee guddaa kan qabu hoogganaa Wayyaanee Abbaayi Tsahaayyee fi ergamtootni isaa OPDO irratti ummatni keenya bakka jiruu akka dura dhaabbatu waamicha dabarsa

Qabiyyeen barruulee kanaas akka armaa gadii ta’a

  1. Abbay Tsahaayyee yakka duguuginsa sanyii ummata Oromoo irratti raawwachaa jiruuf itti gaafatamuu qaba.
  2. Mirgi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo fi saboota cinqurfamoo kabajamuu qaba.
  3. Abbummaan lafaa ummata keenyaaf mirkanaa’uu qaba.
  4. Hiree uumata Oromoo Wayyaaneen hin murteessu ofiif mirteeffanna
  5. OPDOn of hooggani hin dandeenye ummata Oromoo bakka hin buutu
  6. Biyyaa fi Qabeenya uumata Oromoo irratti Wayyaaneen abbaa ta’uu hin dandayu.
  7. Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa ilmàan Oromoo haal duree tokko males mama hidhaa irraa bahuu qabu.
  8. Ajjeechaa gar jabeenyaa ilmaan Oromoo irratti  raawwatameef, ABBAAYI TSAHAAYYEE, MUKTAAR KADIR, DAMMAQAA MOKONNONI fi fakkaattonni isannii itti gaafatamuu qabuAdaamaa jajja
  9. Master pilaanin finfinnee haal duree tokko malee dhaabbachuu qaba.
  10. Uummata oromoo hiyyoomsuf lafa isaa irraa buqqisuu fi gibira humnaan olii sassaabun haa dhaabbatu.
  11. Osoo dhiigni ilmaan Oromoo dhangala’e hin qoorin Abbaay Tsahaayyee ummata oromoo likkiitti galchina jedhee nutti dhaadati dura has dhaabbannu
  12. ,Oromoof kan hojjetu fakkaatee ergama wayyaanee galmaan gahuuf ilmaan Oromoo ficcisiisaa kan jiru OPDO haa balaaleffannu.
  13. Ummatni Oromoo mirgaa lafa isaa humnaan dhabe filannoo sobaatin otoo hin taane qabsoon deeffata .kan jedhuudha waraqaaleen kun haaluma walk fakkaatun godina shawaa bahaa aanaa fantaallee iddoowwan, magaala mataa haraa,magaalaa Haroo qarsaa, Mag/Harpo adii, Martii, Haroo huubaa ,Qararri, Ilaala,Dhagaa hujufaa,Xuxxuuxii,Nuqusa,Harangamaa,Maarigaa,Dirree Sadeem,Baddannoo,Turoo,Gidaara,Gaara diimaa,Buses,Godoo,Weebaa,Kapii 1,2,3,Faatee,Leedi,Saara,Galchaa,Bantii,Ajoo tarree,Ajoo,Jaarraa nuunnuu,Qobboo,Yaayya,Baalcii,Dhimbibaa,Harramurii ,Gololcha ,Qacaacaluu baadiyaalee jedhamuu fi kkf keessatti haala hoo’aa ta’een waraqaan warraaqsaa kun bifa lamaan facaafamuu fi maxxanfee jira .sochiin Qeerroon naannichaa godhe kun ergamtoota wayyaanee daran yaaddoo keessa galche .dhuma irratti ilmaan oromoo iddoo garagaraa irra jirtan gochaa diinni ummata Oromoo irratti gochaa jiru dura haa dhaabbannu .gabaasa Qeerroo naannichaa gabaasa.
  1. Adaaamaa 112Adaama jAdaama jaAdmaama jaa

Godina Jimmaa Aanaa Shabee Somboo fi Ganda Baachoo Booree Keessatti Diddaan Sirna Wayyaanee Gaggeefamaa Oole,Barsiisoti Oromoo Ta’anis Sababa Kanaan Qabaman.

oromo in ethioBitootessaa 11,2015,  Godina Jimmatti Sochiin Warraaqsa FDG gootota dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromootiin qabsiifamuu eegale jabaachuun gara uummata Oromoo baadiyyaa godina Jimmatti babal’acha jiraachuun walqabatee mootummaan Wayyaanee sabboontota ilmaan Oromoo nagaa qabee mana hidhatti darbaa jira.

Motummaan Wayyaanee waan qabee gadhiisuu dhabuun sabboontota ilmaan Oromoo  badii tokko malee humna waraanaa poolisii federaalaa irratti bobbaasuun hidhatti ukkamsuu itti fufe jira. torbee kana keessa sabboontotni Oromoo Godni Jimmaa Aanaa garaagaraa keessa maqaa Oromummaan Oromoota hidhatti darbamaa jiru.

Haaluma kanaan magaalaa Jimmaa fi Aanotaa Godina Jimmaa garaagaraa irra kanneen hidhaman:

  1. Nazifaa Abbaa Tamaam jiraataa magaalaa Jimmaa ganda Bachoo Booree jedhamu keessatti uffataa hodhuudhaan kan maatii isa jiraachisu,
  2. Barsiisaa Gammachuu jedhamu aanaa Shabee Somboo  M/B Marsaa jedhamu irraa utuu barsiisuu humna Poolisii Federaalaan ukkanfame.

Kana malee Anaa Deedoo irraa ilmaan Oromoo torba kanneen ammaf maqaan isiinii nu hin qaqqabiin humna poolisii federaalaan qabamanii mana hidhatti darbamuu maddeen keenya gaabasan.

Haaluma kanaan Yeroo amma kana Mootummaan Wayyaaneen humni Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo ABO’n Godina Jimmaa keessa buufate jira maqaa jedhuu fi maqaa sakkatta’aa dhabamsiisuu jedhuun humna poolisii naannoo Oromiyaa irraa shakkii guddaa qabatuun ajaja mootummaa federaalaatiin poolisoota Federaalaa fi waraanaa aanota Godinichaa keessa bobbaasuun ilmaan Oromoo maqaa qorannoo fi sakkatta’insaan dararuu fi ukkamsuun hidhatti darbaa jiraachuun saaxilamera. Adeemsi gochaa diinummaa mootummaan Wayyaanee fudhachaa jiru kun uummata bakka jiruu dammaqsuun akka uummatni fincilee  sochii FDGtti makamuun mirga isaa kabachiifatuuf dirqamsiisa jiraachuu irraa uummatni utuu hidhatti hin ukkanfamiin harka walqabatnee mootummaa abba irree irratti finciluun yeroon gamtaan kaanee falmannuu amma jechuun dhaamsa waliif dabarsaa jiraachuun ibsame jira.


Godina Jimmaa Keessaatti Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Qeerroo Bilisummaan Qabsiifame Deggersa Uummataan Aanota Adda Addaa Keessatti Itti Fufe

diddaa9Bitootessaa 7,2015 Godina Jimmatti FDG goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggoota Oromoo magaalaa Jimmaan qabsiifame gara uummatatti tarkaanfachuun aanota Godina Jimmaa addaa addaa keessatti sochiin warraaqsaa itti fufe.


Oromo: Students Write Appeal Letter to University Administration


Barattoota Sabboontota Oromoo Wareegamaniif Yaadannoo Taasisuuf Manneen Barnootaa Godina Lixa Shaggar Heddumminaan Har’a Cufaatti Oole.‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo Qeerroo Magaala Amboo

Geedoo fi tokkee kuttaayyeeBitootessa 3/2015 Lixa Shaggar irratti barattootni guyyaa har’aa jechuun Bitootessa 3/2015 barattoota waggaa darbee wareegamaniif yaadannoo taasisuuf manni barumsaa akka cufamuu fi barataan kamiyyuu mana barumsaa akka hin deemne kaleessa irraa kaasuun ergaa waliif dabarsuudhaan waamicha taasisanii jiru, haaluma kanaan guyyaa har’aa barattootni mana barumsaa Calliyaa,Geedoo,Miidaqany, Amboo,Gudar, Tokkee Kuttaayee fi kkf guutummaan guututti manni barumsaa cufaatti oolee jira,

Kana malees waraqaalee warraaqsaa hedduunis halkan edaa kan bittimfame waraqaalee balaliituun magaalaa Amboo fi naannoo Yuuniversitiitti bittimfamee kan bule tika mootummaa Wayyaaneen naasuu guddaa keessa seenuudhan, ganamaan ka’anii
funaanuun dhagayamaa jira. kanumaan wal qabsiisuun barattootni naannoo jiranitti walitti dhufuudhaanis yaadannoo barattoota waggaa darbe wareegamaniif taasisaniin hucuu gaddaa uffachuudhaan, gumaan obboloota ilmaan Oromoo wareegaman keessattuu dhimma naannowaa Finfinneef mootummaa Wayyaaneen galaafatamaniif wareegamni isaanii bilisummaan deebi’uu  qaba jechuudhaan dhaadannoo fi ergaa waliif dabarsaa akka jiran Qeerroon gabaasa.


Oromia: Appeal Letter of Oromo Students of Jimma University March 2, 2015


Gootonni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Yuniversitii Wallaggaa FDG Kaasaniin Aangawoota Wayyaanee Arihan, Bartaa Electrical Waggaa 3ffaa Kumaa Gammachuu fi Hedduun Poolisootaan Butaman.

diddaa9Bitootessa 1,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Naqamte, Sochii barattoota Oromoo qabaneessuuf kan saganteeffate mootummaan Wayyaanee kaabinoota gurguddaa jedheen kan yaadu Dr,Geetachoo Bashargoon kan durfamu gartuu sochii barattootaa qabaneessu gara mooraa Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa Naqamteetti erguun baratoota walitti qaban,hanga ammaatti ammaatti hojjettooti mooraa kanneen hidhata ABO qaban baajeta moorichaa miliyoonaan kan lakkaawamu mootummaa kasaarsanii jiru jechoon badii gara hojjettootaa badii mallamaltummaa riguu fedhan.

Kanatti aansees garuu mooraan kun fakkeenyumma gaarii qaba jechuun Ministeerri barnoota Federaalaa gaafa Bitootessa 1,2015  ykn eda halkaniitti sagantaa TRENDS AND CHALLENGS IN ADOPTION OF SCIENCE jedhu  barattoota Yuuniversitii Wallaggaa barsisuuf  gadi itti taa’e.Haa ta’u malee wayita sagantaa kana irratti argamanitti goototni barattoota Yuunibarsiitii Wallaggaa kaabinoota waltajjii ta’anitti iyyuudhaan biyya keenya gurgurtanii nu keessa hin teessan jedhuun waltajjicha irratti dhadatnoo fi faaruulee warraaqsaa itti iyyanii bakka sana irraa qaaniin arihan.

Waltajjiin kun erga diigamee Qeerroofi qarreen mooraa kana keessaa balbala gudda hanga mooraa komtootti dhaadhannoo dhageessisaa turan

  1. Maaster pilaaniin finfinnee goonkumaa hojiirra hin oolu
  2. Duguuggaa sanyii nurratti raawwatuuf addunyaa kanatti sagaleen keenya nuuf haadhaga’amu
  3. ABOn gaachana qabsoo Oromooti
  4. WBO-n abdii uumata Oromooti
  5. Qeerroon Bilisummaa qabsoo itti fufna,diinota qeerroo golee Oromiyaa kamuu keessatti dura dhaabbanna.
  6. Nuti tokko tokkummaa keenyaan walaba nibaana jechaa erga turanii booda

Jedhuu fi sirboota barannoo rorroodha aabbee  mallattoon kannisa ittiin nuhiddiifi yaaoromoo qotan qotu malee  lafa hin qabatanii du’an du’u malee  diina hyin sagadanii jechaa erga turanii haala kanaan Poolisoonni heddumminaan mooricha seenuun barattoota Oromoo hedduu raabuu fi hidhuun barataa elektirikaalaa waggaa 3ffaa kan ta’e Kumaa Gammachuun dabalatee barattooti hedduun mana hidhaatti geeffaman.


Bitootessa 1/2015 Goototni Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii Barsiisota Jimmaa, Manneen Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Jimmaa fi Dargaggootni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimma FDG jabeessanii itti fufuun Muktar Kadirii fi Dammaqee Mokonni Of Irraa Arihan.

diddaa9Bitootessa 1/2015 Goototni Dargaggootni Qeerroon Barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii Barsiisota Jimmaa, Manneen Barnoota Sadarkaa 2ffaa Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimma FDG jabeessanii itti fufuun ergamoota Wayyaanee Muktar Kadiri fi Dammaqee Mokonnoon angawoota Wayyaanee olaanoo dura dhaabachuun dhaadannoo dheekkamsaan guutame dhageesisuun, Angoowwaan Wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF Abbay Tsahayee yakkamaan akka Seeratti dhiyaatu gaafachuun FDG dhoosan.
Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee sochii Warraaqsaa gootonni dargaggootni qeerroon barattoonni Oromoo magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti guyyaa shanii oliif wallee warraaqsaan qabsiisaniin soda fi yaaddoo guddaa keessa seenuun aangawoota sirna EPRDF/TPLF Dammaqee Mokonnooni fi Muktaar Kadiri jedhaman waraana waliin ilmaan Oromoo sodachisuu fi ficcisiisuuf bobbasee ture, gootonni ilmaan Oromoo Warraqsa egalan daran jabeessuun FDG dhoosuun dura dhaabbatan. Ergamaan Wayyaanee
sochii warraaqsa dargaggoota barattoota Oromoo Moktaar Kadir dhabachuu dadhabuun baqatee kan sokke yoo ta’uu, ergamtichi Wayyaanee Dammaqee Mokonnoon jedhamu immoo bataluma FDG dhoofametti xiyyaraan baqatee magaalaa Jimmaa keessa ba’uun dhagaa’ame. Goototni dargaggootni Qeerroo barattootni ilmaan Oromoo dhugaan qabsoo finiinsan sochii Warraaqsaa FDG guyyoota shanii oliif Wallee Warraaqsaan eegalan jabeessuun guyyaa har’aa stadium guddaa Magaalaa
Jimmaa keessatti argamu keessatti bakka Waldorgommiin Ispoortii Oromiyaa inni dhumaa /xummuraa gaggeeffamaa jirutti walitti dhufuun FDG dhoosan, Dirreen Ispoortii gara dirree FDG fi falmii mirga abbaa Biyyummatti jijjirame.
Goototni daraggootni barattootni Oromoo lafa waraannii wayyaanee
kumootan lakka’amu jiruu fi humnootni tikaa angawoota wayyaanee waliin
hiriiranii jiranitti dhaadannoo armaan gadii dhageesisan:
1. Abbay Tsahayee seeratti dhiyaachuun yakka duguginsa sanyii uummata
keenyarratti rawwacha jiruuf itti gaafatamuu qaba.
2. Abbay Tsahayee aangoo gadhiisuu qaba!!
3. Abbummaan lafaa uummata keenyaaf haa mirkanaa’u!!
4. Mirgi bilisummaa uummata Oromoo fi saboota cunqurfamoof kabajamuu qaba!!
5. Mirgi abbaa biyyummaa keenyaa nuuf haa mirkanaa’u!!
6. Ofiin buluu qabna halagaan nu hin bulchu.
7. Mirgii dimookiraasii fi namummaa kabajamuu qaba.
8. Nuti dimookiraasii barbaanna!!
9. Mirgi abbaa biyyuummaa, eenyummaa fi Oromummaa keenyaa nuuf kabajamuu qaba!!
10. Biyya dimookiraasiin hin jirree keessatti filannoo dimookitawaa
gaggeessuun hin danda’amu !!
11. Filannoon sobaa fi fakkeessa dhaabbachuu qaba!!
12. Muktaar kadir Oromoo bulchuu hin qabu!, uummata keenya arrabsiisaa
fi tuffachiisa jira.
13. Master planiin Finfinfee dhaabbachuu qaba!!
14. Gaffii mirgaa waan gaafatneef mootumman hidhaa julmaa,ajjeechaa,
fi hidhaa nurratti rawwate seeratti dhiyaachuu qaba
15. Yakka Oromiyaa keessatti U/Oromoo irratti gaggeefamaa jiruuf
Abbay Tsahayyee, Muktar Kadir, Dammaqee Mokonnoon, itti gaafatamuu
16. Hidhamtootni siyaasaa ilmaan Oromoo hundi halduree tokko malee
hiikamuu qabu!!
17. Nuti bilisummaa barbadna!! Oromiyaan bilisoomuu qabdi, jechuun dhaadannoowwaan dheekkamsaan guutamee afaan ingiliffaa fi afaan
Oromoon wal harkaa fudhuun dhageesisaan. Wallee Warraaqsaan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ABO ‘n durfamuu fi hogganoota qabasoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Sochii warraqsa FDG kanaan wal qabatee goototni barattootni dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo 10 olitti tilmaamaman humna waraana wayyaanee Muktar Kadirii fi dammaqee Mokonnoon eeguuf bobbafameen ukkanfaman, maqaa adda baasuun gabaasna. Poolisootni Oromiyaa fi dhalootaan Oromoo ta’an tarkaanfii diinummaa fudhachuu irraa of qusachuun uummataan jalatamaa fi kabajamaa jiraachuun hubatame. hoggantootni Sochii warraqsaas poolisoota ilmaan Oromoo tarkaanfii gara jabeenyaa fi diinummaa irraa of qusachuu poolisota Oromiyaatti hedduu isaan galateeffate, biyyi kun yoo bilisoomte isin illee walumaan bilisoomtu, uummata keessaniif dhaabbadha dhaamsa jedhus dabarseefi jira.
Goototni hayyoonni hagganoonni Sochii Warraqsaa FDG fi qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo karaa nagaa warraqsa FDG biyya keessatti qabsiisuun qabsoo finiinsa jiran ammas irra deebi’uun uummata Oromoo hundaaf waamicha FDG gadi jabeessuun dabarsuu itti fufuun ” Yaa ilmaan Oromoo waanjoo gabrummaa baatnee taa’uu hin qabnu bakka jirruu hundaa quba walqabaachuun tokkummaan kaanee biyyaa keenyaaf, mirga uummata keenyaaf, Oromummaa keenyaaf, bilisummaa keenyaaf, lafa Oromoo saamamaa jiruuf, ilma Oromoo ajjeefamaa, hidhamaa jiruuf, barnootarraa arii’amaa jiruuf, eenyummaa keenyaaf yeroon gamtaan kaanee falmannu amma.


Diddaan Qeerroo Yuuniversitii Jimmaa fi Kolleejjii Barsiitota Jimmaa Ummataa fi Poolisoota Oromoo Dabalatee Sadarkaa Jabaan Itti Fufe, Waraannii fi Humni Tika Wayyaanees Muddama Seene.

Guraandhala 26,2015   Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa, Kolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti argaman  diddaa siran cunqursaa Wayyaanee Jabeessuun guyyaa har’aa i hogganaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee TPLF/EPRDF kan ta’ee Abbooy Tsaayyee balaaleffachuun Magaalaa Jimmaa keessa nanna’uun Wallee Warraaqsaa FDG finiinsuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee balaaleffatan.

Akkuma bara darbe baatii Ebla 11,2014 irra eegaluun gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyuummaa fi dimookiraasii karaa nagaa qabsiisuun FDG dhoosuun  Seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti boqonnaa haarawaa banan torbee kana keessaa waldorgommii Ispoortii akka Oromiyaatti Jimmaatti gaggeeffama jiru sababeeffachuun  Wallee Warraaqsaan uummata Oromoo hundaaf dammaqinsa qabsoo gochuu eegalaan; guyyaa har’aas itti jabeessuun ifatti ba’uun mootummaa Abbaa irree EPRDF /TPLF Abbaay Tsayyeen durfamuu Wallee Warraaqsaa dhaadanoon wal makatee fi barnoota guddaa uummataaf dabarsuu fi FDG’f nama onnachiisuu dhoosuun ifatti abbootii Irreef uummatni jilbeeffatee akka hin bitamnee magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun labsii godhani jiru.

Diddaa guyyaa har’aa goototni ilmaan Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa uummata Oromoo ittin faarsaa olaanifi hogganaa wayyaanee Abbay Tsaayyee ittin balaaleffachaa oolaan , hedduu kan uummata hawwatee fi uummaatni fi dargaggootni Magaalaa jimmaa manaa ba’uun wallee warraaqsaa kanatti makamuun mootummaa abbaa irree Wayyaanee balaaleffachuu fi kan itti hin bullee ta’uu ibsachuun, Addatti immoo hogganaa Wayyaanee TPLF/EPRDF kanneen akka Abbaay Tsayyee sagalee guddaan balaaleffachuun: wallee warraaqsaa Ka’aa lollaa, Wayyaanee lollaa, Abbaa Irree Abbaay Tsayyee hogganaa wayyaanee lollaa , Ka’ii Oromoo falmadhuu, Wallaggarra falmadhuu, Amboo irraa falmadhuu, Jimmaa Irraa falmadhuu, Iluu irraa falmadhuu, Harargee irraa falmadhuu, Arsii gubbaa falmadhuu, Gujii Booraanaa falmadhuu, Arsii Baalee falmadhuu, Ka’aa lollaa abbaay Tsayyee lollaa, jechuun sagalee guddaan wallee warraaqsaa qabsiisuun Waamichaa FDG uummata Oromoo hundaaf dabarsan. ”kA’AA LOLLAA Hogganaan abbaa irree EPRDF/TPLF  Abboyi  Tsayyee uummata Oromoo jumlaan ajjeesisaa, hiisisaa, biyyaa irraa arii’achaa turee dhiyeenya immoo jechoota eenyummaa sabummaa fi mirgoota sabummaa uummatichaa tuquun dhimmaa ”MASTER PLAN FINFINNEE” wal qabsiisuun uummaata Oromoo abaaraa/arrabsaa .fi doorsiisa ture ni lollaa, ni balaaleffatna, aqngoo irraa bu’uu qaba jechuun  wallee warraaqsaa jabaataa fi aarii jechoota dhiyeenya Abaay Tsayyee hogganaan abbaa irree wayyaanee EPRDF/TPLF dubbatee  addatti kan balaaleffate yoo ta’uu, akka walii galaatti qabsoo FDG finiinsuuf qindoominaa fi ga’uumsa Sochii dargaggoota Oromoo FDG gaggeessa jiranii uummataaf ibsuun, FDG waliigalaatti akka uummatni Oromoo makamuu fi harka walqabatee ka’uuf karaa kan saaqaa jiru ta’uun hubatame jira. Uummatni Oromoo Magaalaa Jimmaa , Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa,fi  kolleejjii  barsiisota Jimmaa sochii gootota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo kanatti boonuun, isin malee maal qabna, isin cina jirraa, ija Abbay Tsayyee dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo dhugaa turee fi dhuguuf labsii dugguugginsa sanyii Genocide labsa jiru irraa isin haa qabu, isin waliin jirraa jabaadha jechuun jalalaa fi fedhii guddaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof qaban ibsatan, FDG keessattis harka walqabatnee ni kaana jechuun uummata Oromoo hundaaf dhaamsa isanii dabarsan.

Humnootni Poolisii Wayyaanee dhalootaan Oromoo hin ta’iin  fi humni tikaa fi dabballootni  Wayyaanee sochii kana dura dhaabbachuuf ramadamaan human isaani ol waan ta’eef waan qabanii gadhiisan dhabuun dhiphina guddaa keessa seenani argamu. Magaalaan Jimmaas muddama guddaa keessa seentee kan jirtu ta’uun beekamadha.


  Guraandhala 23,2015 Waldorgommii Ispoortii Akka Oromiyaatti Magaalaa Jimmaa irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal qabatee Guyyaa hardhaa Magaalaan Jimmaa Wallee Warraaqsaa FDGf uummata qopheessuun dhuunfatamte. Poolisootni Oromiyaas sochii Qeerrootti makamuun Wallee Warraqa wallisaa turan.

Goototni Dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jirattootni magaalaa Jimmaa bakka waldorgommiin Ispoortii Shaampiyoonaa Oromiyaa gaggeeffama jirutti walitti qabuun Walleelee Warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuu fi FDGf uummata qopheessuu qabsiisuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naannaa’uun eenyummaa, Oromummaa fi gootummaa isanii ibsachuun uummata haalaan dammaqsan. Guyyaa hardhaa Istadeumii Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti yeroo taphattootni Kubbaa miilaa Magaalaa Amboo fi Jimmaa taphatan walleen warraaqsaa haalaan jabaate, magaalaan Jimmaas raafama guddaa keessa seente, humnootni basaasaa to’achuu hin dandeenye. Walleewwaan Warraaqsaa dhageesisaan keessaattis Jimma kan keenya, Amboo kan keenyaa, Finfinneen kan keenya, Wallaggaan kan keenya, Iluun kan keenyaa, Harargeen kan keenyaa, Adaamaan kan keenya, Bishooftuu, Burraayyuun, Holotaan, Sulultaan, Xaafoon, fi Sabbataan kan keenya Oromiyaa Badhoon biyya keenyaa jechuun haala uummata hawwatuun wallee warraqsaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa nanna’uun finiinsan. Poolisota Oromiyaa magaalaa Jimmaa keessa jiraniif goototni qeerroon barattootni Oromoo waamicha “Poolisiin kan keenyaa” jedhu waan dabarsaniifPoolisootni hedduun wallee warraaqsaatti makamuun gootota sabboontota Oromoo waliin wallee warraqsaa finiinsan.

Walleewwan warraqsaa Goototni Oromoo finiinsan kunis mataduree: akka halagaan Oromiyatti hin seenne, “Yaa gadhee maaf fokkortaa dhiira namarra baasa kobbortaa,” “Siifan lolaa uummataa narra hin gortuu” kanneen jedhaman ifatti magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naanna’uun uummata sochoosan. Diinaafis firaafis haagaluu jechuun goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, kolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jiraattootni magaalaa Jimmaa sodaa tokko malee ifatti wallee qabsoo warraaqsa FDG qabsiisuun hidhaa, du’aa, fi daraara fedhee illee fudhachuuf qophii ta’uu ibsatan. Uummaatni jiraattootni Magaalaa Jimmaa daandiitti gadii yaa’uun gootummaa dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo kana kan ajaa’ibsiifatan yoo ta’uu Poolisootni Oromiyaa Wallee warraaqsaa kanatti makamuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo faarsan. Waraabbii fi Suuraan Sagalee waraabamee attach isiniif goone jirruu irraa guutummaa wallee warraaqsaa caqasaa.  http://qeerroo.org/2015/02/24/gootonni-dargaggoonni-oromoo-jimmaa-warraaqasa-bilisummaa-finiinsuun-diddaa-kaasanpoolisoonni-oromiyaas-fdg-tumsan/

Ethiopia Official Threatens to Continue Mass Murder in Oromia to Grab Land; Use the Hashtag “#StopAbayTsehaye” to Protest Abay Tsehaye and the Addis Ababa Master Plan

February 21, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune  & Gadaa.com

(OromoPress) – Abay Teshaye, a member of the Executive Committee of Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and adviser to the current nominal Prime Minster of Ethiopia, made a genocide threat against the Oromo people who oppose the implementation of a land grabbing policy. Abay Tsehaye made the threat with a vitriolic tone of hatred and arrogance toward the Oromo:

“The master plan will be implemented now. If anyone from the Oromia regional administration or anti-peace forces oppose this, we’ll cut them to size,” OMN reported citing a leaked Amharic audio of Abay Tsehaye from a meeting that took place in Hawasa town in the south. Made against the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) and the wider Oromo people; the threat comes on a the heels of massacre across Oromia region from May to July 2014. Oromo media have repeatedly reported that Abay Tsehaye was one of TPLF/EPRDF masterminds of the episode of genocide that claimed the lives of over 200 Oromo students and led to the incarceration of 3,765 students and farmers across Oromia in mid-2014. The students were protesting the implementation of a land grab policy in Oromia towns and rural districts in and around Fifninnee/Addis Ababa, which led to an unexplained disappearance of over 200,000 Oromo farmers.

Abay Tsehaye made the statement at an official meeting on behalf of his party and the Tigrean-led Ethiopian government. His speech was not an empty threat since he and other TPLF officials have followed through with threats and engaged in acts of genocide in Oromia State against innocent civilians, especially the Oromo youth, over the last 24 years (since Tigreans grabbed state power). Oromo activists created a Twitter hashtag #StopAbayTsehaye to protest the angry and arrogant genocide threat by Abay Tsehaye and to spread awareness about the issue to the global audience.


Stop Abay Tsehaye 2



Tigrean Neftengna's land grabbing and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocideTigrean Neftengna's land grabbing2 and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocideTigrean Neftengna's land grabbing3 and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocide

Ethiopioan Army is dominated by Ethnic Tigreans

We Are Ready to Pay Any Sacrifice to Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts


We Are Ready to Pay Any Sacrifice to Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Calls for Revolt In Response to Abay Tsehaye’s Insult of the Oromo People

One of the leaders of the TPLF/EPRDF regime and an architect of the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan”, Abay Tsehaye, has openly insulted the Oromo people and particularly the OPDO by saying that the “Master Plan” will be put into practice by all means. Filled with contempt and arrogance, Abay Tsehaye said those who oppose the Master Plan “will be put down” or “face the consequences”. He proved the long time belief that the so called OPDO is nothing but a puppet of the TPLF which can be intimidated by a single TPLF individual. The dictatorial Woyane Ethiopian regime’s leader Abay Tsehaye, who is working as an “advisor” of the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, is one of the TPLF heavy-handed personnel who interfere in all internal affairs of the nominal so called “Oromia regional government”. He is said to be constantly harassing and intimidating high ranking OPDO officials and the leaders of the so called Oromia Regional Administration by calling them into his office. It should be clear that his current insult of Oromo nationalists and members of the Oromia regional administration is an insult to the entire Oromo nation. The so called “Master Plan”, which Abay Tsehay and his TPLF hooligans are trying to shove down into the Oromo people’s throat, is a plan intended to evict Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and destroy the Oromo identity. It intended to take away Oromo land without the will of the owners of the land and destroy Oromo language by incorporating Oromian towns and villages into one big Addis Ababa, the capital city which should belong to Oromo in the first place. In doing so, Abay Tsehaye and the Tigrayan elites have a plan to divide Oromia into two: East and West.

In April and May, 2014, Qeerroo Bilisummaa has organized Oromian youth for nationwide protest against this so called “Master Plan”, in which the regime brutally killed hundreds of school children and arrested and ruthlessly tortured tens of thousands others. Our people have already paid the ultimate sacrifice with their blood and the lives of their children. The current chauvinistic outburst of Abay Tsehaye only reaffirms to us that our struggle should continue and that we should pay all necessary sacrifice. We will NEVER let this minority regime dictate its will upon us. We shall ignite the torch of Revolt Against Subjugation (Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa) again and defend our father’s land and dignity. A minority regime will not “put us down”. More:- Stop Abay Tsehaye and His Cohorts


Areal Satellite Images of the Addis Ababa expansion (1992-2013) at the Expense of Oromo Farmers

Guraandhala/February 19, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com |

By “Reinvent Ethiopia”

Addis Ababa has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years by swallowing villages and farming communities, all of whom are Oromos, along its path. This has resulted in the eviction of at least an estimated 100,000 Oromo farmers to make way for “industry” and other high priority “development” endeavours, and for the construction of luxury apartments and mansions for TPLF officials and their accomplices. These farmers, because they have never had any experience with urban ways of life and doing business, soon become homeless, jobless begging on the street when they run out of the unfair compensations they were given by the government. This is very sad, and a crime of genocidal proportion.

Many OPDO officials, contrary to their TPLF masters, know these horrifying stories of farmers left on the street of Addis begging, and others working as daily labourers. And it seems they have said enough when they resisted the top-down approach of imposing the so-called Addis Ababa surrounding Oromia integrated Master Plan, which is kind of a way to legitimize the annexation of towns around the city. Many were killed when they peacefully took to the streets to protest the Master Plan in April/May 2014. No enquiry has ever been conducted regarding the massacres in Ambo and other locations.

And TPLF continues to bully OPDO officials to submit themselves in continuing to committing genocide on the Oromo farmers. Some bow for their masters. Others not so much.

Many believe the Master Plan is not according to the interest of the Oromo people, and it has to be prepared by the Oromia regional state after Addis Ababa is handed over to the Oromia regional state as a special administration territory, also stipulated in article 49(5). Well, TPLF is not even willing to amend the plan, let alone giving the city to Oromia regional state. This is shown in the ignorance of officials, such as Abay Tsehaye, who declares war on people as unison on public meeting. Abay Tsehaye, probably the second in command of TPLF, has vowed to crush any resistance to the Master Plan. But the Oromo youth or Qeerroo and other political parties, both peaceful and through armed movement, have echoed their concern and promised to address the issue seriously.

The following video is a compiled satellite night time images making time lapse of Addis Ababa since 1992. It clearly shows the city has rapidly grown particularly huge jump between 2003 and 2006.

Ask yourself, is this growth or genocide? What is the meaning of development if it just displaces resources, makes one rich for every 1000 poor? Ask yourself, why farmers who have always lived with their land in pride, sustain themselves for generation, are removed from their livelihoods into new ways of life that are quite radical and hard to comprehend? http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2015/02/reinvent-ethiopia-areal-satellite-images-of-the-addis-ababa-expansion-1992-2013-at-the-expense-of-oromo-farmers/

“Master Plan” Finfinnee irratti Ibsa ABO:- Balaa Ummata Oromootti aggaamame hanqisuun dirqama Oromummaa ti!

 Guraandhala/February 18, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com |


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Gabrummaa waggoota dhibbaa oliif Oromiyaa irratti diriirfame ummata Oromoo Kumootaan qe’ee fi lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuun lafa dhablee taasiseera. Magaalaa Empaayera Itophiyaa handhuura Oromiyaatti gadi dhaabuuf tarkaanfii sanyii duguuggii/genocide/ wal gituun fudhatamaa tureen gosootni Oromoo Abbichuu fi Galaan naannoo irraa dhabamsiisamaniiru. Tarkaanfiin diinummaa maqaa “Maaqnaat” jedhuun adeemsifamaa ture bara Wayyaanees maqaa “misoomaa fi guddinaan” itti fufamuu irraa yeroo ammaatti Oromoon qe’ee fi jireenya isaa irraa buqqaafamaa jiru kan durii irra caalaa dhufe malee hin xiqqaanne. Mootummaan Wayyaanee karooraa fi imaammata Abbootii isaa irraa dhaale itti fufsiisuun waggoota 23 dabraniif lafoota akka Boolee Bulbulaa, Laga Xaafoo, Aqaaqii, Sabbataa, Sulultaa, Buraayyuu fi kkf irraa qotee bulaa Oromoo ari’uun gurgurataa fi hirataa har’a gahuunis dhokataa miti.

Karoora bittootaa ummata Oromoo hin fayyadne, qe’ee fi lafa isaa irraa buqqaasee hiyyummaa fi deegaaf saaxilu kana mormuun lammiileen Oromoo hedduu wareega lubbuu itti baasaniiru. Kan man hidhaatti guuramanii fi dhaanaman kumoota hedduun lakkaa’amu. Lammiiwwan Oromoo kabajamuu mirga ummata Oromoof jecha diinaan ajjeefamanii fi hiraarfaman, akeekni irratti wareegama lammummaa baasan bilaashatti akka hin hafnee fi karoorri diinaa Oromoo irratti xiyyeeffate kunis akka hin milkoofne gochuun ammas dirqma lammii Oromoo hundaa tahu gadi jabeeffamee hubatamuu qaba. Karoorrii fi imaammatni bittoota Itoophiyaa maappii Oroomiyaa jijjiiruun gaaffii walabummaa fi bilisummaa ummata Oromoo hanqisuu akka tahe eenuyyuu jalaa dhokataa miti. Kanaafis jalqabaa hanga ammaatti ummatni Oromoo shira diinotaa kana gootummaan dura dhaabbatuun haqa isaaf wareegama baasaa akka ture seenaan QBO ni hubachiisa. Shiraa fi hammeenya bittoota Itophiyaan Oromoo irratti dalagamaa dhaloota har’a dhaqqabe kanas ABOn irratti qabsaawaa fi qabseessisaa akka turee fi jirus hubatamaa dha.

Karoora Master plan Finfinnee jedhuun shira yaadame kana ilaalchisee HD ABO J/Daawud Ibsaa waggaa haaraa bara 2015 ilaalchisuun dhaamsa dabarsaniin ,”Master plan Finfinnee kan jedhamu haala kanaan dura mootummootni Itophiyaa dabran gochaa turan irraan addatti bifa baraneen ummata Oromoo lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuun eenyummaa isaa dhabamsiisuu irratti kan xiyyaafate dha”jechuun shira duubaan jiru saaxilaniiru.

Karoora diinummaa lafaa fi magaalota Oromiyaa bulchiinsa Oromiyaa jalaa baasuudhaan bulchiinsa Federaalaa jala galchanii akka fedhanitti gurguratuu fi hiratuuf baafame kana ilaalchisee qondaalli ol aanaa mootummaa Wayyaanee Abbaay Tsahaayyee haasaa dhiheenya godheen, “Karoorri Finfinneef baafame hojii irra ni oolfama! Kan kana dura dhaabbatu hundas ni sirreessina! eenyummaa keenya itti agarsiifna!” jechuun bulchitootaa fi qondaalota OPDO-tti dhaadateera. Abbootiin irree osuma dhaadatanii kan dhabaman tahuun beekamaa tahus dhaaduun qondaala Wayyaanee kanaa , Wayyaanotni hangam ummata akka tuffatani fi hagam ammo akka salphatanii gadi bu’an agarsiisa.

Dhabamaa fi deega ummata Oromoon jireenya qananii jiraatuu kan baratan bittootni Itoophiyaa dhaadatuun, ummatni Oromoo mirgaa fi eenyummaa isaatiif falmatuu irraa tasa isa hin dhaabu. Ummatni Oromoos karoorri hojii irra oolfama jechuun qondaalli diinaa ittiin dhaadatu kun kan eenyummaa fi mirga isaa irratti xiyyeeffate tahuu caalaatti waan hubatuuf walabummaa fi bilisummaa isaa gonfachuuf qabsoo itti jiru finiinsun galii isaan kan gahatu tahuun shakkiin hin jiru.

Kanaaf ilmaan Oromoo sirna farra ummata Oromoo tajaajiluuf itti fufuu murteeffataniin ala OPDO keessa jiran, haasaan tuffii, karaa biraa ammo abdii kutannaa fi jibbiinsaa Abbaay Tsahaayyee, diinni yoomiyyuu diina tahuu kan mirkaneessu waan taheef mirga ummata Oromoo kabajsiisuuf ummata isaanii cinaaa hiriiruun akka qabsaawan, tarkaanfii seenaa qabeessa fudhattaniinis gaafatama seenaa jalaa akka of baasan ABOn waamicha Oromummaa amma illee irra deebiin dabarsaaf.

Kan waliin kanneen wal qixxummaa, dimokraasii fi haqaaf falmina jedhan hundi gochaan farrummaa ummata Oromoo mirga jiraachuu dhabsiisaa jiru kun wayta ifatti raawwatamaa jiru kanatti, saaxiluu fi dura dhaabbatuu irra moggaa dhaabbatanii ilaaluu filatuun ykn akka hin dhagahiinitti callisuun seenaan gaafachiisaa tahuu akka hubatan ABO gadi jabeessee dhaama. Karoora diinaa eenyummaa Oromoo dhabamsiisuu irratti xiyyeeffate kana ABOn jabinaan kan dura dhaabbatuu fi fashalsu tahuu irra deebi’ee ummata Oromoof dhaamaa, karoorrii fi imaammatni mirga ummataa hin kabajnee fi ummata abbaa biyyaa dhabamsiisuu qabsoo ummataan kan fashalu tahuu ABOn gadi jabeessee hubachiisuu fedha.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Guraandhala 18, 2015

Ibsa Ejjennoo Haala Yeroo Irratti Garee Deeggartoota Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) Idil-Addunyaa irraa Kenname.

Ministeera Dhimma Federaalaa kan turanii fi yeroo ammaa kana Waajjira Muummicha Ministeeraa keessatti Gorsaa Olaanoo ta’uu dhaan kan tajaajilaa jiran Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhimma Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee ilaalchisuudhaan haasawaa taasisan keessatti tuqaalee armaan gadii irratti Olaantumaa Seeraa Kan Cabsan fi Kabaja uummataa kan mulqan waan ta’eef Cimsinee balaaleffanna.

1ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbay Tsehayyee dhaadatan Seera Fi Heera cabsuudhaan uummata keenya irratti lola kan labse waan ta’eef cimsinee ni Mormina.
2ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhaadatan Tuffii Motummaa Naannoo Oromiyaaf qaban qofa osoo hin taane Tuffii uummata Oromoof qaban kan agarsiisu waan ta’eef cimsinee balaaleffanna.
3ffaa:- Dhaadannoon Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee dhaadatan kun Seera fi heera biyyattii keessaa Ofiin Of Bulchuu Mootummoota Naannoo Keewwata 50-52 irratti barreeffamee jiru kan Cabsan waan ta’eef Cimsinee ni Mormina.
4ffaa: Dhaadannoon obbo Abbay Tsehayyee uummata Oromoo irratti dhaadatan seeraa fi heera biyyattii Keewwata 42 Lakkoofsa 2 fi 4 irratti akkasumas Keewwata 89 lakkoofsa 6 irratti barreeffame burkuteessuu dhaan murtee uummata hin hirmaachisne murteessuuf waan dhaadataniif dhaadannoo isaanii kana cimsinee mormina.

Walumaa Galattii Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee gita hogganummaa biyyattii isa olaanaa irra osoo jiranii Seeraa fi Heera biyyattii cabsuudhaan haasawa uummata xiqqeessu fi tuffii calaqqisu waan ta’eef Garee Deeggartoota Idil-Addunyaa Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) kan balaaleffatu ta’uu beeksifna. Kanaafis Olaantummaan Seeraa biyyattii keessatti akka kabajamuuf Obbo Abbay Tsehayyee aangoo isaaniirraa kaafamanii gocha raawwataniif seeraaf dhiyaatanii akka itti gaafataman cimsinee gaafanna!!!

Garee Deeggartoota Idil-Addunyaa Paartii Kongirasii Federaalawaa Oromoo(KFO) irraa
Gurraandhala 2015


SBO Gurraandhala 18 Bara 2015. Oduu, Haasaa Hoggana Wayyaanee Abbay Tsahayyee irratti qophii qophaa’ee fi gabaasa hiriira nagaa hawaasa Oromoo Norway akkasumas SBO Sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa


“We Will Not Allow Tigrean Buildings and Factories on the Graves of Oromo Farmers.” – OFC Editorial Takes Decisive Position to #StopAbayTsehaye


Abay Tsehaye: The ugly face of Tigrean Chauvinism

Few months ago, in an interview with journalist Befekadu Moroda of Oromia Media Network (OMN), I asserted that TPLF and the Tigrean ruling class have transformed into Neftegna. Abay Tsehaye’s recent words and behavior testament to that. Remember the Neftegna system that gave monopoly over the means of violence and the sources of wealth produced chauvinistic agents who exploited and disrespected oppressed groups in Ethiopia. The system also engineered social behaviors that justified the actions of those agents and popularized myths of the dominant groups socio-cultural superiority. Overtime, the ruling class and its base began rationalizing and institutionalizing prejudice and extreme form of violent responses towards those who dissented.

During the early years of their rule, as violent and oppressive they were, TPLF differentiated themselves from their predecessors by being sensitive and showing reasonable respect for groups they subjected. However, they began abandoning such sensitivity as they consolidated power and began amassing wealth, and they have started adopting the ugly behaviors of their predecessors. Nowadays, emboldened by the absolute monopoly of the means of violence, intoxicated with abundance of wealth at their disposal and facing no so significant threat to their rule, the TPLF Tigrean rulers’ rudeness, arrogance and disrespect for other cultures have become their norm. Just like their predecessors, they have the false sense of inherent superiority which had made them feel invincible. This behavior is even worse among their rising generation – which was born into wealth and power and grew up being drugged with post-victory (post-1991) bravado of TPLF.

This is good and bad news. It’s ‘bad’ because such collective behaviors increase and justify violence and repression against the subjected populations. However, on the ‘good’ side, it makes the system intolerable – expanding the base of resistance, and, consequently, speeding up the downfall of the system.



Abay Tsehaye’s Bravado Exposes the TPLF Master Plan

The Gulele Post,   • February 15, 2015

Abay Tsehaye’s threat, its tone and spirit, is very revealing of TPLF’s contempt and disrespect for Oromos, even those who are serving them as puppets. What is the story behind such outburst? After completion of the the Master Plan without any involvement from the Oromia side, Abay Tsehaye gathered senior OPDO leaders and ordered them to implement the plan. They expressed concern that they were not involved in the process of drafting the plan and that it will be hard to convince the rank and file. They were told they will not take NO for answer. The OPDO leaders could not even agree on the matter and when they took the issue to the mid-level leadership, they were met with fierce resistance and hostility. While the Oromia state leaders were planning to bring the issue to the Caffee ( parliament) for deliberation, Abay/TPLF could not wait so they bypassed them, gathered administrators of cities surrounding Finfinne and told them to begin implementation. At this meeting, the city administrators raised several procedural and policy objections and said they cannot take this plan without further study and deliberation at Caffee ( Oromia parliament level.) The administrators said they cannot convince the public about a plan even they themselves neither understand nor accept. In their typical manner Abay Tsehaye and TPLF leaders rejected the request for further discussion at the leadership level and gave them strict orders to begin the implementation phase. This conflict reached the public leading to the mass protest and massacre of April/May 2014.

During and in the aftermath of the protest, OPDO leaders agreed on the need to postpone the Master Plan as a way of containing the situation. This idea was initially accepted by the official EPRDF including the Prime Minister. However, Abay Tsehaye summoned the OPDO leaders and accused them of sabotage and threatened to eliminate them from the top down, and anyone who stands in the way of the Master Plan. Terrified, the puppet leaders went home and began hibernating avoiding the subject altogether.

Therefore, what is heard in this leaked audio of Abay Tsehaye threatening over a thousand urban planners and administrators is nothing new. His contempt towards Oromo and insidious plan to rob them of their land must be confronted. They have already began implementing the Master Plan and Abay Tsehaye had made it abundantly clear that they will go ahead by any means necessary. Well this needs to be met with the same spirit–the plan must be stopped by any means necessary.

Lets remember that the Finfinne issue is not isolated. TPLF’s real master Plan is to establish Tigrean economic monopoly by depriving Oromos of any real source of economy across the country including fertile land, mineral sites, manufacturing and trade. Therefore the target of Oromo resistance needs to focus on fighting back against this real Master Plan. The resistance needs to identify businesses of TPLF and its affiliates across Oromia and take them on to ensure they don’t succeed.
Arrogant TPLF leaders should realize that their power is more vulnerable than their fortified headquarters lead them to believe. The roots and branches of their domination extends deep into the remotest part of our homeland.

Biyya tuffatan harreen garmaaman
The Gulele Post • February 15, 2015

“Waan feetaanis fiddan Masteer Pilaanin Finfinnee hojirra ni oola. Warra nu dura dhaabbate abbaa feetes taatu ‘likkii’ galchina. Qondaalonni Oromoo godiina naannawa Finfinnee yakkamtoota. Qonddaalonni Oromiyaa laamshoodha.” Kun hundi arrabsoofi dhaadannoo qondaaltichi Wayyanee guddichi Abbaay Tsahaayyee Oromoota walitti qabee itti huruurse kaassaayi. Sagalee gabaabduu waraabamtee OMN geette irraa jechoota fokkisaa akkasii yoo dhageenyu kan nuti hin dhagayin hafan maal faa akka ta’e yaadun nam hin dhibu. Akkan dhagayetti, tibba mormiin godhamaa ture san qondaaltoota OPDO gurguddoo walitti qabuun arrabsoo dhuunfaa bira dharbee hamma doorsisuufi harkaan itti aggaamutti gahame ture.

Tuffiifi jibba Abbaay Tsahaayyeefi waahillan isaa Oromoof qaban afaan ajaayan as bahe kun dhimma nam- tokkee akka hin taane namuu hubachuu qaba. Ejjennoo jaarmayni Wayyaanneen qabattee deemtuun, kan qabeenya Oromoo saamuun sirna cunqursaa isaanii tursiisuuf hammeenya hammamii raaw’achuuf akka muratan ragaadha. Karoorri maqaa Master Pilaaniitin Finfinnee bal’isanii, Oromiyaarraa muranii fudhachuu kunis kophatti laalamuu hin qabu. Master Pilaaniin kun karoora guddicha fi isa ol aanaa Tigroonni ol’aantummaa dinagdee yoomifu turu ijaaruuf qaban irraa kan maddeedha. Akkuma namuu argu yeroo amma kanatti lafti gabbataan jaraaf hirmaa jira. Iddoon albuudaa, warshaalee gurguddaani fi magaalaan sochii dinagdee qabdu too’annaa jaraa jala galfamaa jira. Daldaltoonni Tigraay hamma baadiyyaa Oromiyaatti caasaa diriirfachuun daldaltoota Oromoo taphaan ala godhanii jiran. Qonnaan bulaa Oromoo kaan lafa irraa fudhatanii warshaafi mana jireenya waardiyyaa isaani godhatan. Warra hafe ammoo xaa’oo gatiin samii tuqee itti fe’anii kasaarsanii hiyyoomsan.

Bifa kanaan Oromoo bakka hundatti saamanii hiyyoomsuun Tigree erga duroomsanii booda, dureeyyonni kun Finfinneetti galanii tujaara bakka hin sochoone taasisuuf saffisaan carraaqaa jiran. Milkaayaas jiru. Wanni magaalaa Finfinnee bal’isanii too’achuu fedhaniifis karoora kana waan qabaniifi.

Shira kana fashalsuufi tuffii warra Abbaay kana ofirraa dhaabuuf falli jiru karoora dinagdee Wayyaanee kana hongeessuudha. kana gochuuf:

1. Mormiin master Pilaanii kanarratti ka’e itti fufuu qaba. Diddaan hawaasaafi dargaggoota dabalatee, Ilmaan Oromo sirna san keessa jiran akka Pilaaniin kun hojirra hin oolle waan danda’an hunda godhuu qabu. Hubadhaa, tumsa ilmaan Oromootin alatti karoorri kun hojitti hin jijjiiramu. Kanaaf baatanii ifatti mormuu yoo dadhabdan dalaguma isaan isinitti kennan lafarra harkisuun qabsoof gumaachuun dandeessan.
2. Hunda caalaa daldalaafi sochii diinaggee Wayyaaneefi warri isaanitti hidhatan Oromiyaa keessatti godhan fashalsuurratti fuulleffachuu feesisa. Qabeenya akka dhuunfaafi gurmutti qaban adda baafatanii bifa danda’ame maraan kuffisuuf tattaafachuun dirqama. Ooyruu qonnaa isaan nama keenya irraa kafatanii irraa duroomaa jiran, warshaa guddaa malaammaltummaan harkatti galfatan, lafa albuudaan ummata ardaa sanii hagabsaanii saamaa jiran hunda adda baafatanii irratti xiyyeeffachuu barbaachisa.

Walumaa galatti tuffi Wayyaanee kana kolaasuufi karoora ol’aantummaa diinaggee jaaruuf qaban kana hoongessuf mormiin qofti gahaa miti. Tarkaanfiin qabatamaan kasaaraa keessa isaan galchu itti dabalamuu baannan jarri nutti koflaa, nu ajjeessaa nu arrabsaa hidda isii gama maraan gadi fageeffachaa jirti. Qanni gaariin hiddi kun biyyoo, biyyaafi saba keenya jidduutti gadi dagaage. Kun ammoo biyyee san irraa haadhanii, saba itti dammaysanii biyya ofiirraa buqqaasuuf haala mijaayaadha. Of gaafadhaa, wal gaafadhaa, falfala jaraa kanaaf fala faladhaaa!


Godina Kibba Lixaa Shaggar Magaalota Adda Addaa Keessatti Barruuleen Warraaqsaa Qeerroon Maxxanfaman.

Gurraandala 10,2015 Waliiso

IMG_20141224_211615Magalaa Walisoo, Buusaa, Tajii, Asgorii,Tullubollo, Sabbataa fi bakkewwan adda addaa keessatti barruuleen warraaqsaa hedduun Qeerroo Bilisummaan maxxanfamuu gabaasi naannicha irraa nu gahe addeessa.

Sochii Warraaqsa Bilisummaa ta’aa jiru daran jabeessuun dhadannoolee uumata onnachiisanii fi waamicha diddaa sirna Wayyaanee kan qabu barruuleen kun bakkoota mootummaan Wayyaanee beeksisa maxxanfatu irrattii fi lafa magaalota bakka bebbeekamoo irratti maxxanfamuu fi uumataafis raabsamuu gabaasi Qeerroo naannicha irraa nu gahe addeessa.

Keessattuu Qeerroon aanaa Daawoo magaala Buusaa mana murtii fuula duraa fi secondary fuuldura ti waraqaa waamichaa dhoobuu fi magaala iddoo hedduu ti faca’uurraan kan ka’ee uummanni gammachuu guddaan kan itti dhagaheef qeerroon daraan kan onnatan ta’uu odeessi gama sana irraa nu dhaqabeera.

Gabaasa guutuu dhimma kana agama fuula duraa dhiheesina.


Warraaqsi Bilisummaa Wallagga,Qellem Keessatti Daran Jabaachuun Uummanni Ajaja Mootummaa Wayyaanee Lagate.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Qeellam,Gurraandhala 10,2015

diddaa9Qellem, Jimmaa Horroo ganda qonnaan bulaa Akkoo Jirruu jedhamtu keessatti uummanni ajaja mootummaa waan lagataniif tika wayyaneen reebaman,gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa Horroo hara Guraandhala 9 addeessuun guyyoota murasa dura Guraandhala 4 mootummaan misooma lafaa,jedhuun daagaa qotuu jedhamu ajaja basee baadiyaalee keessa qonnan bulaa dirqisiisuun akka bahan ajaja baasaa ture, uummannis yeroo ammaa ajaja mootummaa Wayyaane bakka hundaatti waan lagataa jiruuf humnatti fayadamuu, humna milisha baatiwwan muraasa dura dhimmuma kanaaf leenjifatee ture uummata keessa gadhiisee uumata keessa deemuun WBOn isin keessa jira isintu nyaachisa jechuun jiraattota haa hiraarsan malee uumanni takkaa fudhachuufii hin dandeenye.

Haaluma kanaan halkan halkan uummata irra deemanii reebicha hamaa qote bultootaa fi dargaggoota irratti raawataa jiru guyyaa jedhame kanaa kaasee kanaan namootni miidhamanii buufata fayyaatti argamanii osoo yaalamanii gaffii taasisaniif namootni kaan hallan sa’a 9:00tti manaa waamamuudhaan, gadi fuudhanii reebamuu isaanii duubbachuun Qeerroof ibsa godhanii jiru namoota reebicha kanan miidhaman:
1.Aadde Dambalii Ruudaa
2.Dar.Mohamadnuur Siraaj
3.Dar.Ashennaafii Gindaabaa
4.Dar.Isaaquu Gindabaa fi
kanneen biroos kan maqaan nun gahin hafan jiru, tikoota uummata eebuu waliin kan hiriiranii jiran keessaa bulchaa ganda kanaa kan tahe
Shumbaa Daggafaa, milishaa gandichaa Margaa Agichoo kanneen biroo fuula isaanii ukkaamfachuudhaan namoota humna biraa mootumma irraa ergame waliin uummata dhaanuun reebicha irratti raawwataa jiraachuu gabaasni nu gahee jira.


Wallagga,Godina Horroo Guduruu Aanaa Jaardagaa Jaartee Keessatti FDG Humna Mootummaan ol Tahe Dhohe.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Aliboo Amajjii 26,2015

diddaa9Mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee Bara filannoo 2015 kana milkeessuudhaaf duula Kaardii fudhadhaa humnaan gaggeessaa jiraachuun isaa beekamaa dha. Haalli kunis Aanaa Jaardagaa Jaartee Magaala Jaardagaa fi Aliiboo keessatti daran hammaataa tahuu irraan darbee tajaajilawwan hawaasaa Karoora mootummaa Guddinaa fi Tiraanisfoormeeshinii jedhamuun Uummatatti ololaman keessaa kanneen akka Ibsaa fi Bishaanii haala olaanaadhaan Uummata Magaala Aliiboo rakkisuu fi himatanis qaamni deebii deebisuuf waan dhibeef Hiriira nagaa Humna mootummaa wayyaanee ol tahe godhanii jiran. Barattootni, Barsiisotni, Jiraattootni, Daldaltootni, Hojjettootni mootummaa fi dhuunfaa magaala kana keessaa guutummaan hiriira kana keessatti hirmaachuudhaan diddaa dhageessisanii jiran. Dargaggootnii fi Uummatni Hiriira kana irratti bahuudhaan walleewwan Warraaqsaa ‘’ SII WAYYAAREE, OROMOON LEENCUMA DURUU, ABO NUUF WAYYA,..’’ Kanneen jedhaman wallisuudhaan dhaadannoowwan garaa garaas dhageessisuu irratti argamu. Dhaadannoowwan

1.      Tajaajilawwan Hawaasaa kanneen akka Ibsaa argachuu qabna

2.      Kanneen hidhaman haa hiikaman

3.      Kaardii filannoo dharaa hin fudhannuu fi kanneen biroo kaasuudhaan Hiriira nagaa gaggeessuu irratti argamu

Ebla 2014 keessas Uummatni Magaala kanaa adda durummaan Master Plan wayyaaneen qopheessite dura kan dhaabbate yoommuu tahu FDG itti fufinsa qabu gaggeessuudhaan Mootummaa wayyaanee hundeedhaan akka buqqisuuf FDG itti fufanis hooggansi Qeerroo Magaala Aliiboo gabaasee jira.


Baha Oromiyaa Magaalaa Awwadaay Keessatti Filannoo Caamsaa Keessa Gaggeefamuuf Kadimamtoota Nama 7 Wayyaaneen Dhiheeffate Uummati Oromoo Diddaan Dura Dhaabate.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Amajjii 23,2015 Awadaay.

diddaa9Filannoo Caamsaatti gaggeeffamuuf kaadhimamtoota jechuun namoota Wayyaaneen dhiyeeffataa jirtu irratti mormiin uummataa mudate.

Sirni abbaa irree Wayyaanee karaa lukkeewwan isaa OPDO godina Harargee bahaa magaalaa Awwadaayitti wal gahii gaafa Amajjii 21,2015 uummataa fi miseensota OPDO walitti qabuun kaadhimamtoota filannoo caamsaatiif kaadhimaman jechuun uummatatti beeksisuuf walitti qabe irratti mormiin jabaan uummataa fi miseensota isaa irraa isa mudate. Akka odeessa Qeerroo Awwadaay irraa nu qaqqabetti miseensota OPDO dabalatee kaadhimamtoonni kanneen namoota badii uummata Oromoo irratti dalaganii fi amantii keenya sirnaa dhiisee amantii mootummaan barbaadu dirqamaan nu irratti fe’uuf waarreen deeman waan taheef gonkumaa bakka nu bu’uu hin dandahan jechuun wal gahii walitti qabame irratti lukkeewwan Wayyaanee qaaneessuun wal gahii bittimsuun, dhaadannoo nama ‘’bakka nuu bu’u u dandahu kan filatu uummata Oromooti malee qaama biraa nu hin barbaachisu’’ jechuun sagalee isaanii dhageessifataa akka turan gabaasni nu qaqqabe ibsa.

Kanneen kaadhimamtoota jechuun uummataaf dhiyaatanii mormiin isaan mudate keessaas; –

Sheek Qamaara, nama sirna dargii keessa bakka sagadaa uumataa fuudhee waajjira taasifachuun dargii tajaajilaa ture ammas sirna Wayyaanee tajaajilaa jiru.

  1.  Yuusuuf Qophee nama golgaa amantaan sirna Wayyaanee tajaajilaa jiru.
  2. Ahamad Haaruun nama amantii sirna Wayyaaneen gaggeeffamu leellisu.
  3. Muktaar Karroo nama waggoota kudha shanii duraa calqabee maqaa amantiin wayyaaneen walii galee hojjetu,
  4. Sheek Bakarii Imaam ,
  5. Mahaammad Aliyyii,
  6. Sheek Mahaammad Saalihaa kanneen

Jedhaman namoota miidhama uummata Oromoo irratti gama hundaan halkanii
guyyaa hojjetan waan taheef, balaaleffannaan uummata qofaan otoo hint a’iin miseensuma OPDO dabalatee mormiin jabaa akka isaan mudate gabaasin nu qaqqabe mirkaneessa.


Uummatni Magaala Finfinnee Jiraatu Carraa Argateen Filannoo Dharaa Fashalsuudhaaf Duula Wayyaanee Irratti


Amajjii 25,2015 Gabaasa Qeerroo Finfinnee

9804_586148321520127_6529646606074484948_nGuyyaa har’aa jechuun Amajjii 25 Bara 2015 Waamicha Paartii mormaa Andinnet Uummata Magaala Finfinneedhaaf waamicha hiriira nagaa dabarsee booda Uummatni muraasni hiriira irratti wayita argamu; Mootummaan Wayyaanee garuu dhaadannoowwan dhageessifamaa jiran seera qabeessa miti jechuudhaan waraana hedduumminaan itti bobbaase. Wayita kanatti Uummatni magaala kana jiraatu waraana Mootummaa Wayyaanee Uummata hiriira nagaa bahetti duule dura dhaabbachuudhaan Fincila diddaa garbummaa gaggeessaa oolanii jiran. Uummatni rakkoo jireenyaa fi gidiraa mootummaan wayyaanee uummata irratti buusee jiru hadheeffachuun filannoon dharaas daran waanjoo garbummaa kana kan dabalu malee nageenya waaraa kan hin fidne tahuu ifaan dubbatanii jiran. Uummatni mana mana isaadhaa waraana wayyaaneetti bahuudhaan filannoo dharaan lammaffaa hin gowwoomnu jechuudhaan duula fincilaa godhee jira. Mootummaan wayyaanees haala kanaan kan baarage rakkoo uummata hidhaa fi reebuu hammeessus Uummatnis tarkaanfii walfakkaataa waraana wayyaanee irratti fudhachuudhaan Poolisootni hedduun madeeffamanii jiran. Paartiileen Mormitootaas filannoo dharaa fi abbaa irrummaan guutame kana keessaa akka of baasuu qaban Uummatni diddaa gaggeesse keessatti ifa godhee jira.
Addatti Uummatni Oromoo magaala Finfinnee keessa jiraatu hiriira irratti kan argaman osoo hin taane waraana Wayyaanee Uummata nagaa hiriirsuuf gadi bahe dura dhaabbachuun isaa Paartii Mormaa Andinnet haala olaanaadhaan ajaa’ibsiisee jira. Haala amma eegalame kanaan jabeeffamuudhaanis Mootummaan Wayyaanee hundeedhaan buqqa’uu akka qabuu fi Uummatnis daran diddaa isaa jabeessee akka itti fufu Jaarmayaan Qeerroo Bilisummaa waamicha isaa gadi jabeessee dabarsa.


Wallaggaa Aaanaa Jimmaa Horroo Keessatti Filatnoo Mootummaa Wayyaaneen Wal Qabatee FDG Ka’uun Barattooti Oromoo 6 Hidhaman Kaan Amma Illee Diddaa Itti Fufan

Odeessa Jimmaa Horroo – Amajii 15, 2015

OromoQeerroo 2015_4

OromoQeerroo 2015_1Dargaggoota godina Wallagaa aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessatti argaman yeroo adda addaatti fincilli diddaa gabrummaa waan ka’aa tureef, kana malees humni WBOyeroo yeroon naannichatti waan sochii muldhataa muldhisuuf jecha dargaggoonni Oromoo diddaa sirna bulchiisa Wayyaanee waan qabaniif kaardiin filatnnoo Wayyaanee bara kanaa akka hin raabsamneefii murtiin darbe.
OromoQeerroo 2015_3
OromoQeerroo 2015_2
Dargaggoonni aanaa kanaa naamusa filannoo jeequuf warra qophaya jiran waan taheef jedhamee barattootas tahee dargaggoota hundaafuu kaardiin filannoo dhorkamuu Qeerroon gabaasaa jira. Akkasuma aanama kana keessa ganda Baabboo jedhamu keesstti dargaggootaan qarshii 3, 3 fidaa waraqaa eenyummaa baafadhaa isaan booda filannoof kaardii isiniif laanna jedhame tole jechuun dargaggoonni qarshii jedhame kana kennan, horiin isaan irraa fuudhames gara darbe dargaggoonni kaardiis fudhachuu hin dandeenye qarshii keenya deebisa Wayyaanee silaafuu hattuudha jechuudhaan daraggoonni Oromoo guyyaa kaleessaa FDG kaasanii jiru.
Haala kanaan namootni 6 dargaggoota kan qindeessu filannoon aka hin gaggeeffamneef dargaggoota ijaaraa kan jiraniidha jedhamuun ganda Baabboo irraa konkolaataa poolisiin galgala sa’a 12 booda waajjira poolisii aanichaatti
gaaffeman, namootni kun maqaan isaanii:
1. Mikaa’el Hirkisa-ogeessa fayyaa Looniiti
2. Nuuraddiin Muusaa-Daldalaa
3. Amad Horaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
4. Shaful Boshoraa-Barataa
5. Iddoosaa Raagaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
6. Shuumaa Lammeessaa-Qonnaan Bulaa
Namootni kun amma waajjira poolisii aanaa Jimmaa Horroo keessa jiru, maqaan ittiin yakkaman tokko namusa filannoo kan jeeqan, kana gochuufis uummata fi dargaggoota ijaarsa irratti kan argaman jedhamuun. Suuraaleen kun barattoota qabamanii fi loltoota sirncha muldhisa. Suurawwan barattoota ariyamanii kanneen nama 10

Filannoon Dharaa Mirgaa fi Bilisummaa Hin Fidu, Jechuun Daraggoonni Adaamaa Kardii Filannoo Lagatan.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Adaamaa,Amajjii 16,2015

Qeerroo vivaFilannoon baranaa uleedhan fudhatamuuf jira jedhu jiraattonni magaalaa Adaamaa fi naannawa ishee tokko tokko akkuma beekkamu filannoo bara kana adeemsifamuuf mootummaan Wayyaanee lafa jala yaalii akka hin moo’amneef olola garagaraa magaalaa hanga baadiyyaatti taasisaa jira.

Yeroo kana immoo ummanni kaardii filannoo akka fudhatuuf dirqamaan mana manarra deemee fudhachiisaa jira achumaan duula na filadhaa jedhus taasisaa jira.Sababuma kanaan dargagootni naannawa magaala Adaamaa kaardiin keessan mirga ykn bilisummaa nuuf hin fidu kaardii kijibaa hin fudhannu jechuun didan ,ergamtoonni mootummaa wayyaanes dargaggoota kaardii fudhachuu didan isin ilaalcha addaa qabdu jechuun ganda keessatti doorsisaa sodaachisaa akka ummanni kaardii dirqiin fudhatu taasisaa jiratan illee dargaggoonni lagataa jiraachuu Qeerroo gabaase. Ummannis sodaachisuu fi doorisaan kaardii mootummaan nutti hiru mirga dimokoraasii fi bilisummaa sabaa waliin waan wal hin ilaalleef gochaa abbaa irrummaa kana dura ni dhaabbatna jedhanii jiru.


Uummanni Oromoo Godina Shaggar Kaabaa, Naannoo Garba Gurraachaa Jiraatan Sababaa Saamicha Lafti Qonnaan Bultootaa Irraan Kan Ka’e Walgayii Wayyaanee Lagatan!‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo Shaggar Kaabaa, Amajjii 8,2015

diddaa9Shaggar gara kaabaa, aanaa Garba Gurraachaa irraa gabaasi Qeerroo akka ibsutti Amajjii gaafa 5 mootummaan Wayyaanee dhimma misooma guddina biyyaa jedhuu fi gumaacha hidhaa laga Abbaayiif hojjetoota isaa garagaraa uummata waliin magaala Garba Gurraachaa irratti walitti qabuun uummataa fi hojjetoota mariisisuuf sagantaa qabatee ture, akka walii galaatti uummatas tahe hojjetaan akka yaada mootummaatti uummata jiraattotni aanaa kana keessa jiraatu walgayii kana irratti hirmaatee akeeka mootummaa galmaan gahuuf dhibbaan namootni akka bobbahan ture, sammuu uummataa keessaa kan hin baanee fi hanga ammaatti uummanni akka Shaggar  kaabaatti qabatee jiru leenjii barattootni yeroo gannaa walgayii mootummaan EPRDF teesisaa ture irratti gaaffii dhimma qotee bulaan lafa isaa irraa ariyamee, lafti qote bulaa mootummaadhaan saamamee gurguramaa ture irratti gaaffii uummata bakka bu’anii gaafataa turan irratti mootummaa biraa deebiin waan hin kennamin hafeef, akkasuma mootummaan Wayyaanee miidhaan ilmaan Oromoo irraan gahaa jiru ilaalchisee uummanni Oromoo quuqaa garaa isaa keessa jiru baafatee himachuuf carraa kan hin argatne tahuu ibsanii jiru.

Haala kanaan mootummaan Wayyaanee ammoo dhimma maqaa misoomaan uummata walitti qabuu fi hidhaa laga abbaayiif uummata irraa qarshii sassaabu kun uummata Oromoo jiraattoota aanaa kana keessa jiraatu biratti gocha saaminsa bifa isaa jijjiirratee fi tooftaa sirni gabroonfataa kun itti fufiinsaaf karaa mijeeffachaa jiru tahuu isaa waan hubateef mootummaan wayyaanee dursee walgayii kana ajajuu isaan dursa guyyaa tokkoo waan taheef uummanni aanaa kana keessa jiraatu dhaamsa waliif dhaamuudhaan hojjetan mootummaa uummata Oromoo waliin tahuun walgahii EPRDF Wayyaanee yaame lagatanii jiru.

Amajjii 5,2015  irratti namoota 15n hin caalleen hirmaatame, isaan kunis gaaffii uummataa kaasan, gama tokkoon mootummaan uummata miidha, uummata hidhaa, ajjeesaa akkamiin uummanni mootummaadhaaf ajajamaa, lafti Oromoo gurgumee dhumeera, lubbuu baayees dhimma lafa Oromiyaatiif dhabneerra, kan jedhan kanneen qaamuma mootummaa godina kanaa tahuu odeessaan nu gahe addeessa.

Tuttuqaan Wayyaanee uummata Oromoo gamteessaa jira, akka gabaasa Qeerrootti  mootummaadhaan ajajamuu keenyaan dura mootummaan dura gaaffiwwan hunda ilmaan oromoo hunda irraa ka’aa jiru kallattii adda addaan kanaan dura ka’e karaa miidiyaatiin deebii haqaa akka kennu, ammas taanaan fuula durattis mootummaa hojii gara jabeessaan uummata keenya irratti raawwataa jiru hin beeknu, gocha isaa darbaniifiyyuu itti gaafatamuu qaba, jedhanii namootni walgayii kana irratti argamanis uummata aanichaa bakka bu’anii dubbatanii akka jiran odeessan qeerroo ibsa.


Godinaalee Oromiyaa Garagaraa Keessatti Uummanni Ajaja Wayyaanee Lagachuu fi Fesheleessuu Eegale‏

Gabaasa Qeerroo  Amajjii 5,2015

diddaa9Godinaalee Oromiyaa garagaraa keessatti ayyaanni jijjiirraa bara haarawaa fi guyyaan WBO Amajjii 1/2015 haalaan kabajamee jira. Gabaasoti Qeerroo kallattii Oromiyaa gara garaa irraa kan dhaamamaa jiru akka ibsutti.  Waggaan haaraa Amajjii 1 fi guyyaa WBOn  uummata Oromoo birattis kan durii caalmaadhaan beekamee barattootaan, hojjetootaan, qonnaan bulaadhaan, caasaa opdo keessaallee uummata Oromoo waliin kan hiriiraniin haala hoo’aadhaan kabajamee darbe.

Walumaa gala kabajaan guyyaa kanaa bara kana mootummaa Wayyaane biratti mufii fi aariin bakkoota gara garaatti humnoota tikaa bobbaasuun yerootti uumata adamsaa turan muldhata. Wayyaaneen uummatni Oromoo duukkaa akka hin jirre yeroo hubatee naasuu guddaadhaan guutameedha yeroon kun, Oromiyaa godinaa hanga gandaatti kan mul’atus ijoolleedhaa hanga abbootii Oromootti Wayyaaneen galafaataa, gabroonfataa, ajjeesaa tahuu isaa caasaa mootummaatti ifaa ifatti yeroo itti baasanii dubbatanii fi waajjiraalee, manneen barnootaa, buufata fayyaa, bulchiinsa magaalota garagaraa fi naannoolee isaanitti barruulee mootummaa Wayyaanee abaaruu fi dhaadannoolee uummata Oromoo jajjabeessuutu mul’ata, kunis caasadhuma OPDO keessaa qabaniin kufaatii mootummaa Wayyaaneef warra yaadda’an irraa gara mootummaatti gabaasa tahu irraa Wayyaaneen waan dhagayuuf haala uummata Oromoo yeroo ammaa irra jiru ilaalchisuun keessattuu ayyaanni guyyaa WBO kan miillanaa kun uummata Oromoo biratti haalaan beekamee waan jiruuf akkuma beekames kabajamuun isaa ifatti waan mul’ataadha. kanumaan wal qabsiisuudhaan:-
Godina wallagga lixaa, Gimbii, Najjoo, Dambi Doolloo, Anfilloo, Jimmaa Horroo, Aayira Gullisoo, fi buufata manneen barnootaa keessatti caasaa OPDO  irraas amantaa waan dhabeef, humna waraana isaa keessaa kanneen sabaan Oromoo hin taane filee gara kanatti erguuf karoora keessa galchee jira jechuun odeessaan qaama mootummaa keessaa bahe nu gahaa jira. naannolee kanatti guddaa kan shakkee jiru yeroodhaa yerootti kan gabaafamaa ture uummanni ilaalcha ABOn dhugamee, ajaja ABOtiin socho’aa jira malee mootummaadhaan miti, fincilli ka’uun dura caasaa OPDO irraa abdiin waan hin jirreef humnuma waraana isaa keessayyuu kan sabaan Oromoo hin taanetti fayamuuf akka jiru qophii mootummaa Wayyaanee gama kanaan dursee odeessaan ibsa.


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Oromia (Buraayyuu): Godina Addaa Oromiyaa Naannoo Burraayyuu Adda Addaa Keessaa Guyyota Arfan Darban Keessa Qonaanan Bultooti 400 Ol Lafa Irraa Buqawuun Diiddaa Jiraatottaa Daran Dabalee Jira.Waraanni Wayyaanees Uummata Adamsee Dararaa Jiraachuu Qeerroon Gabaase. July 23, 2015

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Adoolessa 23, 2015 Buraayyuu
Mootummaan abbaa irree, Wayyaanee jibba uummata Oromoo irraa qabuun hidhaa fi ajjeechaan gahuu dadhabnaan yeroo ammaa uummata nagaa mana isaa keessa jiraatu iyyama koo malee mana ijaartan jechuun humna tikaan fi waraanan mana jireenyaa qonnaan bultoota godina addaa Oromiyaa Buraayyuu bakkeewwan addaa Tsarra Tsiyoon,Gafarsaa Buraayyuu, Annee Diimaa fi kaanis mannen qonnaan bultoota 400 ol tahu diiguun hiraarsaa jira. Haala kanaan kanneen qabeenyaa isaanii kana dura dhaabbatanii falman ammoo hidhaa umurii dheeraa garagaraan itti murteessaa jiraachuu Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Haaluma kanaan mootummaa Wayyaanee tuffii uummata Oromoo irraa qabuun hanga mana jireenyaatti diigsisuun bakka bultiillee dhowwate kanaan dargaggootni fi barattootni yeroo ammaa magaala Finfinnee fi godina addaa keessa jiraatu duula macna’iinsaa fi diigumsa mana jireenya uummata Oromoo irratti tooftaa jijjiirratee hidhaadhaaf qonnaan bulaa keenya saaxiluuf ka’e dura dhaabbachuuf diddaa kaasaa
jiraachuun beekame.

Miidhaan bifa jijjiirratee uummata oromoo irratti kufaa jiru kun
dhaabbachuu qaba,

Maati isaa irraa yakka malee hidhamee murtii dabaa itti murteeffame amma haqamuu qaba,

Doorsisni waraanaa fi aangoo qabaachuun saaminsi gaggeeffamu haa dhaabbatu.

Kannneen jedhanii fi akeekkachisaa waraqaalee Buraayyuu naannowwan diinni mana
uummataa diigaa jirutti Qeerroon maxxanseen wal qabatee akkasuma barattootni Yuuniversitii Finfinnee mooraa keessatti hafanii fi yeroo gannaa baratanis dhimma kanairratti luuca’uudhaan hatattaman mootummaan kana gochaa jiru itti gaafatamummaa jalaa akka hin baanee fi kunis dhaabbachuu akka qabuu fi sababa kanatti namootni mana isaanis dhabanii mana hidhaattis darbataman hatattaman akka
gadhiifaman barruu akkeekkachiisaa mooraa keessatti darbachuu fi sagalee dhageessisuun halkan edaa kan beekamee waan taheef har’a diddaa fi gaaffii barattootni kun kaasaa jiraniin wal qabsiisee mootumman Wayyaanee waraana isaa tamsaasee kan jiru tahuu Qeerroon suuraa diinni qawwee baatee barattootatti duulaa jifuu fi naannoo
Buraayyuttis waraana buufatee jiruun Qeerroon gabaase. Qabeenyaa fi mana jireenyaa keenya irratti olaantummaa qabna jechuun qonnaan bulaan dhaadatanis poolisoota Wayyaaneen butamanii bakka buuteen dhabamaa akka jirus Qeerroon gabaasee jira.

Minnesota Congressional Leaders Call on President to Prioritize Human Rights on Trip to Kenya and Ethiopia July 23, 2015

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???????????Representing Minnesota

Minnesota Congressional Leaders Call on President to Prioritize Human Rights on Trip to Kenya and Ethiopia

 July 23, 2015

Keith Ellison

Press Release

WASHINGTON—Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Al Franken (D-MN), and Reps. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Tom Emmer (R-MN), Betty McCollum (D-MN), and Tim Walz (D-MN) sent a letter today calling on President Barack Obama to prioritize human rights during his upcoming trip to Kenya and Ethiopia.

The text of the letter is below and a signed copy can be found here.

Dear President Obama,

We write to urge you to prioritize human rights during your upcoming visit to Kenya and Ethiopia. Minnesota is home to a large Ethiopian and Somali diaspora that adds rich cultural diversity to our state. We are proud to represent them and ask that when you visit Africa you address issues of concern for our Ethiopian and Somali communities. Specifically, we ask that you urge the Kenyan government to prevent discrimination against Somalis and call on the Ethiopian government to address reports of troubling human rights abuses.

After nearly two decades of violence and famine, Somalia is making steady progress towards stability. A provisional constitution and the political will for progress have helped Somalia reestablish a central government. The United States has provided critical assistance, enabling Somalia to make security gains against the terrorist group al-Shabaab. Despite important progress, recent terrorist attacks in Mogadishu and Garissa, Kenya remind us that Somalia still faces enormous challenges. Kenya has been deeply impacted by the instability in Somalia; Kenya is home to more than 350,000 Somali refugees, and al-Shabaab continues to pose a security threat to the region.

As the Kenyan government continues to battle the threat of terrorism, Somali refugees in Kenya are often targeted for detention or deportation, and Somali neighborhoods are frequently raided by Kenyan military and police forces. Recently, Kenya temporarily suspended the licenses of 13 Somali money remittance firms. While the licenses have been restored, the threat of disruption in remittance services remains. Cutting off remittance services compounds the humanitarian crisis being face by Somalis in their home country.  This could reverse the limited gains that the Somali government and the international community have made against al Shabaab and lead to increased terrorist activity in Somalia and the greater Horn of Africa.  We ask that you raise these issues during your visit.

In Ethiopia, we ask that you urge Prime Minister Desalegn take stronger action to improve human rights. Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights have documented the Ethiopian government’s crackdown on freedom of the press, arbitrary arrests, politically-motivated prosecutions, and the use of excessive force by security forces. While we are happy to hear that the Ethiopian government has released five journalists from detention, legislation restricting nongovernmental activity remains in place and is contrary to international standards. We also urge you to address the very serious concerns that have been brought to us by Ogaden and Oromo groups. As the first U.S. President to visit Ethiopia, this is a historic opportunity for you to press for meaningful and long-lasting change.

We urge you to use your time in Kenya and Ethiopia to persuade policy makers to prevent discrimination and prioritize human rights. Thank you for your commitment to improving economic growth and security in Africa.


Read more at:-



The ‘Brazil of #Africa': How development institutions are financing land grabs in the DRC July 23, 2015

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Image Credit: Belgeo Revue

Below is an audio interview I conducted with Devlin Kuyek, Senior Researcher at GRAIN. GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. In the interview, Devlin talks abouta recent report they put out that reveals how a Canadian agribusiness company, Feronia — financed by American and European Development Institutions, is involved in land grabbing, corrupt practices and human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kuyek traces the colonial origins of palm oil plantations in the DRC along the Congo River, dating back from the time of King Leopold and the Lever Brothers (which became Unilever), to present-day land grabs funded by Development Finance Institutions and sanctioned by the World Bank; a process which has occurred as part of a re-orientation of aid from poverty alleviation to straightforward investment in private companies.

Community members interviewed as part of the report claim that their land was never ceded to the company and that conditions on the plantations are abysmal. According to Kuyek, this type of large-scale intensive agricultural model that is expanding in different parts of Africa is deeply problematic, taking away valuable land and water resources from small farmers and pastoralists, and creating greater food insecurity in places that are suffering most from the global food crisis.

Here is an excerpt of my interview with Devlin:

Your recent report looks at what you call ‘agro-colonialism’ in the DRC, and specifically at a Canadian company, Feronia, that’s investing in palm oil plantations in the Congo. We think of agribusiness and land grabs more in a contemporary sense on the continent, but in the DRC there’s a whole history to palm oil. Can you go back a bit and give some historical context to palm oil plantations in the DRC?

Yes, many of the current land grabs are actually new companies taking over old plantation concessions. This is the case in the DRC with Feronia. These plantations go back over 100 years and were set up by the Lever brothers at the time, which became Unilever, now one of the largest food multinationals in the world. They were given an enormous concession by King Leopold along the Congo River, which is a beautiful area of forest. Palm oil is a traditional crop of the people and has hundreds of different uses.  They started forcing people to collect and harvest palm oil for them. So initially it wasn’t plantation agriculture, but it quickly moved to a plantation model. Their concessions were for around 100 000 hectares. It was the most severe and grave forms of colonial plantation exploitation you can imagine. Most of the local people would describe it as slavery and this is how it was for about 80, 90 years. Then into the 90s, with war in that part of the Congo, Unilever’s activities started to decrease and they put their plantations up for sale. And you now have this new investor, Feronia, set up by financial players that have no experience in the agricultural sector, but were interested in taking advantage of the new push into agribusiness in Africa. They set up Feronia and were going to turn the DRC into the new Brazil of Africa, introducing a Brazilian model of GMO, intensive monoculture, large-scale farming in the Congo, which is a mainly a country of small-scale production.

In your report, you gave examples of people who have been intimidated by the company for harvesting palm oil in specific areas where there are plantations. There was also a case of a young man who disappeared. Can you talk about some of those incidents?

Whoever we spoke to, one of the first complaints they had was about the local company security. These concessions are like states within a state. The company controls everything – the roads, the social services and their own police force. All of the people that we spoke to had stories of intimidation or abuse from these company security agents. What often happens is, given the poverty and lack of access to land and forest, people will occasionally collect nuts that have fallen in the plantations and apparently, if they are caught by the company security forces with nuts in their hand, they are severely treated.   We’ve heard cases of people being whipped, arrested, brought to local prison and in this one case, we were told of a boy who was caught with oil palm nuts and was detained, put on a company vehicle and was supposed to be brought to the local police station, but never made it. He has not been heard of since. The family was afraid that they would be targeted and harassed so they fled as well and have been in hiding ever since.

Listen to the entire interview below:


4 Principles That Will Make You More Innovative July 23, 2015

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Four principles: Relax. Expose Yourself To New Ideas And New Perspectives. Get Ideas. Crashing Into Each Other. Work Hard.

Challenge yourself to use them today.


The 25 Most Productive Ways to Spend Time on the Internet & More.


Originally posted on TIME:

Combing through the research, what are the overarching principles that we need to know to be more innovative thinkers in everyday life? Here they are, with links to the research backing them up.

1) Relax

What is most likely your daily creative peak? Your morning shower. For many of us it’s the most relaxing part of our day — and the most creative.

Just beinghappy can make you more creative for days; seriously, just smile. Watching comedy clips helps, trying too hard hurts. If you tend to be hard on yourself, being less critical can make you more creative. Anger can boost originality in the short term — but it doesn’t last.

It’s probably no surprise that boring work is better done at the office and creative work is better accomplished at home. Hopeful employees are more original. Trust can even make…

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Sweet labour: From H&M to Calvin Klein, brands look to Ethiopian factories where pay is as low as $21 a month and no minimum wage July 22, 2015

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“Ethiopia’s garment sector has no minimum wage, compared with Bangladesh, where workers earn at least $67 a month, according to the International Labor Organization. Garment workers in Ethiopia started at about $21 a month as of last year, the Ethiopian government said.”

From H&M to Calvin Klein brands look to Ethiopian factories with pay as low as $21 a month

From H&M to Calvin Klein brands look to Ethiopian factories with pay as low as $21 a month

Africa is one of the few places where it is possible to go from fiber to factory in one place and Ethiopia holds the maximum promise for garment retail, being a top sourcing destination for apparel companies with $70 billion of goods procured annually.

“Africa is a huge opportunity to demonstrate how the industry can work together,” said Colin Browne, managing director of product supply and Asian sourcing for VF Corp., which owns such brands as Lee, Wrangler and Timberland.

He pointed out to the factory owners a key advantage in Africa: it is one of the few places where it’s possible to go from fiber to factory in one place.

Africa is the final frontier in the global rag trade – the last untapped continent with cheap and plentiful labor. Ethiopia’s garment sector has no minimum wage, compared with Bangladesh, where workers earn at least $67 a month, according to the International Labor Organization. Garment workers in Ethiopia started at about $21 a month as of last year, the Ethiopian government said.

Most countries in Africa benefit from a free-trade agreement with the US, an arrangement that saves retailers money and ensures that many African countries can grow their own cotton, which shortens production time.

Asia has dominated clothing manufacturing, churning out cheap clothes on inexpensive labor that are shipped to malls world-wide. But, over the past few years, rising production costs in China and several deadly factory accidents have forced apparel companies to hunt for alternatives from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia was recently identified as a top sourcing destination by apparel companies, according to McKinsey & Co, which surveyed executives responsible for procuring $70 billion of goods annually – the first time an African country was mentioned alongside Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Whether or not Africa’s role as a supplier expands, these efforts show the lengths to which big apparel makers are willing to go to find new, low-cost sources of production. Overall, consumers have become conditioned to expect a plentiful supply of cheap clothing.

“In the global economy, light manufacturing is constantly moving,” said World Bank’s Guang Z. Chen, who was the country director for Ethiopia until last month and is now a director for several countries across southern Africa. “We see a distinct possibility of this kind of industry moving away from Asia, because labor costs are rising in China rapidly.”

Ethiopia holds the most promise for developing garment production in Africa, factory owners and brands say.

“Ethiopia seems to be the best location from a government, labor and power point of view,” says M. Raghuraman, chief executive for corporate marketing and branding at Brandix Lanka Ltd., Sri Lanka’s largest clothing exporter, which is interested in Africa’s garment potential.

At the MAA Garment & Textile Factory in Northern Ethiopia, 1,600 workers spin cotton, dye fabric and sew it into T- shirts, leggings and other basics for international retailers like Hennes & Maurtiz, AB’s H&M chain, Tesco PLC, Asda Stores Ltd’s George label, and German clothing company Kik Textilien und Non-Food GmbH.

“Investors are coming here from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, India and Turkey,” said Fassil Tadesse, chief executive of MAA’s parent company, Kebire Enterprises, and president of the Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association.

So far, Africa barely registers in the field of garment manufacturing. And, it will take years for any other country to seriously challenge China.

Many African countries lack roads to transport finished clothing, and landlocked Ethiopia doesn’t have a port. The workforce is untrained in sewing clothes. All of sub-Saharan Africa accounts for less than 1% of global clothing exports.

Some apparel companies remain interested despite those hurdles. They are drawn to the cheap labor and to the inexpensive power, which in many countries is the second-biggest factory cost after workers. The Ethiopian government is building a railway to the port in neighboring Djibouti to help exports leave the country more quickly.

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Musical ‘Maal Wayya?’ By Young Oromo Artist, Anoolee Zarihun Wadaajoo July 22, 2015

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???????????Oromo young artist, Anoolee Zarihun Wadaajoo

Maal Wayyaa?

Saba koo bilisoomuu wayyaa


Oromoon bilisoomuu wayyaa

Oromoon walaboomuu wayyaa

Saba koo walaboomuu wayyaa…..




Ecologist: USAID, the UK’s DFID and the World Bank are among those covering up for Ethiopia’s war on indigenous People July 22, 2015

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???????????Gibe (Omo) valley

“The Mursi were told by government officials that if they didn’t sell off their cattle, the cattle would be injected with poison. This caused the Mursi in the north to leave their best cultivation land on the Omo River and in the grasslands in order to protect their cattle. They’ve lost three annual harvests so far as a result.”

US, UK, World Bank among aid donors complicit in Ethiopia’s war on indigenous tribes

Will Hurd, Ecologist, 22nd July 2015

USAID, the UK’s DFID and the World Bank are among those covering up for severe human rights abuses against indigenous peoples in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, inflicted during forced evictions to make way for huge plantations, writes Will Hurd. Their complicity in these crimes appears to be rooted in US and UK partnership with Ethiopia in the ‘war on terror’.

The Mursi were told by government officials that if they didn’t sell off their cattle, the cattle would be injected with poison. This caused the Mursi in the north to leave their best cultivation land on the Omo River and in the grasslands.

In the fall of 2012 my cell phone rang. It was an official from Department for International Development, DFID – the UK government aid agency. He implored me to remove his name from a transcript of an audio recordingI’d translated. He worried he might lose his job, which would hurt his family.

I’d translated for this official and his colleagues, both from DFID and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), during a joint visit they made, in January 2012, to the Lower Omo Valley of Southwest Ethiopia.

They wanted to talk to members of the Mursi and Bodi ethnic groups about a controversial government sugar development project. DFID was indirectly helping to fund the forced eviction and resettlement of thousands of people affected by this project, through a World Bank-organized funding program called ‘Promoting Basic Services’ (PBS).

DFID was the biggest state contributor to this program, which had also been accused of indirectly funding resettlement of Anuak in the nearby Gambella region. In Gambella, vast land leases were being given to international and domestic companies. During the visit to the Omo Valley, I turned on an audio recorder.

What struck me about the phone conversation with the DFID official was how much concern he had for his own livelihood and family, and how little concern he and DFID were showing for the hundreds, or even thousands, of families in the Omo Valley.

I acted on his request and left him unnamed.

Aid to ‘help the poor’ opens the way to international agribusiness

The resettlements were happening to clear the land for industrial-scale, international and national, companies. The donors deny a connection between the resettlements and the land leases, but the connection is all too obvious.

The behemoth Gibe III dam is under construction upstream on the Omo River. Its control of the river’s water level allows irrigation dams and canals to be built in the Omo Valley for plantations.

PBS is a $4.9 billion project led by the World Bank, with UK and other funding, under the guiding hand of the Development Assistance Group (DAG). The DAG is 27 of the world’s largest donor organizations, including 21 national government aid agencies.

The full membership of the DAG comprises: the African Development Bank, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, European Union, FAO, Finland, France, Germany, IMF, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain (AECID), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA), UK (DFID), UNDP, UNESCO, USAID, and the World Bank.

It is supposed to provide teacher and health worker salaries and water development in these resettlement sites. This is controversial in itself-only providing services to people who move off their land into resettlement sites – but some of the money was used by the Ethiopian government to pay for implementation of the resettlement scheme.

DFID and the DAG say that this resettlement plan is entirely about providing services to the people. If they believe this, they gravely misunderstand the aims of the Ethiopian Government, which have to do with political control.

Ethiopia’s long-standing plan to pin down the pastoralists

Most of the groups targeted in the southwest are people who depend on cattle and tend to move with the cattle-pastoralists. Pastoralists are difficult for governments to control. For the last 118 years pastoral peoples in the Omo Valley have successfully dodged many of the abuses suffered by settled agricultural tribes in the region, at the hands of the state.

The pastoralists simply gathered their cattle together and moved away, returning when government forces had left. With the help of the DAG, the government is now planning, finally, to pin the pastoralists down in resettlement sites.

David Turton, an anthropologist who has worked in the Omo Valley for more than 45 years, warned me about the possible motives of DFID and USAID for visiting the Omo at that particular time – January 2012.

“They may be reacting to the recent Human Rights Watch report which severely criticized their role in resettlement activities in Gambella”, he wrote. “It’s known that Human Rights watch is planning a report on the Omo, which is likely to be equally critical.

“So, by going to the Omo now, DFID and USAID will be able to argue that they have been keeping ‘a close eye’ on events there. In other words, their trip may have more to do with protecting their own backs against politically embarrassing revelations than with protecting the human rights of the Mursi and Bodi.”

But I’d once had a good experience with the World Bank, when it refused to give money to a conservation organization that was threatening to evict indigenous people from their land in the Omo Valley. I thought it might do good to show these aid agencies the gravity of the situation.

Off to the Omo Valley

We set off in a Land Rover through the grasslands of the Omo Valley. We stopped in a small Mursi village and arranged a meeting with approximately 40 Mursi. At the beginning, a Mursi man asked me, “Did you bring these people?” meaning did I vouch for them. “Yes”, I said.

This let the Mursi feel they could speak freely. DFID and USAID heard many accounts from the Mursi of forced eviction, beatings, rape, and coercion in agreements with the government. Some of these accounts were firsthand. We went on to a Bodi village and heard much the same thing.

Here is a translator telling what the Bodi next to him said:

“This man used to live in the Usso area. In that place one was able to grow a lot of grain … The government has thrown him out of his place and he doesn’t know what to do. His former place is behind that mountain. He says they are going to give it to someone else, a plantation investor.”

The accounts were irrefutable and I thought they must cause the donors to act. Months went by and the donors said they could not substantiate human rights violations in the Gambella region. But they had refused to visit Anuak refugees, although invited by the Anuak themselves, who had been evicted from their land in Gambella.

These Anuak were now living in refugee camps in Kenya and Sudan where they could have spoken of their experiences without fear of government reprisal. I was worried that the donors would also say they could find no evidence of violations in the Omo Valley.

So, I wrote DFID and USAID asking if anything had been done. I told them I had the tape recording transcripts. Had they taken this up with the DAG? I got the above call from a DFID official, after which they stopped responding to emails.

The donors report

Later DFID and USAID said in their report that the allegations of human rights abuses they had heard during their visit to the Omo Valley “could not be substantiated”.

The then British Minister for Overseas Development, Justine Greening, reported the same to UK Parliament. DFID and USAID had used the Mursi and Bodi to protect their reputation, and the reputation of the Ethiopian government.

But I had the tape recording.

At this time, there was strong disagreement between the reports that Human Rights Watch had published out about resettlement in the Gambella region, and the accounts that members of the DAG were putting out of their investigative trips to the same region.

Human Rights Watch was on the ground as the resettlement was being implemented and they also visited Anuak who had fled to refugee camps outside Ethiopia. From both populations they received reports that forced evictions, murders, and beatings had occurred.

The DAG, on the other hand, was saying it could not substantiate any human rights abuses. So, where was the disconnect?

One of the translators for the DAG investigation in Gambella said the communities had told DAG “to their face” of the human rights abuses. But still DAG reported nothing. What was important about the audio recording I’d made was it showed the inside of this investigation process by DAG, and it wasn’t pretty.

I heard in detail about one of the subsequent DAG trips in the Omo Valley in early August, 2013. Ethiopian government representatives had gone to a village in Bodi and told them they were bringing foreigners to ask what the Bodi thought of the resettlement.

The Bodi said, “This is good. When they come we will tell them the truth! How you swindle us, what you did wrong and about the people who abused us. We will tell it straight!” Some days later the villagers saw the caravan of aid agency officials and government officials drive past, on their way to another village.


I published the recordings, HRW published a report about abuses in the Omo Valley, the World Bank Inspection Panel investigated the Bank’s resettlement program in Ethiopia, and earlier this year the tide began to turn. DFID pulled its funding from the PBS program.

The World Bank Inspection Panel report on the PBS program was also leaked. It contained damning evidence of human rights violations, and although the World Bank rejected the report findings, World Bank president Jim Yong Kim admitted to serious flaws with its resettlement programs.

This is all to the good, as the aid agencies have been faced with the consequences of their actions, but it doesn’t mean there are any protections for the ethnic groups of Southwest Ethiopia. The plantations and dam are moving ahead as before.

In April, reports surfaced that the Kwegu, the smallest ethnic group in the Omo Valley, were starving. They were not able to grow crops below an irrigation dam the government constructed on the Omo River for its sugarcane plantations. The Kwegu were giving their children to the cattle-herding Bodi to look after, so the kids would have milk to drink.

How can a $4.9 billion program be implemented and leave people starving? The answer, I think, is aid may not be the primary function of some of these organizations. Aid often is a way of paying a foreign government to provide a service for the country ‘giving’ the aid.

The long strings attached to aid

The US government needs Ethiopia as a stable and strategic place to carry out military operations in ‘the War on Terror’ in East Africa and the Middle East. The Horn of Africa has long been Washington’s ‘back-door of the Middle East’. The US now has a drone base in Arba Minch, with range to Somalia and Yemen. Arba Minch is not so far from Mursi territory. Aid has a long history of murky dealings.

In 1990, when the US was trying to get clearance from the UN to attack Iraq in the Gulf War, it bribed many UN member states for ‘yes’ votes with debt relief, gifts of weapons, and other things. When Yemen defied US wishes and voted against the attack, a senior American diplomat declared, “That was the most expensive ‘no vote’ you ever cast.” In three days, a $70 million USAID project was cancelled to one of the world’s poorest countries.

On its website, DFID explained its decision to pull its funding from the PBS Program as follows: “Recognising Ethiopia’s growing success, the UK will now evolve its approach by transitioning support towards economic development to help generate jobs, income and growth.”

But in the UK High Court where it was fighting a case brought against it by an Anuak refugee, ‘Mr O’. DFID said that it had pulled out of the PBS Program because “of ongoing concerns related to civil and political rights at the level of the overall partnership in Ethiopia … and continued concerns about the accountability of the security services.”

The DAG published a letter to the Ethiopian government on its website in February this year, in which it reported on visits it had made in August, 2014 to the Omo Valley and Bench Maji Zone. In this letter, it announced that it had found “no evidence of the Ethiopian Government forcibly resettling people.”

The truth is very different

Many more Bodi and Mursi have been imprisoned since the plantations started. Some were imprisoned after disagreeing with plantation and resettlement plans in meetings. Bodi cultivation sites and Mursi grain stores were bulldozed against their wishes.

Bodi have been in armed conflict with the police and military about the plantations. The Bodi were forbidden by the government to plant at the Omo River and told to move into the resettlement sites. When food aid didn’t arrive they went to plant against government wishes.

The Mursi were told by government officials that if they didn’t sell off their cattle, the cattle would be injected with poison. This caused the Mursi in the north to leave their best cultivation land on the Omo River and in the grasslands in order to protect their cattle. They’ve lost three annual harvests so far as a result.

Thousands of acres of Bodi territory were taken for the plantations and the Bodi ended up with small plots of land with no shade. When the Bodi left these plots, the government took them back for sugarcane. The DAG missed all of this. When are the DAG aid agencies going to start aiding the people of the Omo Valley, and Gambella, instead of participating in their demise?

Ethiopia has the right, and need, to develop its economy and industries, but impoverishing some of its most vulnerable people in the process is counterproductive.

The Mursi and Bodi have been trying to implement the Mursi-Bodi Community Conservation Area. This would capitalize on the already abundant tourism and wildlife in the area, in conjunction with Omo and Mago National Parks. If the government were to approve this, and let it be fully implemented, it may provide benefits for both local people and state.



Will Hurd lived in Ethiopia for eight years, primarily with the Mursi of the Southwest, who are now threatened by a 175,000 hectare sugar plantation. He speaks the Mursi language. He is director of the small non-profit, Cool Ground.



Qophii Harka Funee, Abbaa Gadaa Obbo Doorsis Dhugumaa, July 15, 2015 OBS TV July 22, 2015

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???????????OBS Qophii Harka Funee, Abbaa Gadaa Obbo Doorsis DhugumaaAbbaa Gadaa Obbo Doorsis Dhugumaa http://www.obstv.net/#!Qophii-Harka-Funee-Abbaa-Gadaa-Obbo-Doorsis-Dhugumaa/czys/55a660b40cf25b8bf7e9e0e9 http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2015/07/obs-qophii-harka-funee-abbaa-gadaa-obbo-doorsis-dhugumaa-bokkuodaa-bulluq/


Qophii Dhangaa Torban 22ffaa; Waayee Sirna Gadaa Dr. Kifle Jaallataa waliin

 July 21, 2015 OBS TV


OBSTV: Wellissaa Ibraahim Adam Maal Irra Jira? July 22, 2015

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Gargaarsa artist Ibrahim Adam







Afaan Oromoo Afaan Saba Guddaa July 21, 2015

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???????????The six widely spoken languages in AfricaHirmatadubbii afaanoromoToltu Afaan bookskemetic alphabet (Qubee)qubee durii fi ammaa https://youtu.be/U3L6yoJoljs

Board of Oromo Community of Minnesota Approves to Raise Flag of Oromia at Oromo Center in St. Paul, Little Oromia (Nageessaa Oddoo Reports for Oromo-TV) July 20, 2015

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WBOn Oromiyaa Bahaa Keeysa Socho’u Hoomaa Waraana Diinaa 28 Ol Hojiin Ala Taasise July 20, 2015

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The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has destroyed fascist TPLF’s  camp in Eastern Oromia.


Originally posted on Oromia:

Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo's photo.
Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo's photo.

(Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo – Adoolessa 20,2015)

Ibsa Tarkaanfii Waraanaa ABO

Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO)n Humna Diinaa Magaalaa Harar Irraa KM.20 Qofa Fagaatee Ona Fadis Naannoo Bokkoo Bakka Bobbaasaa Jedhamu Qubatee Ture Barbadeesse. Loltoota Diinaa 28 Olis Hojiin Ala Taasise.

Irree fi Gaachanni Ummata Oromoo WBOn, bilisummaa ummata Oromoo fi walabummaa Oromiyaa mirkaneessuuf tarkaanfii haleellaa diina irratti fudhatu babal’isuu fi jabeessuu irratti argama. Tarkaanfii boonsaa tibbana Baha Oromiyaa keessatti fudhateenis injifannoo cululuqaa galmeessee jira.

Akka kanaan Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO) Godina Baha Oromiyaa keessa sossohu Adoolessa 16,2015 Baha Harargee Ona Fadis keessaa bakka Bobbaasaa jedhamu kan naannoo Bokkootti argamu mooraa qubsuma waraana Wayyaanee weeraruudhaan tarkaanfii rifachiisaa irratti fudhateen loltoota diinaa 28 ol hojiin ala gochuu fi meeshaalee waraanaa dabalatee qabeenya adda addaa booji’ee dantaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof oolchuudhaan injifannoo cululuqaa galmeessuu Ajajni WBO Godina Baha Oromiyaa beeksisee jira.

Tarkaanfii laalessaa WBOn qubsuma waraana…

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Jaamboo Jootee: “Gidiraa”:New Oromo Single Music July 20, 2015

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???????????Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee10

Haamtuu malee qottoon xaafii hin muruu

Dhaqii laalii akka kutataan itti jiruu

Dhaqnee laallaa akka kutataan itti jiruu

Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee and Gidira


Oromo Artist Jamboo JooteeOromo artist Jaamboo Jootee2


Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee3Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee7Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee11Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee4Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee5Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee8Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee6Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee9Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee, IrreechaOromo artist Jaamboo Jootee1Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee12Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee13Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee14Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee15Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee20Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee16Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee18Oromo artist Jaamboo Jootee19

World Tourism Organization 2014 stats – small growth in Africa July 20, 2015

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Originally posted on Africa this time:

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recently published the 2014 statistics on international tourism. These are summarised on the UNWTO Tourism Highlights (2015 edition) publication. Globally tourism has been growing almost uninterrupted since the 1950’s. Europe accounts still about half of all international tourist arrivals, but emerging regions, especially Asia-Pacific but also Middle East and Africa have seen stronger growth in the last 30 years. Asia-Pacific region has now overtaken the Americas as the second most popular region. Despite the growth since 1980’s, Africa remains a minor player in world tourism, with 2014 being a year of a slow growth, not least due to Ebola outbreak.

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The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA): An Open Letter to President Barak Obama on his Ethiopia Visit. Liigiin Mirga Ilmaan namaa kan gaanfa Afrikaa, Daawwii Obaamaa balaaleeffate. July 19, 2015

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???????????Human rights League of the Horn of Africa

July 18, 2015

An Open Letter to President Barak Obama on his Ethiopia Visit

Dear Mr. President Obama,

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa wants to express its deep concern about what it regards as the wrong decision made by you and your staff in making a formal visit to Ethiopia in late July 2015. This will make you the first US leader to break the US promise not to reward dictators. History teaches us that the American constitution of 1787 is the world’s first democratic constitution, a landmark document of the Western World which protects the rights of all citizens in the USA. The following examples show America’s great support of human rights: During the First World War, America entered the war against Germany in 1917 to protect the world- as President Woodrow Wilson put it, “Making the World Safe for Democracy”. Later, Eleanor Roosevelt, the widow of President Roosevelt and a human rightschampion, drafted in 1948 an internationally accepted human rights bill, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These and other democratic activities have made America a champion of democracy all over the world that all Americans should be proud of.

Mr. President,

Your decision to visit human rights perpetrators in Ethiopia contradicts your country’s democratic tradition. It also disrespects the Ethiopian nations and nationalities who are under the subjugation of the EPRDF/TPLF government.

Mr. President,

We can witness today the government of Ethiopia making a lot of noise about the flourishing of democracy in that country. The reality on the ground shows that the undemocratic behavior of the regime has been overshadowed by the apparently “democratic” and anti-terrorism façade that the regime has demonstrated for the past twenty-four years. During those years, thousands were killed, abducted, kidnaped, and imprisoned by this government because they simply tried to exercise their fundamental rights, such as free speech and expression, freedom of association and religion. University students, journalists, human rights activists, opposition political party members and their supporters, and farmers have been the major victims in Ethiopia.

When the EPRDF/TPLF Government took power in 1991 in Ethiopia, there were high expectations from both local and international communities that there would be an improvement in the human rights situation in Ethiopia from previous regimes. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, however, human rights abuses in Ethiopia worsened. The human rights violations in Ethiopia has been widely reported by local, regional and international human rights organizations as well as some Western governmental agencies including the US State Department’s yearly human rights reports.

Today, in Ethiopia political extra-judicial killings, kidnappings and disappearances, mass arrests and imprisonments- without warrants- in horrible prison conditions, extended imprisonment without trials, torture, denials and delaying of justice, discrimination in resource allocations and implementations, biased educational and development policies, denials of employment and job promotion opportunities and/or the misuse of coercive political tools are rampant. Social crises in Ethiopia are becoming deeper and deeper, while the socioeconomic gap between the favored (the politically affiliated groups and individuals) and the disfavored is getting wider and wider. For the majority of Ethiopians, life has become unbearable. It has even become very difficult for civil servants, the middle class, to support their families.

Mr. President,

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa strictly opposes your visit to Ethiopia. As the president of the country where democracy emerged and respect for human rights was first realized, we believe it would be immoral of you to reward human rights violators. We urge that you withdraw from your decision to visit Ethiopia.

HRLHA is a non-political organization (with the UN Economic and Social Council – (ECOSOC) Consultative Status) which attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa.

Liigiin Mirga Ilmaan namaa kan gaanfa Afrikaa,Daawwii Obaamaa balaaleeffate .


(OMN:Oduu Adol.19, 2015): Daawwannaa Pirezidaantiin Ameerikaa Itoophiyaatti gochuuf karoorfatan, liigiin mirga ilmaan namaa kan gaanfa Afrikaa cimsee akka mormu, Xalayayaa kaleessa liigiin kun Prezidaanti Obaamaaf ergeen beekiseera.
Imala dawwannaa Pirezidaantiin Ameerikaa Itoophiyaa dhaquuf jedhame ilaalchise, liigiin mirga ilmaan namaa kan gaanfa Afrikaa mata duree, “Pirezidaanti Obaamaan daawwanna isaan Itoophiya dhaqanii ilaaluuf deeman, damboobaa Dimookiraasii Ameerikaatiif qaaniifi Arrabsoodha” jedhuun Pireezidaantichaaf erguun, imala Obamaan gara Itoophiyaatti fuullefate balaaleffateera.
Liigiin mirga ilmaan namaa kan damee ganfa Afrikaa kun xalayaa Pirezidaanti Obaamaaf kaleessa barreesseen akka jedhetti, murtee Obaamaafi waa’iloonni hojii isaa, akka Obaamaan Itoophiyaa daawwatan muteeffame sun dogongoraafi akka Liigi mirga ilmaan namaa gaddisiisee himeera. Liingiin mirga ilmaan namaa kan gaafa Afrikaa kun itti dabaluun xalayaa Obaamaaf barreesseen akka jedhetti, waadaa Ameerikaan duraan abbootii irree akka hin gargaarreef seentee turte, pireezidaantii Ameerikaa ta’uun yeroo jalqabaatiif kan cabse Obaamaadha jedheera.
Bara 1787 Ameerikaan seera dimokiraatawa tumattee mirga lammii isii ittiin kabachiisuufi biyyoota lixaatiifille fakkeenna guddaa akka taate turte osoo beekamu, gochi Obaamaan amma raawwatuuf deemu kun aadaa dimookiraasii Ameerikaa kan faallessu akka ta’e, liigiin mirga ilmaan namaa kun xalayaa Obaamaaf ergeen himeera.
Liigiin mirga ilmaan namaa kan gaafa Afrikaa kun dabalee xalayaa bareesseen waan jedhe, daawwannaan Obaamaan Itoophiyatti fuulleffate kun, seeraafi danboobaa dimookiraasii Ameerikaa kan faallessu qofa osoo hin taane, sabaafi sab-lammoota Itoophiyaa hacuuccaa TPLF-Woyyaanee jala jiraniif akka tuffiitti ilaalama jedheera.
Woyyaaneen Itoophiyaa biyya dimimokiraatawa fakkeessuuf irra dibaa jiraatulle, haqani jiru garuu, lammiileen hidhamaa, ajjeefama, butamaa, biyyaa baafamaafi ukkaamfamaa akka jiranii Liigiin kun himee, keessumattu miidhaan hamaan baratoonni yuniversiitii, gaazexeessitoota, dura bu’oota amataalee, dhaabbileefi namoota mirga ilmaan namaatiif dubbatan, dhaabbilee siyaasaa mormituufi miseensotaafi deergatoota isaanii, akkasuma qonnaan bultoonni yeroo ammaa bulchiinsa mootummaa Woyyaaneetiin dararamaa akka jiran Xalayaa mormii Liigiin kun Obaamaaf bareesserraa hubachuun danda’ameera.
Daani’eel Bariisoo Areeriitu gabaase.


Finfinnee (Addis Ababa):The city’s creation and expansion in the past has led to forced evictions and displacement of local Oromo residents and protesters of the new master plan fear that ceding Oromo lands to Addis Ababa would lead to more losses in Oromo identity and culture. July 18, 2015

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???????????Tigrean Neftengna's land grabbing3 and the Addis Ababa Master plan for Oormo genocide

In 2007, the population census put the city’s population at 3.38million. It was expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% per year – which would put the total population today at 4.5million. This may not seem so far-fetched considering there were estimates that said that by 2020 it would have a population of 8 million. But this fast and vast growth has come at a high price. First, it is creating divisions between the government and already marginalised population groups. Addis has always been a sprawling city, from when it originated in 1886 as a military settlement, part of Emperor Menelik II’s campaign in taking over Oromo territory. Throughout its history it continued to sprawl due to its spontaneous and unplanned nature. As the city expanded from 1994 – 2007, research showed that many farmers on the peripheries lost their livelihoods and were forced instead to turn to other forms of casual labour within the city. This spurred the development of the Oromia Special zone that was created in 2008 in order to ease the co-operation and development of the surrounding areas of Addis Ababa and to control the urban sprawl of this city on the lands of the Oromia people. However, more recently, there were further calls that the government was perpetuating inequality along ethnic lines when it announced a master plan titled “the Addis Ababa and the Surrounding Oromia Integrated Development Plan”. This area structure plan was intended to create special zones surrounding Addis that were divided into industry, service and settlement zones, based on their existing potential, economic base and geography. But it has become a contentious issue, met with opposition by Oromo residents who would lose an additional 36 towns and cities to Addis Ababa. According to researchers, the city’s expansion in the past has led to forced evictions and displacement of local Oromo residents and protesters of this new master plan fear that ceding Oromo lands to Addis Ababa would lead to more losses in Oromo identity and culture. The fast rate of urbanisation has also perpetuated levels of inequality and fragility which are highly visible on some of the streets and areas of Addis and, intentionally or not, this seems to have been moved to specific areas. One example is in the neighbourhood of Mercato – named so because it is home to the largest market areas in the city. Everything can be found here from steel pipes to spices and kitchenware. It is also where the hidden face of poverty of the city becomes most apparent. Here people are struggling to survive, making a living by whatever means possible – as this is the time of year when the rains come heavy and fast almost every afternoon, there are countless young men taking advantage of it. They will clean shoes, the bottoms of trousers or sit on old buckets fixing broken umbrellas. Government is trying? The government does believe it is trying. In a recent statement it said that more than half a million citizens have benefited from housing schemes over the past 10 years. One of these is the ambitious government-led low-and middle-income housing programme launched in 2005: The Integrated Housing Development Programme (IHDP). The initial goal of the programme was to construct 400,000 condominium units, create 200,000 jobs, promote the development of 10,000 micro – and small – enterprises, enhance the capacity of the construction sector, regenerate inner-city slum areas, and promote homeownership for low-income households. However, this programme may have inadvertently perpetuated inequality. A major challenge has become the affordability of the units for low-income households, with the cost increases in the price of condominium houses deeming them no longer an option for many low-income households. Furthermore, the inability to pay the monthly mortgage and service payments forces many households to move out of their unit and rent it. Also, many of the condominium sites are located on the periphery of the city and do not acknowledge the need for employment opportunities for residents, despite there living up to 10,000 households in some sites. This places further financial strain on beneficiaries in the form of daily transport costs.- Mail and Guardian Africa

Read more at:- http://mgafrica.com/article/2015-07-14-addis-a-city-in-flux#.Vaj9VUg5aMM.twitter

Why Namibia doesn’t want to be called an upper middle income country July 16, 2015

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Originally posted on Quartz:

Namibia’s president, Hage Geingob, is pleading with the international community to stop classifying his country as an upper middle-income country.

Speaking at the United Nations’ third international conference on development finance, in Addis Ababa this week, Geingob argued that simply looking at Namibia’s national income level as a measure to determine its status as an upper middle-income country was misguided.

According to Geingob, Namibia’s classification as an upper middle-income country has prevented the country from accessing much-needed “soft loans” and grants to address its developmental challenges.

To determine a country’s income status, the World Bank takes the GDP of a country and divides it by the country’s population. While this may be feasible for many other upper middle-income countries like China–with a population of 1.35 billion people–this classification distorts the reality of 2.3 million Namibians.

Geingob argued that by using this approach–and because Namibia has a relatively small population–the country ends up yielding a higher…

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Rich countries rejected an international plan to let the UN help fight tax evasion July 16, 2015

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Originally posted on Quartz:

At a global summit that addressed how illicit financial flows interfere with reducing poverty, wealthy nations rejected a plan to expand the UN’s power to fight global tax evasion.

The plan, promoted by developing economies and transparency groups, was the subject of the meeting between delegations of UN members from around the world in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week. The goal was to figure out how to pay for the next generation of development goals that the UN will adopt later this year.

Many developing countries see more money slip out of their borders illicitly through tax and trade fraud than what enters as development aid and foreign investment, which ultimately impedes their economic advancement.

African nations have been among of the worst victims of illicit flows; In recent years, Ethiopia has lost the equivalent of 11% of its annual production.

This year’s finale communique, to be released July 15, will recognize illicit flows from trade fraud as a development problem and commit…

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Lawsuit alleges that TPLF Ethiopian tyrannic regime used private technology to monitor Internet communications of dissident-linked American. Wayyaaneen Lammii Ameerikaa tokko waan basaasteef himatamte. July 15, 2015

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???????????Aljazeera logointernet freedom

“We caught the Ethiopian government red-handed,” Cardozo said.

Ethiopia spying case casts spotlight on cyber surveillance in US

Lawsuit alleges that Addis Ababa used private technology to monitor Internet communications of dissident-linked American

A first-of-its kind lawsuit that resumes in a U.S. District Court on Tuesday has drawn attention to the private surveillance-technology industry as a potential enabler of spying on Americans. The case involves a U.S. citizen who alleges that “clandestine computer programs” assumed “what amounts to complete control” over his personal computer and relayed copies of his electronic activity — including Skype calls, Internet searches and emails — to the Ethiopian government.

Kidane — the pseudonym under which the complainant is known in the case to protect his family from retribution — says his computer was monitored by spyware placed on his computer while he was living in the United States. He is an Ethiopian-born naturalized U.S. citizen who sought asylum in the U.S., where he has lived for more than two decades. His case is being closely watched by activists and civil liberties campaigners because of its potential implications for domestic cybersurveillance by security agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA).

A victory for Kidane “would be a clear statement from a U.S court to say that wiretapping without court authorization is illegal, no matter who does it. And yes, absolutely that would have implications for the NSA,” said his legal counsel, Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“We know that the NSA engages in full content wiretapping … without a court order authorizing it,” he added. “That conduct is simply illegal, and I think a U.S. court order holding Ethiopia responsible for doing the same thing but on a much smaller scale here hopefully would at least raise some eyebrows at the NSA.”

The suit alleges that FinSpy, an intrusion and surveillance program, was transmitted by a Microsoft Word document attachment sent to Kidane’s computer via email by or on behalf of the Ethiopian government. It began targeting Kidane’s machine in late October 2012.

Ethiopia was accused of deploying FinSpy in a March 2013 report by Citizen Lab, an organization that studies surveillance, on the basis of the IP address from which the software was transmitted. The attack on Kidane’s computer was found to have originated from the same server. Days after the Citizen Lab report appeared, the Ethiopian government tried to shut down FinSpy on Kidane’s computer, Cardozo alleged. However, there was a malfunction, and traces of the software remained on his client’s machine.

“We caught the Ethiopian government red-handed,” Cardozo said.

Kidane is seeking damages and an acknowledgment from the Ethiopian government that it acted outside the law. Ethiopia has stated in court documents that “computer addresses can be and are easily [faked],” but it has not denied the allegations. It has argued that because it is a foreign sovereign power, a U.S. court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case.

Freedom House reported last year that the Ethiopian government has upped its efforts to target dissidents with surveillance malware. U.K.-based Ethiopian opposition figure Tadesse Kersmo also alleges his computer was infected with FinSpy, in a criminal complaint filed on his behalf by Privacy International, a U.K.-based nonprofit.

FinSpy’s capabilities

FinSpy can pull users’ passwords from Internet browsers and emails. It can record telephone calls and audio from a computer microphone, turn on a webcam and save keystrokes and text messages, according to company documents released via WikiLeaks. The software can extract files from a hard disk, poach deleted files and take screen shots of a computer screen.

It is designed to evade detection and can bypass 40 anti-virus systems, according to the leaked company files.

The spyware tool is a part of the FinFisher product suite formerly under the umbrella of the U.K.-based Gamma Group, which, according to its website, provides “advanced technical surveillance, monitoring solutions and advanced government training.”

The FinFisher company, based in Munich, maintains that the products are sold to “government agencies only” and that the spyware is designed to target individuals and is not to intended for mass surveillance.

But the British government has criticized the group. Gamma lacks “due diligence processes that would protect against abusive use of its products,” according a U.K. government report.

Gamma does not say to which countries it has sent products, and it did not respond to an Al Jazeera query.

Even if the manufacturer’s intent is that FinSpy be used lawfully, human rights groups say the technology has been used to facilitate abuses. FinFisher command and control servers are said to be active in some three dozen countries, including Brunei, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Turkey, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates, according to 2013 report by Citizen Lab.

Some of those countries have come under fire for suppressing political dissent. A document appearing to show a contract with FinFisher was allegedly found in the offices of Egypt’s secret police in 2011.

Bahraini authorities have been accused of using it to target three Bahraini activists who have been granted asylum in the United Kingdom. And the Lahore High Court is set to hear a case about the use of the spyware in Pakistan. The suit alleges that the government indiscriminately spied on its citizens with the help of the FinFisher technology.

But for many experts, the issue goes beyond just one company, as the surveillance industry has swelled to asector worth some $5 billion a year. Earlier this year, the European Union implemented export controls on spyware technology.

But laws in many other countries governing the use of surveillance have not kept up with its rapid development and global reach. “The lawful interception of communications must be performed with proper legal authorization, but what this authorization looks like varies across jurisdictions,” said Privacy International.

“Often, laws are vague and broadly interpreted, courts authorize and review surveillance in secret, and individuals are monitored surreptitiously and are not notified that they were placed under surveillance,” the group said.

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Itoophiyaan,Lammii Ameerikaa tokko waan basaasteef himatamte.

(OMN:Oduu Adol.15,2015) Himannaa Mootummaa Itoophiyaa irratti lammii Ameerikaa basaasuun banamee tureef Abukaattoon Motummaa Itoophiyaa kibxata kana mana murtitti dhihaachuun deebii kennan.
Lammiin Ameerikaa dhalootaan Itoophiyaa ta’e bara darbe Motummaan Itoophiyaa moosaajji basaasaatti fayyadamuun Komputera isaa akka basaasaa ture beeksisuun himannaa bannnee ture.

Dhaababnnni Elektiroonik Firoonteerri jedhamu lammii Amerikaa dhalootaan Itoophiyaa ta’e maqaa Kidaanee jedhamuun beekamu bakka bu’uun bara 2014 Mootummaa Itoophiyaa irratti himata dhiheesseera.

Akka himata Motummaa Itoophiyaa irratti baname kanaatti,Moootummaan Itoophiyaa Moosajjii yoonkaan Spyware dhoksaa fayyadamuun koomputera lammii Ameerikaa dhalotaan Itoophiyaa ta’e maqaa kidaanee jedhamuun beekamu cabseera bilbila dhuunfaa isaa dhoksee waraabeera akkasumas itti fayyadama Koompuutera maatii isa hundaa torbanootaaf to’ateera jedha.

Dhaababanni Elekiroonk Firoonteer namicha kana bakka bu’ee nageenya maatii isaa Ameerikaa fi Itoophiyaa jiraniif jecha maqaa Kidaanee jedhamutti akka fayyadamu Mana Murtii Fedralaa Ameerikaa irraa iyyama argatteera.

Abuukaatoon Mootummaa Itoophiyaa Ameerikaa jiran fi Mana Murtii sanatti dhihaatan akka jedhanitti Manni Murtii Ameerikaa dhimma kana falmisiisuuf mirga hin qabu waan ta’eef himanni kun haqamuu qaba jechuun gaafatan.

Abuukaatoon Dhaabbata Elektirronik Firoonteer Nate Cardozo gama isaaniin Mootummaa Itoophiyaa basasaa seeraan ala gaggeeseef fuula dura mana murtitti gaafatamuu qaba jechuun falman.

Vaayiraasiin basasaa Dhaabbanni Elektiroonik Firiinteer Faawundeshin komputera Obbo Kidaanee irratti arge kun qaama duula Motummaan Itoophiyaan mormitoota isaa fi gaazexxesitootaa irratti gochaa jiruu ti jedhameera.

Sooftweeriin kun sagnataa FinSpy fi sooftweerii basaasaa kaampaanii Gamma Group jedhamuun Mootummotatti gurguramuu dha.

Oddeeffannoon torbe darbe dhoksaan bahe akka mullisuttis// kaampaaniin Hacking Team jedhamu sooftii weerii basaasaa doolara Miliyoona tokkoon akka Mootummaa Itoophiyaatti gurguraree fi Mootummaan Itoophiyaa immoo gaazexesitootaa fi mormitoota akka ittiin basaasu beeksiseera.

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa gaazexeessitoota miidiyaa dhuunfaa irra hojjetan fi biyya irraa baqatanii biyya alaa jiraatan irratti haleellaa saayberii dhaqqabsiisuudhaan lammiin biyyattii odeeffannoo akka hinarganne godha jechuudhaan dhaabbanni qorannoo intarneetii magaalaa Toroontoo Citizen Lab jedhamu mootummaa Itoophiyaa yakkee tureera.

Alamaayyoo Qannaatu gabaase.


UNPO’s XII General Assembly Adopts Oromo Resolution July 15, 2015

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Oromia map (green)

Oromia map (green)

Originally posted on Oromia:

On 3 July 2015, representatives of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) presented their resolution to UNPO’s XII General Assembly, affirming their abhorrence of the current situation for Oromo people in Ethiopia, and expressing their desire for more genuine democracy, greater involvement from the international community, and an end to state-sponsored violence. The UNPO adopted the resolution, thus affirming its support for the Oromo’s demands for justice and equality.

Below is the full text of the resolution:


The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was established in 1973/1974 by Oromo nationalists in the heart of Oromia, Finfinne (Addis Ababa) to exercise the Oromo people’s inalienable right to national self-determination, to terminate a century of oppression and exploitation, and to form the independent republic of Oromia, or where possible, a political union with other peoples based on equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary association. Today OLF has grown and…

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Oromian Voices: Current Affairs, News, Views, Analysis and Entertainment from Oromia Media Network, Madda Walaabuu and Other Various sources. #Oromia. #Oromo July 14, 2015

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???????????Oromia Media Network Oromia knwoledge and social media sources































































































https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-oduu-bitootessa-23-2015/ https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-london-oduu-bitootessa-21-2015/ https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-amharic-news-march-21-2015/   https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-oduu-bitootessa-20-2015/   https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-oduu-amma-nu-gahebreaking-news-3-19-2015/ https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-oduu-amma-nu-gahebreaking-news-3-19-2015/ http://https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-oduu-bitootessa-17-2015/ http://https://www.oromiamedia.org/2015/03/omn-london-oduu-bitootessa-14-2015/ https://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/oromia-media-network-omn-1st-year-anniversary-celebration/ Journalist Abdi Fite Raises Questions for Abbaa-Duulaa: OMN Journalists Discuss Abbaa-Duulaa’s Tigrean-Sanctioned Trip to Little Oromia: See more @  https://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/oromian-voices-current-affairs-news-views-analysis-and-entertainment-from-oromia-media-network-madda-walaabuu-and-other-various-sources/ http://www.gadaa.com/oduu/ http://www.voaafaanoromoo.com/ http://www.bakkalchatv.com/ http://qeerroo.org/2014/03/29/sbo-bitootessa-30-bara-2014-oduu-fi-qophiilee-keenya-kan-dhageenyee-fi-dubbifne-irraa-dabalatee-waan-gara-garaa-qabnaa-nu-caqasaa/ http://www.opride.com/oromsis/ http://ayyaantuu.com/ Do you know this facts about Oromo and Oromia? http://www.oromoliberationfront.info/press/Oromo-flyer-ver.4.0.pdf http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/AFR25/006/2014/en

Hacking Team boss: we sold to Ethiopia but ‘we’re the good guys’ July 14, 2015

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???????????Hacking team hacked1Hacking team hacked

The Guardian

Hacking Team boss: we sold to Ethiopia but ‘we’re the good guys’

Attack that revealed data exposing deals with dictatorships was on a ‘governmental level’ and ‘planned for months’, says David Vincenzetti in first statement

locked laptop
Hacking Team founder speaks out about attacks that revealed company deals with dictatorships. Photograph: LJSphotography / Alamy/Alamy

The founder of cybersecurity firm Hacking Team has finally spoken out over the attack that saw 400GB of its data dumped on the internet, insisting: “We’re the good guys”.

David Vincenzetti, 47, founder of the Milan-based company, told Italian newspaper La Stampa that the cyber attack – which saw the code for companies hacking tools and its email archive published online – was not enabled by poor security or weak passwords and that it could have only been an organisation “at the governmental level”.

Vincenzetti said: “This is not an impromptu initiative: the attack was planned for months, with significant resources, the extraction of data took a long time.” But he did not explain how Hacking Team apparently failed to notice the attack while it was taking place.

Hacking Team hack casts spotlight on murky world of state surveillance

In response to concerns that Hacking Team supplied tools to repressive states which could be used to hack into and spy on almost anyone, Vincenzetti said: “We did [sell tools to Libya] when suddenly it seemed that the Libyans had become our best friends.” He also admitted providing tools to Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco and Sudan, as exposed by the company’s email archive, though denied dealing with Syria.

But Vincenzetti said: “The geopolitical changes rapidly, and sometimes situations evolve. But we do not trade in weapons, we do not sell guns that can be used for years.” He said that without regular updates its tools are rapidly blocked by cyber security countermeasures.

In the case of the Ethiopian government, which used Hacking Team tools to spy on journalists and activists, Vincenzetti said: “We’re the good guys … when we heard that Galileo had been used to spy on a journalist in opposition of the government, we asked about this, and finally decided to stop supplying them in 2014.”

Meanwhile, the impact of the Hacking Team data dump continues to affect wider cubersecurity. A further two vulnerabilities within Adobe’s Flash plugin have been exposed and are actively being exploited as a result of the attack, Adobe has confirmed.

Warning over Adobe Flash vulnerability revealed by Hacking Team leak


SALTED HASH-TOP SECURITY NEWS: Hacking Team hacked, attackers claim 400GB in dumped data: An email from a person linked to several domains allegedly tied to the Meles Zenawi Foundation (MZF), Ethiopia’s Prime Minister until his death in 2012, was published as part of the cache of files taken from Hacking Team


Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest.   Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa July 14, 2015

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???????????Ethiopia's scores on freedom

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share. – Ibsaa Gutamaa

Obama’s Pilgrimage of National Interest

By Ibsaa Guutama* | July 2015

The oppressed and abused of Africa, and their friends and sympathizers are making their voices heard high above the globe that President Obama refrain from legitimizing dictatorship and human rights abuse in Ethiopia. This is not a casual visit, but a pre-planned trip for which arrangements were made to pave the way for the diplomatic pampering of the most brutal regime in the area; a long-time Guerrilla-friendly ambassador was appointed in addition to a visit by the U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. The rulers of Ethiopia were among those that Clinton’s Democrats branded as the “new breeds of African Democrats.” Many have now fallen out of line. These ones are also starting wavering. This visit of the President may keep them in line before they jump to another bandwagon. Obviously, it is not a pilgrimage of democracy, but that of “NATIONAL INTEREST.”

Democracy is an ideal which all human beings aspire to attend. So far, we have seen attempts, not commitment, to it. It is a principle well defined by persons like Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the people for the people …” But, in most cases, it remains in principle, not in practice. Otherwise, it is assumed that democracy is the standard of political governance – which has, at least, as ingredients equality, freedom, fairly elected officers, and freedom of speech and expression. Any of this missing, there could be no democracy. As the Assistant Secretary of U.S. State Department once said, “America believes in ‘NO DEMOCRACY NO COOPERATION.’” Ethiopia lacks even the few ingredients of democracy mentioned; however, cooperation has never been lacking for the last quarter of a century. It is alright to delay one to three years, but not to abide by one’s promise for so long, for the greatest country of the world is tantalizing. If people’s sovereignty was respected, there was no need to petition a far off power for one’s internal affairs. Their problem could be solved within the region. But, that remaining a wish, expecting fairness and impartiality from those interfering is not too much. Considering their position, they have the moral responsibility to do that.

On part of the abused people, the assumption that democracies of the world will come to their rescue should have been given up long ago. But, unfortunately, protest is made through the social media, through demonstration marches, through written materials, etc. to oppose the continued cooperation. It is all in vain; world powers are blinded by national interests. Hence, the poor and oppressed peoples of Africa are left solely to themselves to fight for their rights. The real “survival of the fittest” theory is being practiced by the world against Africa. Africans have come so long on their own; they have to continue gallantly defending their land, interests and dignity – not to perish silently. Whatever they are doing, world powers are doing knowingly and convinced that they are doing the right thing. Thousands could go hungry, rot in prison, forced to flee their country, and thousands could die and disappear, they are not worth severing friendship relations with perpetrators of genocide.

Obama is going to tie knots with TPLF-EPRDF’s Ethiopia, the poorest country on the planet – on behalf of the richest and the most powerful country of the world. That is his right. Forget the stereotypical consolation of discussing human rights and democratic governance. The main purpose is economy and security. Again forget about the highest economic growth rates fanned by financial institutions. That, there is no growth can be seen with necked eyes. Million are hungry and destitute. This trip will try to accomplish the deregulation of remaining sectors, like banking, telecoms, land, etc. As far as the peoples of the Ethiopian empire are concerned, these were already deregulated, but monopolized by TPLF business conglomerates. International corporations want their big share.

As for security, the TPLF is “the key ally of the U.S.” in hunting down terrorism. Already, many Ethiopian empire’s recruits have perished unaccounted for in Somalia. TPLF is ever ready to engage whenever the U.S. pays without any limit to geography in their deployment. The visit may encourage the continuation of this relation. As for terrorism, TPLF is manufacturing them at its convenience – killing thousands, and terrorizing and imprisoning numberless. Yes, the people have risen and are rising further against the TPLF terror. It is a rise for “liberty equality, freedom and peace” – which no body claims to know its cause and effect more than America. But since terrorism is not defined, the whole population of the empire is branded as a terrorist and is subject to persecutions. It is without consideration to redefine that the package is going to be discussed to strengthen the relation. The peoples of the empire, in particular the Oromo and journalists, are going to continue being terrorized.

Let alone a big power, the tiniest being knows no limit in defending its interests. But, for human beings, there should have been moral restraints. Here, our concern is not that for now. It is a lesson from history. During the past regimes, and under the present one, whenever there is an occasion, the destitute in towns are rounded up, beaten and taken to unknown places. There, they live in crowded enclosure without enough food and water in a deplorable hygienic environment. Many perish unreported. Now that a leader of the most powerful country is coming, and since the coming is unprecedented, unprecedented measures are certainly going to be taken. What makes this time different is that thousands were recently uprooted from their homes by the land grab, and the policy to de-Oromize and expand Finfinne (Addis Ababa). The evicted are the majority of thousands of homeless in Finfinnee. A fate worse than that of the infamous Shoolaa Camp under the emperor is awaiting them. Then very few mothers, children and the elderly were saved from typhus epidemic after university students discovered them accidentally. In addition to rounding these up much more harsh measures are to be expected to impress U.S. intelligence that certainly will be there to bolster their efforts.

Many complain that the visit amounts to recognizing the atrocities committed by the notorious dictators of the Horn of Africa. Had Africa not been ruled by autocrats pretending to be elected democrats, the visit would not have happened. Only those types can serve as partners in plundering the wealth and service of the continent during this period of the New Scramble for Africa. Whether the President visits or not, his administration had already recognized legitimacy of the illegitimate. The endeavors made to “democratize, and the free and fair election” was praised by frontline cadres months ago. Was it true? What they should complain about must have been their not been ready to defend their interests as peoples. Assuming democratic values are intrinsically universal, and no double standard for it, it would have been just if the President did not make the trip his predecessors had avoided. Healthy human and political developments could have eventually served the interests he is after better and for a longer time to come. But, the world had never been just.

If the President does not come out with a conclusion that he was dealing, not with hooligans, but legitimate rulers, the agony of the peoples of the Horn is going to be double fold; for the hooligans will be more encouraged with their brutality. We wish the President a good trip to his father’s land and back to the White House. Here inHabashaa land, his Lou people are going to be considered as Americans for his participation in the American administration, as Oromo are considered likewise for Tafarii’s participation in the Ethiopian administration. This trip will give the Wayyaanee a moral boost. We will see the leaders gleaning sitting around this powerful leader of the world to get photographed for the last time. People of the empire will wake up to another miserable day worse than before.Bon Voyage, Mr. President! Viva Oromiyaa! The struggle shall continue!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living, and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com

Godaansa Fedha Sabaawaa

Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Adoolessa 2015

Ummati Afrikaa cunqurfamee fi itt roorrifame fi michuulee fi mararfatooti sagaleen saanii akka dhagahamutt baaqulaa ol kaasanii Presidant Obaamaan akka abbaa hirree fi mirga ilmoo namatt roorrisaa seerawaa gochuu irraa of qoqopbatu iyyaa jiru. Kun daawwii tasaa utuu hin tahin imaltu dursee karoorfame. Bulchoota godinaa keessaa nama nyaataakan tahee qanansiisa malbeekii kennuuf karaa haxaawuuf jechuun, daawwii Ittaantu Barreessituu Murnaasa Finnaatt dabalamee ambasadara michuu riphee lolaa bara hedduu muudamteett . Bulchooti Itophiyaa kanneen demokratoti Klinton “dhaloota demokratotaa haaraa” jedheen keessaa tokko turan. Hedduun amma karaa irraa maqaniiru. Jarri kunis daddaaqaa jiru. Daawwiin Presidant kun utuu isaan kan biraatt hin utaalin karaa irra isaan buusa taha. Godaansich godaansa demokraasii miti, kan “FEDHA SABAAWAATI.”

Demokraasiin fakmishoo ilmaan namaa hundi bira gahuuf hawwani. Hanga yoonaa abbala malee hojii irra ooluu saa hin agarree.Kun akeeka namoota akka Abraham Loncolniin dansatt “Mootummaa ummataa ummataaf …” jedhamee furameera. Garuu gara caaluu shaakala utuu hin tahin akeeka tahee hafe. Kanaaf malee akka jedhamutt demokraasiin hangammeessa bulcha malbulchaa kan qabeen saa yoo xinnaate “walqixxummaa, birmadummaa, qondaalota qajeeltoon kennatamanii fi bilisummaa haasaa fi of ifsuu” of keessaa qabu. Kanneen keessaa tokko hirdhannaan demokraasiin hin jiru. Akka bar tokko Ittaanaa Barreessaan Finnaa jedhett Amerikaan “DEMOKRAASIIN HIN JIRU, GAMTAAN HIN JIRU” kan jedhutt amana. Itophiyaatt qabee yartuu dhahaman keessaa hundatu hanqata. Garuu gamtaan arfacha jaarraaf hanqatee hin beeku. Waggoota tokko fi sadii tursuun hama hin tahu; yeroo dheeraa akkasiif biyyi addunyaa keessaa dagaagaan kun irbuu seene hin guutin hafuun malalchiisaa dha. Utuu moo’ummaan ummatootaa ulfeeffame dhimma keessa waliif humna fagoott iyyachuun barbaachisaa hin turre. Dhibdeen saanii godinaa keessatt furamuu dandaha ture. Garuu sun hawwa tahee hafus jara dhimmicha keessa seenan irraa qajeeltuu eeggachuun waan guddaa miti.

Sun kan fedhe haa tahu, gara itt roorrifamootaan demokraatoti addunyaa nuu birmatu taha jedhaanii eeggachuu qaata dhaabbachuutu irra ture. Garuu kan nama dhibu mormiin, gamtaan akka dhaabbatu karaa qubqabsiisii hawaasomaa fi dhiicha hiriiraan, barruulee kkf itt fufee jira. Hundi dhama’uu qofa; anga’oon addunyaa “fedha sabaawaan” jaamaniiru. Kanaaf hiyyeeyyii fi cunqurfamoon Afriikaa akka mirga ofiif lolatan of qofaatt dhiifamani. “Baraarama kan caalaa of dandahuu” dhugaan addunyaan Afriikaa irratt shaakalamaa jira. Afriikaanoti hanga yoonaa ofumaan as gahaniiruu; callisanii dhumuu irra jannumaan lafa, fedha fi ulfina saanii irraa faccisaa itt fufuu qabu. Anga’ooti addunyaa kan godhan hunda beekaa godhu, akka waan sirrii hojjetaa jiran of amansiisaniiru. Kumooti beela’uun, hidhaa keessatt samuun, biyyaa ari’amuu fi kumooti du’uu fi baduun firummaa kanneen qacefixa raawwatanii dhiisisuuf nafii hin guutani.

Obaaman ABUT-ADWUE biyya, biyyoota addunyaa hunda keessaa deegduu taatett rakoo qaluuf deema. Sun mirga saati. Jecha mararfannaan keessa deddeebi’amu waa’ee mirga ilmaan namaa fi bulcha demokratawaa jedhamu haa irraanfannu. Mummichi manaa isa baase dhimma diinagdee fi nageenyatii. Ammas waa’ee deettii guddina diinagdee dhaabota horoon afarsamus haa irraanfannu. Akka guddinni hin jirre ija qullaan ni argama. Kumkumooti beela’oo fi deegoo dha. Daawwiin kun kutaa diinagdee dambii jalaa hin bahin hafan kan baasisuu yaalu.Ummatoota Empayera Itophiyaaf kun qaata dambii jalaa bahee, garuu hidhata daldala ABUTin dhuunfatame. Korporashinooti addunyaasi qooda guddaa ofii barbaadu.

Waan nageenya ilaalutt gooltuu duukaa bu’ee adamsuuf ABUT “gartuu furtuu U.S.” Somaliyaa keessatt madaqfamtuun Empayera Itophiyaa heeduun duruu dhumanii gabasa malee hafanii. ABUT utu lafquwiin isa hin danga’in U.S. kaffallaan ergamuuf qophee dha. Daawwich akka hariiroon kun itt fufu jajjabeessa taha. Waan gooltummaa ilaalutt ABUT akka fedhett homishee, kumoota ajjesee fi shoroorkeessee kanneen lakkofsa hin qabne hidha. Dhuguma shoroorkaa ABUTiin mormuun ummatooti ka’aniiru, caalaa ka’aas jiru. Kaka’a “gaaffii mirgaa, walqixummaa, birmadummaa fi nagaaf” godhamu, kaasaa saa fi itt baha saa Ameriika caalaan beeka kan jedhu hin jirre. Gooltummaan waan maljechi saa hin himamneef dilormaan empayeritt hundi gooltuu jedhamee unkuramaa jira. Utuu sana hin maljechisini kan amma hariiroo jabeessuuf walti qabaaman mari’atamuuf deemu. Ummatooti empayeritt keessattuu Oromoo fi jornaalistoota shororkeessuun itt fufufuuf deema jechuu dha.

Aanga’aa guddaan hafee uumaa bucureenuu fedha ofii eeggachuufn hin daangahamu. Garuu ilmoo namaaf safuun madaalaa jiraachuu qaba ture. Ammaaf dhimmi keenya sana miti. Barnoota seenaati. Bulchoota duriif isa ammaa jalattis yeroo waa tokko jiraatu deegaan magaalota keessaa marfamanii tumamaa bakka hin beekamnett geeffamu. Achitt dallaa nammi walitt gooji’e keessa nyaataa fi bishaan gahaa malee, haala qulqulinni hin eegamne jala jiraatu. Heedduun dhumanii hin gabaafaman. Amma mootiin biyya hunda caalaa jabaan dhufaa jira. Dhufaatiin akkasii kanaan dura argamee waan hin beekneef tarkaanfiin fudhatamus mamii malee kan argamee hin beekne taha. Kan isa si’anaa adda tolchuu ummati kumootaan samicha lafaa fi imaammata Finfinnee Orommiteessuu fi ballisuuf lafa saanii irraa kumootaan buqqifamuu dha. Alabul kumootaan lakkaawaman Finfinnee keessaa garri caaluu buqqifamoota sana. Hiree Mooraa Shoolaa bara Nugusaa caalaa hamatutu isaan eeggata jechuu dha. Yeroo sana haadhootaa fi ilmaanii fi Manguddoo yartuutu akka tasaa barattoota Universiitiin argamanii golfaa irraa hafanii. It dabalee jara kana marsanii qabuu fi qaruutee angoo saanii ol kaasuuf Amerikaa dhufuun saanii hin hafnett of agarsiisuuf tarkaanfii caalaa hamaa tahe fudhachuun akka hin hafne hedama.

Hedduun kan komatan, daawwichi badiisa abbaa hirree gamsiisa Ganfa Afriikaan hojjetamaa jiruun hamma ishoo jechuuti jedhaniitu. Afrikaan jara abbaa hirrootaa kan ummataan kennataman fakaatanii dhihatanii utuu hin bulfamtu taatee daawwichiyyuu hin godhamu ture. Jara akkasii qofa kan saamicha qabeenyaa fi maayi baasii waldayyichaa irratt bara Hirmannaa Afriikaa Haaraa kana miltummaan tajaajiluu kan dandahan. Presidantiin daawwatee dhiisee bulchi saa qaata seerawwoo kan hin taane, seerawoo tahuu kan beekeefi. “Ifaajjee demokratawuu fi kennata qajeelaa fi bilisa hojii irra oolchuuf deemanis” dabbaloota qaraatiin ji’oota dura farsamaniiru. Kun dhugaa dhaa? Kan isaan komachuu qaban mirga ofii irraa faccifachuuf qophee tahuu dhabuu saanii tahuu qaba ture. Demokraasiin nafii barbaachisaa halle hammataa qaba yoo jedhame fi hangammeessa lakkuu hin qabu yoo tahe Presidantiin imala angafooti saa lagatan utuu hin goonee dansa ture. Misi fayyaa qabeessi ilmoo namaa fi malbulchaa, bulee fedha inni duukaa jiru caalaatti yeroo dheeraaf tajaajilu dandaha ture.

Prsesidantichi addaggoota utuu hin tahin bulchoota seerawoo waliinin dubadhe jedhee baanaan gadadoon ummatoota Gaanfaa dacha tahuuf deema; addagooti jajjabina argatanii hammeenya saanii kan dur caalaa cimsanii itt fufu. Presidantichi milla mikii qabuun gara biyya abbaa saa gahee Waayit Hawusitt akka deebi’u hawwinaaf. Akka biyya Habashaatt ummati saa Luwoon waan inni bulcha Amerikaa keessatt qooda fudhateef Amerkaaniitt fudhatamuuf deemu; akkuma Oromoon Tafariif jedhamee ilaalaman jechuu dha. Imalli kun hamilee Wayyaanee dhiitessa. Hoogganooti see, hooggana addunyaa humna guddaa kanatt marsanii yeroo dhumaaf footoo kahuuf yoo ilkaan afan ilaaluuf deemna. Ummati empayeraa bariin dammaqee guyyaa gadadoo kan duraa caalutt gad baha. Karaa Nagaa! Oromiyaa haa jiraattu! Qabsoon itt fufa!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

* Ibsaa Guutama: Gubirmans.com

Data Science: Avoiding a common mistake with time series July 14, 2015

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Data Science Central

Avoiding a common mistake with time series

By Tom Fawcett*

A basic mantra in statistics and data science is correlation is not causation, meaning that just because two things appear to be related to each other doesn’t mean that one causes the other. This is a lesson worth learning. If you work with data, throughout your career you’ll probably have to re-learn it several times. But you often see the principle demonstrated with a graph like this: Dow Jones vs. Jennifer Lawrence

One line is something like a stock market index, and the other is an (almost certainly) unrelated time series like “Number of times Jennifer Lawrence is mentioned in the media.” The lines look amusingly similar. There is usually a statement like: “Correlation = 0.86″.  Recall that a correlation coefficient is between +1 (a perfect linear relationship) and -1 (perfectly inversely related), with zero meaning no linear relationship at all.  0.86 is a high value, demonstrating that the statistical relationship of the two time series is strong. The correlation passes a statistical test. This is a great example of mistaking correlation for causality, right? Well, no, not really: it’s actually a time series problem analyzed poorly, and a mistake that could have been avoided. You never should have seen this correlation in the first place. The more basic problem is that the author is comparing two trended time series. The rest of this post will explain what that means, why it’s bad, and how you can avoid it fairly simply. If any of your data involves samples taken over time, and you’re exploring relationships between the series, you’ll want to read on.

Two random series

There are several ways of explaining what’s going wrong. Instead of going into the math right away, let’s look at a more intuitive visual explanation. To begin with, we’ll create two completely random time series. Each is simply a list of 100 random numbers between -1 and +1, treated as a time series. The first time is 0, then 1, etc., on up to 99. We’ll call one series Y1 (the Dow-Jones average over time) and the other Y2 (the number of Jennifer Lawrence mentions). Here they are graphed: Series Y1 Series Y2 There is no point staring at these carefully. They are random. The graphs and your intuition should tell you they are unrelated and uncorrelated. But as a test, the correlation (Pearson’s R) between Y1 and Y2 is -0.02, which is very close to zero. There is no significant relationship between them. As a second test, we do a linear regression of Y1 on Y2 to see how well Y2 can predict Y1. We get a Coefficient of Determination (R2 value) of .08 — also extremely low. Given these tests, anyone should conclude there is no relationship between them.

Adding trend

Now let’s tweak the time series by adding a slight rise to each. Specifically, to each series we simply add points from a slightly sloping line from (0,-3) to (99,+3). This is a rise of 6 across a span of 100. The sloping line looks like this: Trend line

Now we’ll add each point of the sloping line to the corresponding point of Y1 to get a slightly sloping series like this: Series Y1 Prime

We’ll add the same sloping line to Y2: Series Y2 Prime

Now let’s repeat the same tests on these new series. We get surprising results: the correlation coefficient is 0.96 — a very strong unmistakable correlation. If we regress Y on X we get a very strong R2 value of 0.92. The probability that this is due to chance is extremely low, about 1.3×10-54. These results would be enough to convince anyone that Y1 and Y2 are very strongly correlated! What’s going on? The two time series are no more related than before; we simply added a sloping line (what statisticians call trend). One trended time series regressed against another will often reveal a strong, but spurious, relationship. Put another way, we’ve introduced a mutual dependency. By introducing a trend, we’ve made Y1 dependent on X, and Y2 dependent on X as well. In a time series, X is time. Correlating Y1 and Y2 will uncover their mutual dependence — but the correlation is really just the fact that they’re both dependent on X. In many cases, as with Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity and the stock market index, what you’re really seeing is that they both increased over time in the period you’re looking at. This is sometimes called secular trend. The amount of trend determines the effect on correlation. In the example above, we needed to add only a little trend (a slope of 6/100) to change the correlation result from insignificant to highly significant. But relative to the changes in the time series itself (-1 to +1), the trend was large. A trended time series is not, of course, a bad thing. When dealing with a time series, you generally want to know whether it’s increasing or decreasing, exhibits significant periodicities or seasonalities, and so on. But in exploring relationships between two time series, you really want to know whether variations in one series are correlated with variations in another. Trend muddies these waters and should be removed.

Dealing with trend

There are many tests for detecting trend. What can you do about trend once you find it? One approach is to model the trend in each time series and use that model to remove it. So if we expected Y1 had a linear trend, we could do linear regression on it and subtract the line (in other words, replace Y1 with its residuals). Then we’d do that for Y2, then regress them against each other. There are alternative, non-parametric methods that do not require modeling. One such method for removing trend is called first differences. With first differences, you subtract from each point the point that came before it: y'(t) = y(t) – y(t-1) Another approach is called link relatives. Link relatives are similar, but they divide each point by the point that came before it: y'(t) = y(t) / y(t-1)

More examples

Once you’re aware of this effect, you’ll be surprised how often two trended time series are compared, either informally or statistically. Tyler Vigen created a web page devoted to spurious correlations, with over a dozen different graphs. Each graph shows two time series that have similar shapes but are unrelated (even comically irrelevant). The correlation coefficient is given at the bottom, and it’s usually high. How many of these relationships survive de-trending? Fortunately, Vigen provides the raw data so we can perform the tests. Some of the correlations drop considerably after de-trending. For example, here is a graph of US Crude Oil Imports from Venezuela vs Consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup: US Crude Oil Imports vs. HFCS The correlation of these series is 0.88. Now here are the time series after first-differences de-trending: US Crude Oil Imports vs. HFCS de-trended

These time series look much less related, and indeed the correlation drops to 0.24. A recent blog post from Alex Jones, more tongue-in-cheek, attempts to link his company’s stock price with the number of days he worked at the company. Of course, the number of days worked is simply the time series: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. It is a steadily rising line — pure trend! Since his company’s stock price also increased over time, of course he found correlation. In fact, every manipulation of the two variables he performed was simply another way of quantifying the trend in company price.

Final words

I was first introduced to this problem long ago in a job where I was investigating equipment failures as a function of weather. The data I had were taken over six months, winter into summer. The equipment failures rose over this period (that’s why I was investigating). Of course, the temperature rose as well. With two trended time series, I found strong correlation. I thought I was onto something until I started reading more about time series analysis. Trends occur in many time series. Before exploring relationships between two series, you should attempt to measure and control for trend. But de-trending is not a panacea because not all spurious correlation are caused by trends. Even after de-trending, two time series can be spuriously correlated. There can remain patterns such as seasonality, periodicity, and autocorrelation. Also, you may not want to de-trend naively with a method such as first differences if you expect lagged effects. Any good book on time series analysis should discuss these issues. My go-to text for statistical time series analysis is Quantitative Forecasting Methods by Farnum and Stanton (PWS-KENT, 1989). Chapter 4 of their book discusses regression over time series, including this issue.   *Tom Fawcett is Principal Data Scientist at Silicon Valley Data Science. Co-author of the popular book Data Science for Business, Tom has over 20 years of experience applying machine learning and data mining in practical applications. He is a veteran of companies such as Verizon and HP Labs, and an editor of the Machine Learning Journal.




Baankiin Addunyaa, Dinagdeen Itoophiyaa waggoota sadan dhufan gadi bu’a jedhe. July 12, 2015

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???????????Oromia Media Networkpopulation in multidimensional poverty




(OMN: Oduu Adol.12,2015): Guddinni dinaagdee Itoophiyaa waggoota sadan dhufan keessatti,harka lamaan akka gadi bu’uu Baankiin Addunyaa gabaase. Baankiin Addinyaa gadi bu’uu guddinna dinaagdee Itoophiyaa kan hime, gabaasaa bara 2015 guddina diinagdee Itoophiyaa ilaalchisuun baaseen akka ta’e barameera.
Gabaasni waggaa kanaa baankiin addunyaa guddina diinagdee Itoophiyaa ilaalchisuun baase akka mul’isutti, guddinni diinagdee Itoophiyaa,waggoota itti’aanan kanatti ni dabala jedhamee eegamaa ture qabxii lamaan akka gadi bu’u baankiin Addunyaa himeera.
Gabaasni Baankiin Addunyaa kun, sababaa gadi bu’iinsaa diinaagdee Itoophiyaa yoo himu, sochiileen investimeetiifi konistraakshiinii qabbana’uun isaanii qancaruu diinaangdeef kanneen duraati jechuun Baankii Addunyaatti, itti gaafatamaan sagantaa diinaagdee Laarsi Moolar dabbataneeran.
Gaabasni baankii Addunyaa kun itti dabaluun akka beeksisetti, sochiin daldala biyya alaa qabbana’a dhufuusaatiin humni maallaqa sharafa biyya alaafi baajanni fiisikaala mootummaalle rakkoo keessa seenuun, sochii daldala biyya alaatiifi biyya keessaa giddutti madaalliin duufuun sharafni biyya alaa dhabamuun diinaagdee Itoophiyaa rakkoo keessa akka galchu addeeffameera.
Liqaan biyyootaa alaa Itoophiyaa irra jirulle, dhibeentaa 45 irraa gara 65 tti akka ol guddatu gaabsni baankii addunyaa kun saaxileera. Liqaa biyyoonni alaa Itoophiyaa irraa qaban kana kan akka malee ol kaasaa jiru, liqaa baroota dheeraafi dhala gadi bu’aa waliin kanfalamurra, liqaan yeroo gabaabaa keessatti kafalamuufi dhala hedduu dhalu heddummaachaa waan dhufeef akka ta’ee gabaasni Baankii Addunyaa kun addeesseera. Gabaa Addunyaa irratti dabalaa dhufuun humnni jijjiirraa doolaralle, liqaa ittoophiyaa irra jiru ol kaasaa jira jedhameera. Gatiin doolaara yeroo gabaabaa keessatti dhibeentaa 25n dabalaa akka dhufe ragaaleen agarsiisanii jiran.

Gabaasaan Daani’eel Bariisoo Areerii.

What’s missing from celebrity activism in Africa? The people July 12, 2015

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???????????Musician Bob Gelfof arrives for the recording of the Band Aid 30 charity single

‘As recent research has shown, the problem with celebrity causes is that they tend to de-politicise policy and activism. They too often obfuscate the complex dynamics of power and socioeconomic relations in favour of a simple, catch all, solution. Celebrities can improve this situation by bringing back into the debate more stakeholders, researchers and local voices.
Thus celebrities speaking truth to power, rather than half-truths that may inadvertently serve the interests of power, may be a more promising way forward if celebrity advocacy relating to Africa is to lead to meaningful socioeconomic change.
The celebrity advocacy circuit for change in Africa lacks celebrity participation in bottom-up movements, as opposed to top-down advocacy. Bottom-up celebrity advocacy, à la Charlotte Church and Russell Brand, should itself not be void from criticism.’

Originally posted on Quartz:

Celebrity activism and support for African humanitarian causes–such as the Enough Project, Akon’s Lighting Africa and Kony 2012–has become mainstream. But what are the consequences, and is this something we necessarily want to promote?

Celebrity activism is nothing new. At the turn of the 20th century, prominent British journalist, author and politician Edmund Dene Morel, and Anglo-Irish diplomat and human rights activist Roger Casement successfully challenged King Leopold’s violent and autocratic rule of the Congo Free State. They did so with the help of notable friends: Arthur Conan Doyle, William Cadbury and Joseph Conrad.

In the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst consumed herself with lobbying in favour of a fascist-free Ethiopia. A few decades later Bob Geldof and Band Aid raised US$ 150 million for the victims of famine in Ethiopia.

Musician Bob Gelfof arrives for the recording of the Band Aid 30 charity single Musician Bob Gelfof arrives for the recording of the Band Aid 30…

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Oromo nation: The Most Athletically Blessed on Earth. #Oromia. #Africa July 12, 2015

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Odaa Oromoo



Oromo nation: The Most Athletically Blessed on Earth

“The Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia must be one of the most athletically blessed on earth. The list of long distance running champions it has produced includes Haile Gebrselassie, Abebe Bikila, and Sileshi Sihene, as well as Dibaba sisters and Derartu Tulu.” Says Olympic and World Records 2012, Keir Radnedge (Author), pp- 62-82. This is an Official London 2012 Olympic GamesPublication.  Wami Biratu, Mammo Dagaga, Tolasa Qotu, Fatuma Roba, Tikki Galana, Lesisa Desisa, Tsegaye Kebede, Meseret Defar,  Maryam Yusuf,  Gelete Burka, Tariku Bekele, Atsede Bayisa, Mohammed Aman,  Gete (Gexee) Wami,  Lamma Kumsa, Abebe Mekonnen,  Fita (Fixa Bayyisa), Ayelech Worku, Worku Bikila, Kuture Dulacha, Elfnesh Alemu,  Abebe Tola, Maru Dhaba,  Mariam Hashim, Ibrahim Said, Berhane Adere,  Magarsa Tullu, Abarraa Ayyano,   Mohammed Kadir,  Shibbiruu Raggasaa,  Nugussie Roba,  Markos Geneti Guta, Tigist Fufa, Almaz Ayyaanaa are  Oromians of world stars.

Genzebe Dibaba has made it a habit of turning in jaw-dropping performances over the last couple years, and today’s 1500m in Barcelona was no different, as the 24-year-old ran 3:54.11 in a race where she finished more than 18 seconds faster than second place.

Owner of four World records indoors (1500m, 3,000m, two-mile, and 5,000m), Dibaba today became the ninth fastest woman ever in the outdoor 1500, running the best time since 1997. Her 3:54 is an African record, and lowers the previous 2015 World lead (Jenny Simpson’s 3:59.31) by more than five seconds.

What’s more remarkable is that Dibaba just ran a 14:15 5k PR just four days ago in Paris. That time ranks her as the fourth-fastest woman ever over 5,000m

Barcelona, Genzebe Dibaba win 1500m on 8 July 2015

Oromo athletes won AREVA, 5000m in Paris, IAAF Diamond league.

Atleetoonni Oromoo dorgommii fiigichoo km 5 kan Paarisitti Sanbata Duraa, Hadooleessa 4 bara 2015 ta’e irratti qooda fudhachuun injifannoo boonsaan xumuran. Dorgommii kana irratti Ganzabeen tokkoffaa yoo baatu Almaz Ayaanaa immoo lammaffaa bawuun injifataniiru. 3ffaa fi 4ffaan atleetooa keenya yoo ta’an, Atleetonni Oromoo, sinbiree fi Galateen 5ffaa fi 6ffaa bawuun xumurani.

Oromo athletes, Genzebe Dibaba (1st) & Almaz Ayana (2nd), won 5000m Paris AREVA IAAF DIAMOND LEAGUE. 4 July 2015
Kenyan Mercy Cherono (3rd)and Viola Kibiwot 4th. Oromians Senbere Teferi (5th) and Geleta Burka (6th).

Genzebe Dibaba and Almaz Ayana threw almost everything they had at their assault on the 5000m world record in Paris on Saturday (4).

The results will show Dibaba claimed the victory at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in a personal best and meeting record of 14:15.41, with the hard-working Ayana second in 14:21.97, some seven seconds outside her solo world lead from Shanghai in May.

But that doesn’t tell the full tale of a race in which the pair had been meant to share the pace as they attacked Tirunesh Dibaba’s world record from 2008.

It was actually Ayana who did the lion’s share as the tempo fluctuated from six seconds down to five seconds up on record pace at half way, before they finally faltered over the last kilometre.

Dibaba bided her time for much of the race before pouncing at the bell and running a last 200m of 31.3 to leave her compatriot in her wake.

It was all a bit déjà vu for Ayana, who finished second to the elder Dibaba here in 2013, a performance that persuaded her to switch to 5000m after some early career success in the steeplechase, and drew her back here this evening with the world record in her sights.

The throat-gripping stickiness of earlier in the day had given way to a warm breeze by the start of the race, making the conditions almost perfect for a record attempt.

Or so it seemed.

When the first 1000m went by in a sluggish 2:54.12, six seconds down on record pace, Ayana decided she’d had enough and took off with the younger Dibaba on her heels.

She put in a near suicidal 63.6 fifth lap and pulled her rival through 2000m in 5:38.98, now five seconds up. Dibaba then moved to the front for around 800 metres until Ayana led again through 3000m in 8:36.17.

At 4000m, they were just 0.11 inside Tirunesh’s time, and Ayana was visibly tiring.

Tirunesh had run the last 1000m in 2:42.71 in Oslo, so this was going to be tough.


Ayana ploughed on, but Dibaba spotted her chance and flew away at the bell to run a last lap of 61.17.

“The pace of Ayana was too fast for me,” said Dibaba. “That is why I went to my race. I knew there was an agreement before but I could not follow that pace. When it was clear there was no world record I concentrated on my win.”

Ayana saw things differently. “I’m disappointed because the agreement was not kept,” she said. “I did more laps than my rival, especially after 2k. Next time I will run different.”

Oromo athletes, Genzebe Dibaba and Almaz Ayana won AREVA 2015, 5000m

Younger sister of Tirunesh Dibaba, 24-year-old Oromo athlete  Genzebe Dibaba – also hailing from Bekoji,  Oromia – won the Diamond League 5K Meet in Oslo, Norway, on June 11, 2015. Among others, she was also cheered by her Oromo supporters in Norway. Oromo athletes Sinbiree and Galate Burqa completed 2nd and 4th respectively.



Ganzabee Dibaabaa IAAF Diamond League mt 5000 magaalaa Osloo moo’atte

Sinbiree Tafariifi Galatee Burqaanis 2ffaafi 4ffaa ta’uudhaan IAAF Diamond League Oslo 2015 xumuraniiru

Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba Wins the Diamond League 5K Meet in Oslo (June 11, 2015)

Fiigicha meetira 5000 dubartoota jiddutti Waxabajji 11 Bara 2015 Noorweey magaalaa Oslootti geggeeffameen atleetonni Oromoo ( Oromiyaa) injifannoo guddaa argamsiisaniiru. Wolmorkii cimaa Diamond League isa Osloo kana, akkuma tilmaamamee turetti, atleet Ganzabee Dibaabaa turte kan moo’atte. Ganzabeen daqiiqaa 14:21:19n fiigicha mt 5000 kana kan xumurte. Akka eegamee ture rikoordii obboleettii isii, Xurunesh Dibaabaa,osoo hinfooyyessin hafte, garuu.

Oromo athelete Sinbiree Teferi 2nd in the Diamond League 5K Meet in Oslo (June 11, 2015)

Fiigicha Oslotti ta’e kanaan Ganzabee qofaa  miti kan milkaaye. Gootittiin atleet Sinbiree Tafariis 2ffaa ta’uun badhaafamteerti. Sinbireen daqiiqaa 14:38:57n  Ganzabee hordoftee kan galte. Atleetiin beekamtuun biraas, Galatee Burqaa, waa xiqqoof sadarkaa 4ffaa irra taa’uuf dirqamteerti. Galateen yeroo daqiqaa tokko hincaalleen atleet Viyoolaa Jelegaat biyya Keeniyaatiin durfamtee sadarkaa 3ffaa kan dhabdeef. Hiree gadhee!

Dimshaashumatti, sadarkaa 1ffaa hanga 4ffaa jiru keessatti atleetota 3 qabaachuun dhugumatti bu’aa nama boonsuudha.

Sinbiree Tafarii (2ffaa)

Injifanoo atleetota Oromoo


World lead for Oromo athletes (Qajelcha and Aman) in Rome, 4th June 2015.
Yomif Qajelcha (Kejelcha), author of the best world performance of the season on 5000m in Eugene last on Friday, 29 May 2015 (13’10 “54), improved his own mark in Rome, on the occasion of the fourth stage of the Diamond League, Thursday, 4th June 2015. The young Oromo athlete (17) won in 12’58 “39, before the Kenyan Paul Kipngetich Tanui (12’58” 69). The world 800m champion Mohammed Aman won over two laps of the track in a world-leading 1:43.56.
Sifan Hassan was second in in 1500m women’s race.

Oromia Athletic nation World News

Oromo athlete Sutume Asefa Kebede smashed Ejegayehu Dibaba's national 25km record at the BIG 25 Berlin on Sunday 10th May 2015

Oromo athlete Sutume Asefa Kebede produced a stunning performance in the BIG 25 Berlin on Sunday May 10, 2015.
Despite 60mph gusts of wind, Oromian newcomer Sutume Asefa Kebede smashed Ejegayehu Dibaba’s national 25km record at the BIG 25 Berlin on Sunday 10 may 2015.

The 21-year-old front-ran to the finish-line in the historic Berlin Olympic Stadium, smashing Ejegayehu Dibaba’s national record with a time of 1:21:55. Despite the windy conditions, Sutume was 19 seconds faster than Ejegayehu Dibaba in Chicago in 2011.

Sutum’s time is a world-lead, and the fifth fastest ever run at this distance. The Oromian was more than four minutes faster than second placed Kenyan Winny Jepkorir who clocked 1:25:59. Elizeba Cherono of Kenya was third with 1:26:59.

Sutume set two lifetime bests en route to victory: 31:05 at 10km, and 68:23 through the halfway mark.

“I am very happy to have broken the national record. I did not expect this to happen today,” said Sutume, who now intends to run the 5000 m on track. “In the autumn I will run road races again.”

Oromo athlete Almazi Ayana wins SHANGHAI – IAAF DIAMOND LEAGUE IN 5000m on 17 May 2015

At the #Shanghai #IAAF Diamond League meeting on Sunday, 17th May 2015#Oromo athlete #Almaz#Ayana amazed the world in her shinning victory in 5000m race.

Just going faster and faster, Ayana smashed her rivals to win by about 150 metres in 14:14.32.

It was a personal best, a meeting record, an Asian all-comers’ record and an IAAF Diamond League record. Only world record-holder Tirunesh Dibaba (14:11.15) and Meseret Defar (14:12.88), both Oromo athletes, have ever gone faster and Ayana might have topped those times too had she had more competition over the last half of the race.

The 23-year-old Ayana took the bronze medal at the 2013 IAAF World Championships and last year won the IAAF Continental Cup in Marrakech. She has form.

Two years ago, Ayana clung resolutely to Dibaba’s heels as her more illustrious countrywoman ran 14:23.68 at the Paris IAAF Diamond League meeting. Ayana’s reward then was second place in 14:25.84, which remained her personal best coming into Shanghai.

On a cool Sunday night which inevitably suffered a little in contrast to Friday’s IAAF Diamond League opener in Doha, Ayana led after five laps and ran solo from just before the 3000m mark.

At that stage, Kenya’s Viola Kibiwot was still vaguely in contact, but in reality, her only hope of catching Ayana would have been to hail a taxi. Even then it would have been doubtful as the field was spread out all around the track.

It was never hard to spot Ayana, however; you just looked for the woman who was obviously running fast.

With Global Sports physiotherapist Joost Vollaard helping with translation, Ayana said she was not aware of how close she was to the world record.

“I was trying for 14:20, I didn’t think of the world record,” she explained. “I was surprised; it was much faster than I had in mind.”

Based in Finfinnee, Ayana is training just outside the city. She is coached by her husband, 1500m runner Soresa Fida.

Oromo Athlete Mamite Daska

#Oromo athlete #Mamitu #Daska created marathon magic at #TCS World 10k in #Bengaluru, India, 17 May 2015 on a fine Sunday.
The story of the day was the spirit of competition, as the entirety of the race was contested in the best possible manner.
Mamitu Daska produced a world-class performance, winning the run but missing the overall course record by 9 seconds. Mamitu ended the race on a high,steering ahead of the competition by a clear 13 seconds, she ended the run with an overall time of 00:31:57. Although Mamitu had pulled far into the lead, the battle for second and third was a thrilling encounter with both Wude Ayalew and Gladys Chesir exchanging positions at the 7km mark. Wude raced ahead by two seconds finishing second at 00:32:10.
Speaking about her medal-winning performance, Mamitu said “I am really happy to end the run on a winning note. Though I was comfortable for the first four kilometres, it got a bit tougher. However I took initiative to push myself after that and crossed the finish line before my competition.”

In the international category of World 10K for Elite Men proceedings as Mosinet Geremew stole the show. The race to claim top honours was tightly contested with the top three finishers separated by 2 seconds each, Geremew emerged victorious, clocking in a time of 00:28:16. His fellow countryman Fikadu Seboka finished second with a timing of 00:28:18, followed by Edwin Kiptoo from Kenya who finished his run in 00:28:20.

Oromo athletes Haile Tolossa (M) and Meseret Eshetu Dame (F) won Riga Marathon on   17 May 2015

Oromians won both the men’s and the women’s races at Riga Marathon Course, the IAAF Bronze Label Road Race on Sunday (17 May 2015).#Oromoathlete Haile #Tolossa Smashes #Riga#Marathon Course Record in men’s race on Sunday 17th May 2015.
In a race where three men ran well inside the previous course record, Haile Tolossa triumphed with a PB of 2:12:29 to record the fastest marathon ever on Latvian soil. Beyene #Effa held on for second place in 2:12:52, also a PB. Duncan Koech of Kenya 3rd in 2:12:53.
Compatriot Oromo athlete #Meseret #Eshetu #Damedominated the women’s race, winning by more than five minutes in 2:37:04 to narrowly miss the course record by 13 seconds.
Oromo athlete Workenesh Tola and Kenya’s Ruth Wanjiru had been running side by side for the majority of the race. Having long passed the fading Chepkemoi, it was only in the final two kilometres thatOromia’s Tola began to pull away, eventually taking second place in 2:42:07.
Leading resultsMen
1 Haile Tolossa 2:12:29
2 Beyene Effa 2:12:52
3 Duncan Koech 2:12:53Women
1 Meseret Eshetu Dame 2:37:04
2 Workenesh Tola 2:42:07
3 Ruth Wanjiru 2:42:29

London Marathon 2015, Oromo athleteTigist Tufa wins women's elite race at the 26-mile showpiece

London Marathon 2015: ‪#‎Oromo‬ athlete ‪#‎Tigist‬ ‪#‎Tufa‬ wins ‪#‎women‬‘s elite race at the 26-mile showpiece.
Tigist Tufa has won the women’s elite race at the ‪#‎London‬ ‪#‎Marathon‬.

She finished the grueling 26-mile course in 02:23:22 Kenyan Mary Keitany 2nd and compatriot ‪#‎Tirfi‬ ‪#‎Tsegaye‬ 3rd.

Oromian runner ‪#‎Aselefech‬‪#‎Margaa‬ came in fourth while Florence Kiplagat of Kenya came fifth.

Warsaw marathon, Oromo athletes Sado and Lemi win

Double victory for #Oromo athletes in #ORLEN#Warsaw #Martahon (#Poland), Sunday 26 April 2015. Hayile Berhanu #Lemi and #Markos #Geneti 1st and 3rd in men’s race respectively. Fatuma #sado (1st) and Chaltu Tafa #Waqa (3rd) in women’s Marathon.

Oromo athele Lelisa Desisa win  the 2015 Boston mens Marathon.  Oromo athlete Mare Dibaba 2nd in Womens race.

Oromo athele Lelisa #Desisa is the winner of the 2015#Boston men’s#Marathon. In the Women’s race Oromo athletes Mare #Dibaba and bizunesh#Dhaaba2nd and 3rd respectively.

World indoor champion Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba was named sportswoman of the year at the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai on 15 april 2015.

World indoor champion #Oromo athlete #Genzebe#Dibaba was named sportswoman of the year at the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai on Wednesday ( 15th April 2015).


World indoor champion Genzebe Dibaba was named sportswoman of the year at the Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai on Wednesday (15).

The middle-distance runner became the first sportsperson from Ethiopia to win an award in any category at the prestigious event, which began in 2000.

Dibaba was rewarded for her 2014 season in which she set world indoor records for 1500m and 3000m as well as a world indoor best for two miles.

Outdoors, she went on to record world-leading times over 5000m and 2000m before ending her season with 3000m victory at the IAAF Continental Cup in Marrakech.

On a night in which Renaud Lavillenie, Valerie Adams and Jo Pavey were nominated for other awards, Dibaba was the only winner from the sport of athletics.

Adams was nominated in the same category as Dibaba, while Lavillenie was nominated for the sportsman of the year award, which was given to tennis star Novak Djokovic. Pavey was one of the contenders for the comeback of the year award, which eventually went to rugby player Schalk Burger.

But other legendary athletes played a part in the ceremony. USA’s 400m world record-holder Michael Johnson presented Chinese tennis player Li Na with the exceptional achievement award, while recently retired sprint hurdler Liu Xiang joined Chinese opera singer Liao Changyong on stage for a surprise performance.




Two-time world indoor champion Genzebe Dibaba narrowly missed out on breaking the world best at the Carlsbad 5000, but her winning time of 14:48 was the second-fastest ever recorded for 5km on the roads.

The 24-year-old owns the fastest times in history across four distances indoors, and had been hoping to add another mark to her growing collection. Just like three of her indoor record-breaking performances, she was targeting a time that had been set by Meseret Defar. The two-time Olympic champion ran 14:46 in Carlsbad in 2006.http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/carlsbad-5000-2015-genzebe-dibaba-lalang

Abera Kuma, Oromo athlete, wins Maiden Marathon, 12th April 2015

Injifannoo gammachisaa!!!
#Oromo athlete Abera #Kuma from Oromia, pulled away from his rivals in the last seven kilometres of the 35th edition of de NN #Rotterdam #Marathon, an IAAF Gold Label Road Race, to win in 2.06.46 on Sunday (12).
Kenya’s Mark Kiptoo finished second in 2:07:20 and his compatriot Bernard Koech, who did a lot of work in the second part of the race, was third in 2.08.02.
“I was waiting for the more experienced runners to make a move,” reflected Kuma after the third marathon of his career. “I did come here for a personal best but, when the pace slowed down, I decided to try to win the race.”
Oromo athlete Abdi Nageeye was the fastest in the race for the Dutch national title. He finished ninth overall in 2.12.32.

Sisay #Lemma won the 32nd #Vienna City Marathon in 2:07:31 in windy and relatively warm weather conditions at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race on Sunday (12). Kenya’s Duncan Koech was second with 2:12:14 while #SirajGena took third in 2:12:48.

Oromo athletes Meseret Mengistu Bekele and her compatriot Amane Gobena win the Paris Womens Marathon. Seboka Tola was 3rd in men's marathon.

On same day Oromo athletes #Meseret Mengistu Biru and her compatriot Amane Gobena win the Paris Womens Marathon. Seboka #Tola was 3rd in men’s marathon.
#Oromo athletes Meseret #Mengistu Biru and her compatriot Amane #Gobenawin the #Paris Womens#Marathon. Seboka #Tola was 3rd in mens marathon.


Berhane Dibaba win the 2015  Tokyo MarathonEndeshaw Negesse Shumi the champion of Tokyo Marathon 2015Tokyo Marathon 2015 women's Marathon

Injifannoo atileetota Oromoo.
Oromo athletes E. Shumi and B. ‪#‎Dibaba‬ were crowned champions of‪#‎Tokyo‬‪#‎Marathon‬, Sunday 22nd February 2015. ‪#‎Oromia‬. ‪#‎Africa‬
Endeshaw ‪#‎Negesse‬ Shumi clocked a time 2:05:59 to win the men’s race and to beat Olympic and World Champion Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda, who clocked a personal best and national record time of 2:06:30. Kenya’s Dickinson Chumba finished 3rd in 2:06:32.

The women’s Tokyo Marathon winner Birhane Dibabaclocked 2:23:15. Kenya’s Helah Kiprop clocked a personal best time of 2:24:03 to take second while Olympic Champion Tiki ‪#‎Gelana‬ (#Oromia) was third with a time of 2:24:26.

Men Top 10 Results Tokyo Marathon 2015

1. Endeshaw Negesse Shumi – 2:06:00
2. Stephen Kiprotich – 2:06:33 – NR
3. Dickson Chumba- 2:06:34
4. Shumi Dechase – 2:07:20
5. Peter Some – 2:07:22
6. Markos Geneti – 2:07:25
7. Masato Imai – 2:07:39 – PB
8. Tsegaye Kebede – 2:07:58
9. Hiroaki Sano – 2:09:12 – PB
10. Benjamin – 2:09:18 – PB

Women Top 10 Results Tokyo Marathon 2015

1. Birhane Dibaba – 2:23:15
2. Helah Kiprop – 2:24:03 – PB
3. Tiki Gelana – 2:24:26
4. Selly Chepyego – 2:26:43
5. Flomena Cheyech Daniel – 2:26:54
6. Yeshi Esayias – 2:30:15
7. Madoka Ogi – 2:30:25
8. Albina Mayorova – 2:34:21
9. Yukari Abe (- 2:34:43
10. Yumiko Kinoshita – 2:35:49 – PB

Congratulations to Oromia’s marathoners Angasaa and Qanani in Indore just like those in Tokyo!

INDORE: Runners from Oromia  dominated the inaugural edition of Indore Marathon organised by the Association of Indore Marathoners in the city on Sunday 22nd February  2015.

While all three winners in men’s 21-km open category were Oromians (Oromos), it was their compatriots who were among two of the top three finishers in the women’s open category of the same event.

In the 21-km half marathon men’s open category,Oromia’s Angasa Ware clinched the first place clocking a time of one hour, five minutes and just over 42 seconds, while compatriot Abera Demelash was a close second. Their country mate, management graduate Belay Shimelis stood third.

In the women’s open category of the same event, Oromian Keneni Kome timed one hour, 18 minutes and 58 seconds to win the race, while Kenyan Linal Chirchir stood second and Oromia’s Adanech Jefare secured the third position.


Dibaba broke her fourth indoor world record in just over a year

Orormo athlete Genzebe Dibaba smashes  world record in 5000m indoor in 2015

World indoor champion Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba clocked 14:18.86 to beat previous record by more than five seconds at XL Galan meeting  in Stockholm, Sweden on 19th February 2015.

Netherland’s European 1500m champion Oromo athlete Sifan Hassan clocked a world-leading indoor personal best of 4:00.46 to win the women’s race. German based Homiyu Tesfaye ran world-leading 1,500 time of  3:34:13.

Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba is now the holder of four world indoor records or world bests after clocking 14:18.86 to break the 5000m mark at the XL Galan meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday.

With that time the two-time world indoor gold medallist beat the previous world indoor 5000m record set by her compatriot Meseret Defar – also run in Stockholm in 2009 – by more than five seconds. Her 3000m split time of 8:37 is the quickest that distance has been run so far this year.

Dibaba adds this most recent world record to the world indoor records she ran over 1500m and 3000m and the world indoor best she clocked over 2 miles all within 15 days last year. The 3000m record was run at XL Galan, with Defar the previous holder of that record, too.

On Thursday Dibaba finished more than a minute clear of her closest rival, Birtukan Fente, who ran 15:22.56. Oromo athletes filled the top three spots as Birtukan Adamu was third with 15:34.15.

Only two Oromo athletes – Dibaba’s sister Tirunesh (14:11.15) and Defar (14:12.88 and 14:16.63) – have gone quicker outdoors over the distance.


2015 LAUREUS NOMINEES Oromo Athlete Genezebe Dibaba

Read more as follows:

‘IAAF World Athletes of the Year Renaud Lavillenie and Valerie Adams are among the nominees for the 2015 Laureus World Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards.

Lavillenie, in addition to memorably breaking Sergey Bubka’s long-standing pole vault world record last February, was only beaten once during a momentous year.

Outside of athletics, the other male nominees are (in alphabetical order) Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, British racing driver Lewis Hamilton, British golfer Rory McIlroy Spanish motorcyclist Marc Marquez and Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Adams is joined on the list of female nominees by Ethiopian distance runner Genzebe Dibaba; as well skiers Marit Bjorgen and Tina Maze, from Norway and Slovenia respectively, and tennis players Li Na and Serena Williams, from China and the USA.

British distance runner Jo Pavey, who won the European 10,000m title in Zurich last summer at the age of 40 and just 10 months after giving birth, is nominated in the Comeback of the Year category.

The 16th Laureus World Sports Awards will recognise sporting achievement during the calendar year of 2014 and is the premier honours event on the international sporting calendar.

The winners are voted for by the Laureus World Sports Academy, which is made up of 48 of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of all time, and they will be unveiled at a globally televised Awards Ceremony staged in the Grand Theatre, Shanghai, on Wednesday 15 April.

“This is going to be yet another classic year. Each year we think the list of Nominees cannot get better, but then it does. The Sportsman of the Year and Team of the Year categories look amazing. You could make a case for every nominee to be the winner,” said Laureus World Sports Academy chairman and former 400m hurdles world record-holder Edwin Moses.’

IAAF featuring Almaz Ayana

February 2, 2015 (IAAF) — The world 5000m bronze medallist and Continental Cup winner Oromo athlete Almaz Ayana  chats about some of the best things in her world.

Best friend in athletics

My best friend in athletics is Soresa Fida (a 3:34 1500m runner) who is also my husband and always my first source of advice.

Best achievement in athletics

My best achievement is the 5000m victory at the 2014 Continental Cup in Marrakech The other one would be winning a bronze medal in the 5000m at the Moscow World Championships, which was a real breakthrough performance.

Best piece of advice

Every one of us, wherever we live or whoever we are, must work for peacefulness in our world. We are given this world to live in for free and leave it only by the grace of almighty God.

Biggest regret

Up until this point in my life, I have no regrets.

Biggest weakness

I have a weakness in terms of the finish of my races. This is something I am working hard to improve.

Biggest disappointment

I am always highly disappointed when I cannot make a good result in top competitions, like at the 2014 IAAF Diamond League in Brussels (Almaz placed down in ninth in the 3000m). I always want to show my best and I’m unhappy if other circumstances such as illness or injury hold me back.

Best athlete I ever saw

Tirunesh Dibaba is my idol. She has shown great discipline and character throughout her career.

Biggest rival

I have many great rivals but, in the race, time is my biggest rival.

Biggest achievement outside of athletics

I was living in a very small rented room for long time, but recently I bought my own residential house where I am living with my beloved husband.

Best stadium/venue

Competing at the Moscow Olympic Stadium at the 2013 World Championships was the most exciting event in my life. It was an impressive stadium with a great atmosphere and crowd.

Almaz Ayana on her way to winning the 5000m at the IAAF Continental Cup, Marrakech 2014 (Getty Images)[/caption]Almaz Ayana in the 5000m at the 2013 IAAF World Championships (Getty Images)[/caption]

697cc8dc-e24a-4108-989b-f9ef871f6139 9d3d76cf-2cc4-400f-9466-c5532920ac7b
Almaz Ayana in the 5000m at the 2014 IAAF Continental Cup (Getty Images) Almaz Ayana on her way to winning the 5000m at the IAAF Continental Cup, Marrakech 2014

Source:  IAAF.org   and  http://ayyaantuu.com/sport/personal-bests-almaz-ayana/

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Oromo athlete Sifan Hassan at the 2015 Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe Gladys von der Laage


Sifan Hassan at the 2015 Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe (Gladys von der Laage)

February 3, 2015 (IAAF) — The Netherlands’ European 1500m champion Sifan Hassan provided the outstanding performance at the first IAAF Indoor Permit meeting of 2015 when she sped to a national record and world-leading 1500m time of 4:02.57 at the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe on Saturday (31).

Hassan moved away from Ethiopia’s 20-year-old world indoor silver medallist Axumawit Embaye off the final bend, although the latter was second in an indoor personal best of 4:02.92.

There were five other world-leading marks in the German city.

Turkey’s Ilhan Tanui Ozbilen won the men’s 1500m in 3:38.05, edging out Kenya’s Nixon Chepseba who was second in 3:38.12.

France’s Dmitri Bascou won the 60m hurdles in 7.53, having run the same time in his heat.

“Moments after the start tonight (in the final), I made a big mistake. Had this not happened, I would have run under 7.50 tonight,” said Bascou.

China’s Xie Wenjun was second in 7.62 and Great Britain’s Lawrence Clarke was third in 7.63, equalling his personal best.

Great Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith sped to a 60m time of 7.12, like Bascou, having run as quickly in her preliminary round.

The Briton’s route to victory was eased by the fact that the Netherlands’ European 100m and 200m champion Dafne Schippers, who had also run 7.12 in her heat, was disqualified in the final for a false start.

“I had not reckoned with this time tonight,” bubbled Asher-Smith. “I’m quite surprised how well I ran tonight.”

Spain’s Eusebio Caceres took the long jump honours with an indoor PB of 8.16m.

The Spaniard was languishing down in fifth place with 7.75m before posting his winning attempt in the final round. It spoiled a potential celebration for Germany’s Julian Howard, who actually hails from Karlsruhe and who had leapt an indoor best of 8.04m in the second round

Russia’s former European junior 3000m champion Yelena Korobkina won over 15 laps of the track in a personal best of 8:47.61, almost three seconds faster than she had ever run before under any conditions.

Great Britain’s Laura Muir was second in 8:49.73 with the first seven women home in indoor personal bests.

Lavillenie fails at 6.01m

Not participating in the orgy of world-leading marks was the evening’s headline act, Renaud Lavillenie.

The French vaulter initially looked a bit off his game, after going over 6.00m in Rouen last Saturday, and missed his opening jump at 5.73m.

He then recovered on his next attempt, posting a meeting record of 5.86m on his first try for the victory.

However, he was unsuccessful at what would have been a world-leading 6.01m.

“I was feeling a little tired tonight,” said Lavillenie. “It’s not easy to jump six metres every time out. I had great pleasure in breaking the meeting record, so I’m not unhappy.”

Russia’s Aleksandr Gripich finished second in an indoor best of 5.73m.

USA’s Funmi Jimoh won the women’s long jump with a 6.71m leap right at the end to beat Sweden’s Erica Jarder, who was second with 6.69m. Germany’s world-leading Sosthene Moguenara finished third, also with 6.69m.

Paul Kipsiele Koech’s win in the men’s 3000m never seemed in doubt as he cruised to a 7:45.41 win ahead of Germany’s Richard Ringer, who clocked a best of 7:46.18

US shot putters Christian Cantwell and Ryan Whiting, second and first in Dusseldorf on Thursday, swapped places as Cantwell won with 20.77m to Whiting’s 20.72m.

Susanna Kallur returned to the city of her 2008 world record in the 60m hurdles, running a competitive race over the barriers for the first time since 2010.

The Swede, in the wake of her well-documented injury woes over the past few years, posted creditable 8.14 times in both her heat and final but the competition belonged to Germany’s Cindy Roleder, who won with 8.03 in the final.

Phil Minshull and Ed Gordon for the IAAF

Oromo athletes are winners of 2015 Dubai Marathon

Oromo athletes:  Lemi Berhanu surprises while Aselefech Mergia makes magnificent Marathon Comeback in the 2015 Dubai Marathon

Note: 90% of Athletes in the ranking positions are Oromo athletes from Oromia

Delight day for Aselefech Marga and Lammii Berhanu

January 23, 2015 (IAAF) — Ethiopia’s Lemi Berhanu emerged as the unexpected champion at the 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, crossing the line at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race in a world-leading time and big personal best of 2:05:28 on Friday (23)

It was not a debutants’ triumph as has been the case for the past three years but it was definitely surprise as the 21-year-old Ethiopian – wearing a bib with his extended family name of Hayle on it – left behind some of the biggest names in long-distance running.

Lemi Berhanu Hayle wins the 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Lelisa Desisa, the 2013 Dubai and Boston Marathon champion, took second in 2:05:52 while Deribe Robi completed the all-Ethiopian podium with a time of 2:06:06.

Fourth was Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa in 2:06:35 followed by two more Ethiopians, Sisay Lemma in a personal best of 2:07:06 and Bazu Worku in 2:07:09. Indeed, the top 12 men were all Ethiopian runners.

Split times of 14:39 for 5km and 29:22 for 10km initially pointed towards a sub-2:04 finishing time.

However, the pacemakers could not sustain the pace and when a group of 15 runners reached the 25km mark in 1:13:57, none of them was left in the race.

Five more runners lost contact during the next five kilometres, among them Kenenisa Bekele.

It was Desisa who surged ahead at the 30km refreshment station to take his bottle. The Ethiopian kept going and five countrymen went with him: Robi, Lemma, Lelisa, Girmay Birhanu and Lemi Berhanu.

Five kilometres from the finish a duel between Desisa, who was also second in New York last November, and Lemi Berhanu developed and the latter was able to drop the much more experienced Desisa with about one kilometre to go.

Dream come true in Dubai

“I would never have thought that I could win this race,” said Berhanu, who had won his debut race in Zurich last year with 2:10:40. “It was my dream to do this in Dubai one day, but not this year! With around one kilometre to go, I sensed that I could succeed.”

He has now improved by more than five minutes and is unbeaten in two races.

“If my federation selects me then I would really like to run the marathon in the World Championships in the summer,” added Berhanu, who said he had no idea what to do with the first prize cheque of US$200,000. “I never thought about the money. I really don’t know what I will do with it.”

By contrast, Dubai proved a tough and disappointing marathon experience for Bekele.

Ethiopia’s superstar, in his third marathon, dropped out just beyond the 30km mark, appearing to suffer from a leg injury. He had been in the leading group up to the 28km mark.

“Kenenisa suffered hamstring problems in both legs,” explained his coach Renato Canova.

“But I think the real problem is in his right achilles tendon. At the end of November, he had to reduce training because of this but then it got better and, actually, his final training sessions looked encouraging. A world record was never a realistic target, but a 2:04 time seemed realistic.

“However, when I saw him running today he did not look relaxed, he looked tight. I think this is the reason why he developed hamstring problems. Something must have happened in the final few days before the race,” added the Italian coach. “We now have to solve this tendon problem but for his future marathon career I remain very confident. I think he will do really well.”

Mergia a motivated mother

Aselefech Mergia winning the 2015 Dubai Marathon

Making it a marvellous day for Ethiopian runners, other than Bekele, Aselefech Mergia produced a perfect comeback in the women’s race.

Having taken an extensive break from competition to have a baby, the 2011 and 2012 Dubai champion returned to run a marathon for the first time since her disappointing 42nd place at the 2012 Olympics and won in 2:20:02, just 31 seconds outside her course record from three years ago.

In a thrilling battle right to the line, Kenya’s world half marathon champion Gladys Cherono was beaten by just one second in what was the third-fastest marathon debut.

Another Kenyan, Lucy Kabuu, was third in 2:20:21 in a race which saw 10 women run faster than 2:24.

Ethiopia’s Tigist Tufa broke clear shortly after the start and maintained a daunting pace, leading a talented chasing group by a minute at 20km, which was reached in 1:05:23 and suggested a 2:18 finishing time.

However, Tufa paid the price in the end and was caught at 34km by a five-woman group consisting of Mergia, fellow Ethiopians Aberu Kebede and Shure Demissie, Kabuu and Cherono.

The group was reduced to three with just over three kilometres remaining after Kebede and Demissie were dropped, before Mergia eventually proved the strongest in the final kilometre.

“I told myself after having my daughter that I could win a marathon again,” said Mergia, who was watched by her husband and baby daughter. “We used the prize money from my first two wins in Dubai to begin building a hotel back home, now we’ll be able to complete the job.”

Ethiopian runners took the next four places. Fourth was teenager Demissie in a world junior best of 2:20:59, and the fifth fastest debut on record; with Kebede in 2:21:17, 2014 Dubai champion Mulu Seboka in 2:21:56 and then Alemu Bekele in 2:22:51 the next three women across the line.

Men’s results:


Women’s results:


Source: IAAF

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Oromo Athlete Dibaba Successfully Defends Her Xiamen Title as Both Course Records Fall.

January 5, 2015 (IAAF)


Oromo’s  (Oromian) Mare Dibaba won the Xiamen Marathon for the second year in succession, taking more than one-and-a-half minutes off the course record she set last year at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race, winning in 2:19:52 on Saturday (3).

For the first time since the inaugural Xiamen Marathon in 2003, both course records were broken as Kenya’s Moses Mosop set a Chinese all-comers’ record of 2:06:19 to win the men’s race on a day when runners were met with ideal conditions with temperatures in the range of 11-15°C.

The organisers had made some adjustments to the route due to some construction-related concerns in the city. Some of the more undulating parts of the course – including the Yanwu Bridge that stretches over the sea – had been taken out.

When Dibaba won in Xiamen last year, she took 61 seconds off the course record and crossed the line five minutes ahead of her nearest rival.

This time, her victory was even more emphatic.

Mare Dibaba on her way to winning the Xiamen Marathon

Dibaba built up a significant lead in the early stages of the race and maintained it all the way to the finish, despite some problems with her legs after 33km.

By equalling her PB of 2:19:52, she covered the course one minute and 44 seconds quicker than she did last year, finishing almost eight minutes ahead of Meseret Legesse, who once again finished second to Dibaba for the second year running.

“I could have run faster but I felt a little bit pain in my legs in the last 10km which forced me to slow down,” said the 25-year-old who finished third in Boston and second in Chicago last year. “But I am happy with the result.”

Dibaba had also aimed to break the Chinese all-comers’ record of 2:19:39, set by Sun Yingjie in 2003, and the organisers had offered an extra bonus for achieving such a feat, but Dibaba missed that mark by just 13 seconds.

“I was trying to break the record and I missed it by a few seconds, which was a pity, but I am happy to break the race record,” said Dibaba, who represented Ethiopia in the marathon at the 2012 Olympics. “The new course is very good and the fans along the road were so supportive from the beginning to the end of the race.”

Legesse was about a minute slower than last year, finishing second in 2:27:38. In third, Kenya’s Meriem Wangari set a PB of 2:27:53. It was the second time the 35-year-old had made it on to the podium in Xiamen, having finished second on her marathon debut in 2012.

Mosop back to winning ways

Back in 2011, Mosop made a promising start to his marathon-running career, clocking 2:03:06 on Boston’s record-ineligible course on his debut at the distance and then winning the Chicago Marathon with a course record of 2:05:37 later that year.

But in recent times, the 29-year-old has struggled to recapture that form. He finished eighth at the 2013 Chicago Marathon and a distant 12th in Prague last May, clocking 2:20:37. So when he lined up in Xiamen, he was something of an unknown quantity.

Unlike the women’s race, the men’s contest was more competitive.

A pack of 10 runners ran shoulder to shoulder after 7.5km and passed the 15km check point in 44:50. After 20km was reached in 1:00:20, the leading group was trimmed to six men as Ethiopia’s world bronze medallist Tadese Tola, the fastest man in the race with a PB of 2:04:49, was left behind.

The pace maker dropped out at the 30km mark, but the pace did not slow down. Regassa tried to pull away but was soon caught by Mosop and Ethiopia’s Abrha Milaw.

The leading trio ran alongside one another for a further 5km before Milaw slowed down. Mosop seized the lead at 40km and kept extending his advantage over Regassa untill he hit the finish line in 2:06:19 to take more than a minute off the course record set in 2013 by Oromia’s Getachew Terfa Negari.

Mosop’s time was also the fastest marathon ever recorded on Chinese soil, bettering the 2:06:32 set by the late Samuel Wanjiru when winning the 2008 Olympic title in Beijing.

“I planned to run in sub-2:06 in Xiamen, but I am happy with this result,” said Mosop, who has a PB of 2:05:03. “I have been troubled with injuries – first a knee injury and than an injury in the calf – for two years. Winning in Xiamen at the start of the season is a huge boost for me.”

Mosop’s next marathon will be in Paris in April.

Regassa was also inside the previous course record, clocking 2:06:54 in second place. Milaw finished third in 2:08:09, nine seconds ahead of Kenya’s Robert Kwambai. Tola was a distant fifth in 2:10:30.

In total, more than 43,000 runners competed in the marathon and half-marathon races.

Leading results

1 Moses Mosop (KEN) 2:06:19
2 Tilahun Regassa (Oro) 2:06:54
3 Abrha Milaw (ETH) 2:08:09
4 Robert Kwambai (KEN) 2:08:18
5 Tadese Tola (Oro) 2:10:30

1 Mare Dibaba (Oro) 2:19:52
2 Meseret Legesse (Oro) 2:27:38
3 Meriem Wangari (KEN) 2:27:53
4 Meseret Godana (Oro) 2:36:11
5 Cao Mojie (CHN) 2:43:06

VOA: Atileetotii Naannoo Oromiyaa Addunyaa Fiigichaan Moohumatti Jiran

WASHINGTON, DC — Abbebee Biqilaa, ilmaan Obbo Dibaabaa, Daraartuu, Qananiisaa, Hayilee dabalee yoo dorgommii fiigichaa maqaa dhaahan yoo hedduu Oromiyumatti mooha. Dorgommii biyya keessaa fi biyya alaallee taatu yoo hedduu jaruma.

Akka leenjisaa Toleeraa Dinqaa Finfinnee dubbatetti dorgommii “Great Run” Finfinneetti qopheessan 14essoo Wuddee Ayyaalewoo tokkeessoo Netsaanneti Guddataa (Oromiyaa) irraa lammeessoo bahe.

Dhiiraan ammo Azmaraa Beqqelee tokkeesoso, Addunyaa Taakkelee lammeessoo. Maratoonii km-21 Indiitti dorgoman Guyyee Adoolaatti atileetota Keenyaa caalee tokkeessoo tahe.

Gama kaaniin ammoo Federeshiinin atileetiksii biyyoolessaa atileetota Marakaash, Morookoo fi Hiyugin Amerikaatti dorgomani moohan badhaase.

Gama kaaniin Federeshiiniin Atileetiksi Itoophiyaa naannoon Oromiyaa akka naannootti baranllee atileetiksiin mootee badhaasa argatte.

Maratooni km-21 ta Indiitti dorgoman ammo Guye Adoolaa (Oromiyaa) irraa tokkeesso bahee moohe,akka kilabiitti ammoo kilabii Poolisii Oromiyaatti moohe.

Dorgommii Waancaa Afrikaa bara 2015
Kubbaa miilaa keessaa ammo maanajera Kilabii kubbaa miilaa Masrii ya hujii irraa buusanii, Naajeriyalleen ka ufii buusuuf mudduutti jirti.

Maanajerii Naayjeeriyaa, Istfeen Keyshi Kilabii isaa Waancaa Afrikaatii jabeessee hin qopheessinee jedhanii akka innii irraa bu’u mudduutti jiran.

Bafanaa Bafaana Afrika Kibbaa, A’aarbii Ayvoorii Koosti, Hurjiin gugurraalleen Gaanaa, nyenyeecnii Kameruun Rasaasii Zaambiyaa fi walumatut biyya 16 dorgommii tanaa qophiiti jira.

Federeshiiniin kubbaa miilaa Naayjeriyaa Keeshi ulfinnaan huji irraa bu’uu wayyaa jedhe itti dhaame.Keeshiin kun durii Naayjeeriaa taphataa eegee kilabi Toogoollee leenjsiee nama ganna 52ti.

Farahoos, kilabiin kubbaa miilaa Masrii dorgommii waancaa kubbaa miilaa Afrikaatiif hin dabarre manaajera isii Shawikyii Gaharibiitti balleessaa muranii hujii irraa buusan.Gaharib nama ganna 55 bara 2013 hujii tana itti kennan. Masriin Waancaa Kubbaa Miilaa Afrikaa marroo torba mootee barana hin taaneef.

Maaliin ammo tan waliin marroo torbaaf Waancaa Afrikaatiif dabarte.Maanajerii isaanii Seydoyu Keitaatii kilabii Roomaatii taphata.Yoo akka afaan keennaatti yaamne hurjiin gugurraalleen Gaanaa jennuun kilabii Toogoo 3-1 mootee dabarte.

Woma taateefuu dorgommii waancaa Afirkaa bara 2015 ta bara dhufuu biyya 16 dabre.Kudhanii jahaanuu Afrikaa gama Kaabaa, Kibbaa, Jidduti fi Dhiyaatti dabree Afrikaan gamii Bahaa fiigichaan addunyaa dura jirtu kubbaa miilaatiin ammoo addunyaa eegee jirtu baranallee hin dabarre.

Dorgommii baranaa Iquwaatoorilyaal Giinitti qopheessan.


In a record-breaking edition of the #Airtel New #DelhiHalf-Marathon on Sunday (23 November 2014), an unprecedented nine runners ducked under the one-hour mark led by the great #Oromo athlete #Guye #Adola in a course record of 59:06.

The 24-year-old, who won a bronze medal at the #IAAFWorld Half-Marathon Championships in #Copenhagenin March, had the measure of the gold medallist Geoffrey Kamworor this time.

In the deepest race of all-time, #Adola powered to a personal best of 59:06 to defeat #Kamworor – who arrived in the Indian capital unbeaten at the half-marathon in 2014 – by one second.

“The competition was hard, but I am very happy with my podium finish. It was bit cold in the early morning. But I am happy with my timing, and more so because I broke the course record,” said Adola.

Mosinet Geremew finished third in 59:11 while further back, the world-leader Abraham #Cheroben from Kenya placed seventh, albeit in 59:21!

The women’s race was a comparatively sedate affair with world record-holder Florence Kiplagat taking the plaudits in 70:04 in a race which boiled down to a sprint finish on the track inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

“It was a very nice and strong field today, very tight group. I knew that if I stuck to the group, I could win and that was my strategy for today,” said the winner.

“Coming into the race as defending champion, there was no pressure on me. I just had to believe in myself and I know I could win back the title.”

World half-marathon champion Gladys #Cherono from and Worknesh #Degefafrom took second and third in 70:05 and 70:07 respectively.

Oromo Athlete Amane Gobena takes the honour at the Istanbul Marathon for the third time

amane_gobenaNovember 17, 2014 (IAAF) — Amane Gobena took the honours at the 2014 Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, winning at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race in 2:28:46 on Sunday (16).

The women’s race had a runner who decided to take matters into her own hands early in the race.

Local road running talent Ummu Kiraz of Turkey led from the start and passed 5km in 17:50 and 10km in 35:25. However, Ethiopia’s Emebt Etea, Amane Gobena and Salomie Getnet kept the gap to around 80 metres, with the home hope Elvan Abeylegesse, Ukraine’s Olena Burkovska and London 2012 Olympic Games bronze medallist Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova close behind.

By the halfway point, covered in 1:14:52, Kiraz was still in the lead by 29 seconds over what had become a six-women pack,

However, around 25 kilometres, race favourite Gobena decided to haul in Kiraz and increased her pace, taking the lead two kilometres later and she passed 30km at 1:46:03, 26 seconds faster than Kiraz and Getnet.

Abeylegesse was running just behind the chasing pair but Burkovska and Petrova Arkhipova were by now another 100 metres in arrears.

Gobena carried on forging ahead and remained unchallenged until the finish line, finishing almost two minutes ahead of anyone else.

Getnet was second in 2:30:36, Burkovska was third with 2:31:30 and Petrova Arkhipova took fourth place with 2:31:47.

Former 5000m world record holder Abeylegessie was fifth in 2:32:15 with the early leader Kiraz eventually finishing sixth in 2:32:52

“I’m very happy to be here for the third time and win for the first” said the 32-year-old Gobena, who was finished third in Istanbul in 2010 and second in 2012.

Her only disappointment was missing out on the course record of 2:27:25, set in 2010 by her compatriot Ashu Kasim Rabo, with race organisers having high hopes that the mark might be improved upon this year.
Hafid Chani, from Morocco, won the men’s competition, finishing the 42-kilometer course in two hours, 11 minutes and 53 seconds, becoming the first athlete from Morocco to win the race in its history. Chani will a $50,000 prize for finishing first.

Oromo athlete Gebo Burka came second after finishing the course in 2:12.23, while Kenya’s Michael Kiprop followed him in a time of 2:12.39.

Burka will receive $25,000, while Kiprop is set to go home with $15,000.

Approximately 25,000 runners from 118 countries registered to compete in today’s races which also included a 15km race and a 10km race.


Oromo athlete Abarraa ‪#‎Kumaa‬ (Abera‪#‎Kuma‬) wins ‪#‎Zevenheuvelenloop‬ on Sunday, 16th November 2014.
The Seven Hills Run in ‪#‎Nijmegen‬ won Sunday by Oromo athlete Abarraa Kumaa. The big favorite and defending champion, Leonard Patrick Komon dropped out midway. He could not keep up the pace.
Kuma was part of a leading group with, among other world record holders Leonard Komon and Zersenay Tadese. These two top runners were on‪#‎Zevenheuvelenweg‬ let the leaders go when Kuma accelerated. The Oromian then fought a battle with his compatriots Yigrem Demelash, Yenew Alamirew and Tesfaye Abera. Eventually he arrived solo at the finish.

In the women’s ‪#‎Kenyan‬ Priscah ‪#‎Jeptoo‬ was the fastest. The Kenyan impressed and narrowly missed the world record she walked the 3rd time ever on the 15 kilometers in 46 minutes and 56 seconds. More read @http://www.hardloopnieuws.nl/…/abera-kuma-wint-zevenheuvele…

Gammachuu!!! Gammachuu!!! Injifannoo Atileetota Oromoof! Victory to Oromo athletes!
Amanee Gobanaa (Women’s race) and Gebo Burqaa (2nd in men’s race) took the honours at the 2014 Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, winning at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race.

Belayinesh Oljirraa, Emane Margaa & Muktar Idris Win IAAF Cross Country series in Burgos, Spain.

The 11th ‘Cross Internacional de Atapuerca’ marked the opening leg of this winter’s IAAF Cross Country Permit series which will reach the pinnacle with the IAAF World Cross Country Championships next March and saw victories from the Oromian duo Imane Margaa (Men’s race) and Belaynesh Oljirraa (Women’s race) on Sunday 16th November 2014.

Right from the gun, the men’s race – held in cold conditions as the thermometer barely reached 7 degrees Celsius, and with very strong winds – turned into a two-man battle between Margaa and his compatriot Muktar Edris.
Wearing identical orange vests, Edris and Margaa looked in impressive form but it was always Edris who made the pace while the former world champion Margaa ran comfortably just behind him, copying his tactics from the last three editions in Atapuerca where he had taken narrow sprint finish wins.

Oljirraa maintains the Oromians dominance!

In contrast to the men, the 7.9km women’s race opened relatively gently with Spain’s Sonia Bejarano reaching the one kilometre point in the lead while all the favourites were comfortably positioned behind her.

Oljirraa, who won bronze medals at both the IAAF World Cross Country Championships and also in the IAAF World Championships 10,000m last year, took command some five minutes into the race but there still were a large leading group of seven at halfway.

After successive laps of 6:43 and 6:30, two-time Atapuerca winner Hiwot Ayalew went to the front and the group was quickly whittled down to four with only Ayalew, Oljira, Kenya’s 2013 World Championships 5000m silver medallist Mercy Cherono and Morocco’s Malika Asahssah remaining in contention after Ayalew covered the third lap in 6:25.

With just under two kilometres remaining, Oljirraa regained command of the race and her change of speed left first Cherono and then Ayalew behind.

As Oljirraa carried on to secured her win in style, crossing the line in 25:26, Cherono caught Ayalew some 200 metres out to finish eight seconds adrift the victor.

A fading Ayalew could not even keep her third place as she was caught by Asahssah in the closing 30 metres.

“I knew Atapuerca as I already had raced here three years ago. On that occasion, I came second so I was eager to come back to what I think is the best cross country race in the world and win,” said a delighted Oljirraa.

#Oromo athlete Belaynesh #Oljirraa won the 25th edition #Bupa Great South Run.

Oromo Athletes in Germany: Tulu Wodajo Addisu wins the sovereign Rother fair run

 August 13, 2014

Oromo Athletes performed superb in Roth, Bayern, Germany on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Athlete Tulu Wodajo Addisu, with Oromia National  flag on his shirt (214), finished first, while Etana Getachew finished second and Badhane Gamachu fourth.

Oromo Athletes in GermanyTulu Wodajo Addisu wins the sovereign Rother fair run

Etana GetachewTulluu WadajooBadhane Gamachu


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Marathona Bonn/Germany-tti Gaggeeffame Oromootni Injifatan

Kaacha seena qabeessa  Ebla 10 bara 2011 Magaala Bonn/Germany-tti Deutschepost qopheesse Presadaantii Jarmanii Christian Wulff dhukaasa dhukasaaniin Marathon eggalee.


Jennifer Wenth, Sifan Hassan and Veerle Dejaeghere at Internationale loket.nl Warandeloop Tilburg.

25th November 2014

14 SEP 2014 REPORT


Congra! Brave ‪#‎Oromo‬ athlete Sifan Hassan wins for Europe!

Sifan ‪#‎Hassan‬ collected an impressive victory in the 1500m to further cushion Team Europe’s lead midway through the second day’s programme.

Hassan, the ‪#‎European‬ champion from the ‪#‎Netherlands‬, won by more than a second in 4:05.99 after taking command of the race from the 800m point. She didn’t hide her delight as she crossed the line, arms held high, smiling widely.

“In the last 600 metres (Seyaum) was going fast so I had to speed up,” said the 21-year-old, who ran a world-leading 3:57.00 at the ‪#‎IAAF‬ Diamond League meeting in Paris in July. “So that’s how I won. It’s fantastic!”


Sifan Hassan wins the 1500m at the IAAF Continental Cup, Marrakech 2014 (Getty Images)

Oromo Athelete Sifan Hassan (Representing Netherlands)  won gold medal in 1500 m at European Championships 2014  in Zurich.


August 15, 2014 (Google Translation from Dutch language – NOS) — Sifan Hassan won the gold medal in the 1500m at the European Championships in Zurich, yesterday, August 14, 2014. Hassan (21) was born in Adama, Oromia, and obtained a Dutch passport only last November. Later this week, Hassan was out on the five kilometers.
It is the second Dutch gold medal in Zurich; Wednesday Dafne Schippers was the fastest in the 100m.
Hassan fitted into the finals its usual tactic. She sat only at the start of the final round in the lead and accelerated, but this time she let herself overtake weather by its biggest competitor, the Swedish Abeba Aregawi. On the final straight, the 21-year-old Arnhem hit mercilessly. Aregawi had to settle for silver in 4.05,08. The bronze medal was for the British Laura Weightman in 4.06,32.
Sifan Hassan left Oromia  as a refugee and arrived in the Netherlands in 2008 at age fifteen. She began running while undertaking studies to become a nurse.
Affiliated with Eindhoven Atletiek, she entered the Eindhoven Half Marathon in 2011 and won the race with a time of 77:10 minutes. She was also runner-up at two cross country races (Sylvestercross and Mol Lotto Cross Cup). She won those races in 2012, as well as the 3000 metres at the Leiden Gouden Spike meeting.
Sifan made her breakthrough in the 2013 season. She ran an 800 metres best of 2:00.86 minutes to win at the KBC Night of Athletics and took wins over 1500 metres at the Nijmegen Global Athletics and Golden Spike Ostrava meetings. On the 2013 IAAF Diamond League circuit she was runner-up in the 1500 m at Athletissima with a personal best of 4:03.73 minutes and was third at the DN Galan 3000 metres with a best of 8:32.53 minutes – this time ranked her the fourth fastest in the world that year.
She gained Dutch citizenship in November 2013 and the following month she made her first appearance for her adopted country. At the 2013 European Cross Country Championships she won the gold medal in the under-23 category and helped the Dutch team to third in the rankings. She also won the Warandeloop and Lotto Cross Cup Brussels races that winter. At the beginning of 2014 she ran a world leading time of 8:45.32 minutes for the 3000 m at the Weltklasse in Karlsruhe, then broke the Dutch record in the indoor 1500 m with a run of 4:05.34 minutes at the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix. http://ethiofreespeech.blogspot.no/2014/08/sifan-hassan-won-gold-medal-in-1500-m.html


Oromo athlete  Dr. Tirunesh Dibaba

Olympic and World Champion, Oromo athlete Tirunesh Dibaba, awarded  Honorary Doctorate from  Finfinne (Addis Ababa University), July 2014 picture.

Oromian Runners Shatter Marathon Race Records.Oromo fans showed support to Oromian athlete Deressa Chimsa as he completed the fastest marathon run in Canada (Photo: Lagatafo Studio) http://gadaa.com/oduu/22602/2013/10/21/oromian-runners-shatter-marathon-race-records-in-canada-and-china/Oromian Runners Shatter Marathon Race Records.Oromo fans showed support to Oromian athlete Deressa Chimsa as he completed the fastest marathon run in Canada (Photo: Lagatafo Studio) gadaa.com/…Oromo Athletes: Olympians and world Gold medalists


“The Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia must be one of the most athletically blessed on earth. The list of long distance running champions it has produced includes Haile Gebrselassie, Abebe Bikila, and Sileshi Sihene, as well as Dibaba sisters and Derartu Tulu.” Says Olympic and World Records 2012, Keir Radnedge (Author), pp- 62-82. This is an Official London 2012 Olympic Games Publication.  Wami Biratu, Mammo Dagaga, Tolasa Qotu, Fatuma Roba, Tikki Galana, Lesisa Desisa, Tsegaye Kebede, Meseret Defar,  Maryam Yusuf,  Gelete Burka, Tariku Bekele, Atsede Bayisa, Mohammed Aman,  Gete (Gexee) Wami,  Lamma Kumsa, Abebe Mekonnen,  Fita (Fixa Bayyisa), Ayelech Worku, Worku Bikila, Kuture Dulacha, Elfnesh Alemu,  Abebe Tola, Maru Dhaba,  mariam Hashim, Ibrahim Said, Berhane Adere,  Magarsa Tullu, Abarraa Ayyano,   Mohammed Kadir,  Shibbiruu Raggasaa,  Nugussie Roba  and Markos Geneti Guta are  Oromians of world stars.

Following her dramatic victory in the women’s 10,000m final at Barcelona 1992, Derartu Tulu waited at the finish line for the opponent Elana Meyer, a white South African, and the two set off hand in hand for a victory lap that came to symbolise new hope for Africa. At Sydney 2000, having regained her form of eight years earlier, Tulu again won gold in the women’s 10,000m event, becoming the first woman to win two gold medals in long-distance races at Games and the only woman to win 10,000m gold twice.
Women’s long-distance track events are relatively new to the games programme. It wasn’t until 1996 that a women’s 5000m event introduced and the women’s 10,000m did not make its debut until the 1988 games in Seoul. Only one women, Tirunesh Dibaba at the Beijing games in 2008, has achieved the accolade of claiming the 5000m-10,000m double.
At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Tirunesh Dibaba became the first woman in history to complete the 5000m- 10,000m double.
Gebrselassie burst on to the scene in the 1990s and progressed to become the pre-eminent marathon runner. Bekele took over his crown as king of the men’s 10,000m in 2004 and four years latter laid claim to being the best ever at half the distance. Bekele is aslo arguably the finest cross-country performer the world has ever seen.
Men’s 5000m and 10,000m long distance races challenge an athlete’s speed and endurance. The two events were introduced at the 1912 games Stockholm and many athletes have competed in both over the years with the double achieved on seven occasions, most recently by Kenenisa Bekele at Beijing 2008.

Abebe Bikila´s storyReal inspiration, Abebe Bikila

Abebe Bikila, running barefoot, won the men’s Marathon at Rome 1960 to become the first black African gold medallist in history. When runners lined up for the men’s Marathon at Rome 1960, no one outside his own country had heard of 28-year-old Abebe Bikila. He had been drafted into his country’s team at the last moment only after Wami Biratu broke his ankle playing football. By the end of the race, he had claimed the first gold medal won by a black African in the Games’ history – in bare feet, and in a world record time of 2:15.16. Four years latter, he contracted appendicitis just six weeks before Tokyo Games but jogged around the hospital to maintain his fitness. This was his first marathon with shoes , and he won in another record time (2:12.11).
Olympic and World Records 2012
by Keir Radnedge (Author),Hardback, pp- 62-82.
An Official London 2012 Olympic Games Publication

Oromo athlete, a father of 12, Wami Biratu was once among the best long-distance runners in Ethiopia. Wami had at one point trained Abebe Bikila. In his career, Wami had won 30 gold, 40 silver and 10 bronze medals and won competitions in Egypt, Japan and Czhekoslavakia. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athlete, a father of 12, Wami Biratu was once among the best long-distance runners in Ethiopia. Wami had at one point trained Abebe Bikila. In his career, Wami had won 30 gold, 40 silver and 10 bronze medals and won competitions in Egypt, Japan and Czhekoslavakia.

Oromo athlete Mamo Wolde Dagaga 1968 Mecico Olympics winner1968 Olympic Games. Mexico City, Mexico. Marathon. Oromo athlete Mamo wolde Dagaga, the winner of  mens Marathon (Gold medalist) in the event in the podium.Oromo athlete Mamo Wolde Dagaga Winning 1968 Olympic Marathon Event

Oromo athlete, Mamo Walde Degaga 1931-2002. Mexico (1968) Olympic marathon Gold medallist http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.htmlOromo runners, Abebe Bikila & Mamo Wolde, competing in the Boston Marathon. Photo by Ted Russell.The LIFE Images Collection.Getty Images.Oromo (Oromian) runners Abebe Bikila (L) & Mamo Wolde (R) during exhibition race at Berlin Olympic Stadium. (Photo by Robert Lackenbach.The LIFE Picture Collection.Getty Images)Oromo  (Oromian) athletes Abebe Bikila (L) and Mamo Wolde Dagaga  (R) in exhibition race at Berlin Olympic Stadium. (Photo by Robert Lackenbach.The LIFE Picture Collection.Getty Images)

Oromo athlete, Mamo Walde Dagaga 1931-2002. Mexico (1968) Olympic marathon Gold medallist.

Mamo Wolde Dagaga was born in the village of Dirre Jille in  Ad’a district about 60 Km from Finfinnee from his parents Obbo Wolde Dagaga and Aadde  Ganame Gobana.

Mamo grew up in a traditional upbringing spending most of his childhood in Dredhele where he attended a “qes” schooling. In June of 1951, he was hired by the Imperial Body Guard. While at the  armed forces, Mamo was able to further his education. In 1953, he was transferred to the Second Battalion of the Imperial Guard and was sent to Korea as part of the UN peacekeeping mission. Mamo spent 2 years in Korea where he had a distinguished military service. After returning from Korea, Mamo got married and pursued his passion of athletics quite regularly.

Mamo easily qualified to be a member of the Ethiopian Olympics team that participated in the Melbourne Olympics in 1962. He had the overall best performance of the national Olympics team by becoming 4-th in 1500 meter race. In 1968, Mamo competed in the 10000 meters race along with the then favorite Kenyan athletes Kip Keno and Naphtaly Temo. 200 meters before the end of the race, Mamo went to the lead. He maintained the lead until almost the end whence he was overtaken by Naphtaly Temo of Kenya. Mamo won his first Silver Olympic medal. One day before the marathon race, the team trainer Negussie Roba approached Mamo and informed him that the legendary Abebe may not be able to finish the marathon race due to bad health. Coach Negussie told Mamo that he was the nation’s only hope for the next day’s marathon race and orders him to prepare. The next day, October 20, 1968, 72 athletes from 44 countries started the long anticipated race. Abebe Bikila, Mamo Wolde and Demssie represented Ethiopia. Abebe later dropped out of the race at the 15-th Km after leading for the whole duration. Mamo later would muse.

Mamo Wolde completed the race victoriously giving his country a third gold medal in Marathon. Mamo became an instant hero just like Abebe. Mamo was 35 when he won the Mexico City Marathon race. In 1972, Mamo participated in the Munich Olympics at the age of 40 where he won a bronze medal in the 10000 meter. In his athletic career, Mamo had participated in a total of 62 international competitions. http://www.roadrunnersclub.org.uk/documents/196_MamoWoldeandtheRRC.pdf



Oromo athlete Tolossa Qottuu  is currently the assistant coach of the Ethiopian National Athletic team. Tolossa had his own successful career in long-distance running which earned him 18 gold, 3 silver and 12 bronze medals. His rise to national level was as a result of his near win in the 5K race in 1972 which he narrowly lost to Miruts. Tolossa had participated in the Montreal and Moscow Olympics. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athlete Tolossa Qottuu is currently the assistant coach of the Ethiopian National Athletic team. Tolossa had his own successful career in long-distance running which earned him 18 gold, 3 silver and 12 bronze medals. His rise to national level was as a result of his near win in the 5K race in 1972 which he narrowly lost to Miruts. Tolossa had participated in the Montreal and Moscow Olympics.

Oromo athlete Eshetu Tura had won a total of 30 gold, 19 silver and 13 bronze medals in the 3000 meters hurdle race. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athlete Eshetu Tura had won a total of 30 gold, 19 silver and 13 bronze medals in the 3000 meters hurdle race.

Eshetu Tura is a man whose career changed by a song. The famous song written by Solomon Tessema, the legendary sport journalist, to honor Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde (marathon li-Ililtwa) was playing on the radio after Mamo’s victory in Mexico City. Eshetu not only get inspiration but also a determination to be like Abebe and Mamo.

Eshetu joined the armed forces, the breeding-ground of athletics success in Ethiopia. His win in the 3000 meters hurdle earned him the national spot-light. Eshetu had won a total of 30 gold, 19 silver and 13 bronze medals in the 3000 meters hurdle race. Eshetu’s name is recorded in the History books as Oromia’s first athlete in the 3K hurdle.

Oromo athletes. Oromia. Africa http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athletes at Helsinki, 10,000m, 1983. www.oromiasports

Oromo athlete as she won the women’s 10000 meters race in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athlete Darartu Tulluu as she won the women’s 10000 meters race in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.www.oromiasports

Derartu Tulu rose to fame and an Olympics history, when she convincingly won the women’s 10000 meters race in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. The scene of this 23 year old Ethiopian young lady winning this race and then draping herself with the national tri-color and doing a lap has placed her in the ranks of the eternal Oromo heroes Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde.

Dearatu was born in 1969 in the village of Bokoji in the Arsi region of central Oromia as a seventh child in a family of 10 children. Even in elementary school, Derartu excelled in horse riding competitions. Derartu’s first significant win came in a 400 meter race in her school where she out-run the school’s start male athlete. That along with a win in 800 meters race in her district convincingly put Derartu in a path of a successful career in Athletics. In 1988, Derartu represented the region of Arsi and competed in a national 1500 meters race where she won a bronze medal.

When she was 17, Derartu was hired by the Ethiopian Police Force. In 1989, she competed in her first international race of 6 kilometer cross-country in Norway but was 23rd. In a year time, though, she competed in the same race and won the Gold Medal. Derartu won international recognition and success in the 90’s. Her record-setting win in the 10,000 meter race in Bulgaria and her win in the same distance race in Cairo, Egypt are worth mentioning.

Derartu’s win in the 10,000 meter race in the Barcelona Olympics goes down in the History Books as the first gold-medal win ever by an African woman.

Darartu is the first black African woman to win a gold medal which she won in the 10,000m event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. The race, where her and Elana Meyer (South Africa) raced for lap after lap way ahead of the rest of the field launched her career. She sat out 1993 and 1994 with a knee injury and returned to competition in the 1995 IAAF World Cross Country Championships where she won gold, having arrived at the race only an hour before the start. She was stuck in Athens airport without sleep for 24 hours. The same year she lost out to Fernanda Ribeiro and won silver at the World Championships 10,000.

1996 was a difficult year. At the IAAF World Cross Country Championships Tulu lost her shoe in the race and had to fight back to get 4th place. She also finished 4th at the Olympic Games where she was nursing an injury. In 1997 she won the world cross country title for the second time but did not factor in the 10,000 metres World Championships. 1998 and 1999 she gave birth, but came back in 2000 in the best shape of her life. She won the 10,000 metres Olympic gold for the second time (the only woman to have done this in the short history of the event). She had also won the IAAF World Cross Country Championships title for the third time. In 2001 she finally won her world 10,000 track title in Edmonton. This was her third world and Olympic gold medal. She has a total of 6 world and Olympic gold medals.

Her transition to the marathon was rewarded with victories in London and Tokyo Marathons in 2001. She finished 4th at the 2005 World Championships setting her personal best time of 2:23:30. She also won the Portugal Half Marathon in 2000 and 2003, and Lisbon Half Marathon in 2003. In 2009, at the age of 37, she won the New York City Marathondefeating of the likes of Paula Radcliffe,[1] Lyudmila Petrova and Salina Kosgei.

In 2004, she declined to enter the New York Marathon, where she would have been likely to face marathon World Record holder Paula Radcliffe, whom she has had a great rivalry with over the years, and focused instead on the Olympic Games, where she won the bronze medal in the 10 000 m behind Xing Huina and her cousin Ejegayehu Dibaba. (Radcliffe failed to finish.)

She is also remembered for her speed and her 60.3 second-last lap at the end of the 10,000 metres at the Sydney Olympics was a sprint of note. As of 2014, Derartu Tulu is still running competitively, while most of her old rivals are retired or retiring.  In her short but on-going career, she has managed to win over 35 gold, 12 silver and 15 bronze medal.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derartu_Tulu

Daraartu Tulluu (Derartu Tulu), Oromo athlete and Olympian, the first African/ Oromian woman to win Olympic  Gold medal (Barcelona, 1992) received Honorary Doctors  from the university of the Western cape. In picture: Vice President Hanecom, Daraartuu Tulluu and the Rector of the University of Western Cape, Prof. Brian O'C'onnell.

Oromo athlete Fatima Roba. The first black/ African Woman to win Marathon. http://www.oromiasports.com/athletics.html

Oromo athlete Fatima (Fatuma)  Roba. The first black/ African Woman to win Marathon. www.oromiasports

‘Like many other African elite runners also placed her as a child a long way to school on foot. Her first big success was a third place over 10,000 m at the African Athletics Championships in 1993 in Durban . In 1996 she won the Rome Marathon and then won the marathon of the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta , the gold medal ahead of Valentina Egorova (RUS) and Yuko Arimori (JPN). At the Boston Marathon , she won in 1997 (as the first African woman), in its 1998 personal best time of 2:23:21 and 1999. At the Tokyo International Women’s Marathon 1999, she was second and at the 1999 World Championships in Seville , she took 4th place in the marathon. In 2000, she ran the Boston Marathon in third place. In 2001 she won the Madrid Marathon Millennium and the 2004 Nagano Marathon .’

Roba started running in her elementary school in the Arsi region that was once home also to Derartu Tulu and Haile Gebrselassie, 10,000-meter Olympic gold-medalists in 1992 and 1996 respectively.

Fatuma Roba was the fourth of eight children of subsistence farmers living in the rural countryside outside Bukeji, Derartu Tulu’s hometown. Roba began winning 100-meter and 200-meter races and was chosen to represent her school in regional competitions.

“I knew of (1960 Olympic marathon winner) Abebe Bikila and (1968 winner) Mamo Wolde from the radio, so I thought I’d try it, too,” she says. Unlike many rural women runners, Roba says she faced little objection from her Muslim family when she decided to take up the sport. Four years later, she moved to Finfinne became a runner on the prison police force.

‘Fatuma Roba did not take the usual path to becoming a living legend in the sport of marathon running. She was a pioneer, becoming Africa’s first ever female to take the sport’s most prestigious prize at Atlanta in 1996 when she won the Centennial Olympic Marathon. Who would have thought it, when she had only a 2:39 PR coming into the Olympic year!’http://www.runnersworld.com/boston-marathon/fatuma-roba-twisted-path-living-legend

‪#‎Oromia‬ and ‪#‎Kenyan‬ girls dominated ‪#‎5000m‬ final race, IAAF Moscow 2013. Bronze medal winner Almaz ‪#‎Ayana‬ of Oromia, gold medal winner Meseret ‪#‎Defar‬ of Oromia and silver medal winner Kenya's Mercy ‪#‎Cherono‬, from left, compete in the women's 5000-meter final  Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. Photo: David J. Phillip, http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Meseret-Defar-wins-women-s-5-000-at-worlds-4740369.php#photo-5056942

‎Oromo and ‎Kenyan‬ girls dominated ‪‎5000m‬ final race, IAAF Moscow 2013. Bronze medal winner Almaz ‪ ‎Ayana‬ of Oromia, gold medal winner Meseret ‪Defar‬ of Oromia and silver medal winner Kenya’s Mercy ‪#‎Cherono‬, from left, compete in the women’s 5000-meter final Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. Photo: David J. Phillip,www.sfgate.com/

Jamal was born in the Arsi Zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, an area famous for distance runners, including Haile Gebreselassie, Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba. She is Muslim, and is of Oromo background.  Also at the 2012 Olympics, runner Maryam Yusuf Jamal of Bahrain became the first Gulf female athlete to win a medal when she won a bronze for her showing in the 1,500m race.

Maryam Jamal was born in the Arsi Zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, an area famous for distance runners, including Haile Gebreselassie, Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba. She is  Muslim Oromo.  At  the 2012 Olympics,  Maryam Yusuf Jamal  Represented of Bahrain and  became the first Gulf female athlete to win a medal when she won a bronze for her showing in the 1,500m race.

News Photo: Gold medalist, an Oromo, Tiki Gelana blows a kiss…Tiki gelana.jpg

Oromo athlete Tikki Galana, as she wins the 2012 Women’s marathon in London.

Gelana carried on running but was unable to make up the ground, finishing 16th

Tikki Galana, London Marathon 2013.

 Tikki Gelana  Erba (born 22 October 1987) is an Oromian long-distance runner who competes in marathon races. Her personal best of 2:18:58 hours is the Ethiopian national record for the event. She won the 2011 Amsterdam Marathon and the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon. She won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics with a time of 2:23:07, a new Olympic record.

A cousin of 2000 Olympic marathon champion Gezahegne Abera, Tiki was born in Bekoji, a town renowned for producing top runners. She began competing in road races in Ethiopia and came fourth at the 2004 Great Ethiopian Run.[1] She went to Cataloniain Spain in 2006 and made her debut over the half marathon distance, including wins in Mataró and Terrassa.[2] She won the San Silvestre Barcelonesa 10K race at the end of the year.[3] She travelled to Japan in 2007 and won the 10K at the Sanyo Road Race – her time of 31:54 minutes made her the third fastest Ethiopian that year.[4][5] She won the 2008 Women First 5K in Addis Ababa in March,[6] then came fourth at the high-profile World 10K Bangalore in May.[7] She debuted on the European track and field circuit that summer and set a 5000 metres best of 15:17.74 minutes at the Internationales Stadionfest and a 10,000 metres best of 31:27.80 minutes at the Ostrava Golden Spike.[8]

In late 2008, she took sixth place at the Delhi Half Marathon with a time of 1:10:22 hours,[9] but she was two minutes slower at the 2009 RAK Half Marathon, finishing 16th.[10] but managed second place behind Abebu Gelan at the Virginia Beach Half Marathon in her American debut.[11] Her marathon debut followed in October at the Dublin Marathon and in a close finish she took third place on the podium.[12] In 2010 she came fourth at both the Los Angeles Marathon and the Dublin Marathon, although she improved her best to 2:29:53 hours.[13]

The 2011 Amsterdam Marathon marked a breakthrough for Tiki as she won the race in a time of 2:22:08 hours – almost eight minutes faster than her previous best and an improvement upon Gete Wami‘s nine-year-old course record.[14] At the end of that year she returned to Ethiopia, where she came runner-up at the Great Ethiopian Run and third at the Ethiopian Clubs Cross Country Championships.[15][16] She improved her personal best at the Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon in February 2012, going unchallenged to win the race in 1:08:48 hours.[17]

She broke the Ethiopian record at the 2012 Rotterdam Marathon, completing a solo run of 2:18:58 hours to win the race almost five minutes ahead of runner-up Valeria Straneo.[18] This made her the fourth fastest woman ever over the distance.[19] She was selected to represent Ethiopia in the Olympic marathon as a result. At the London 2012 Olympics she won the gold medal at the marathon with an Olympic record time of 2:23:07 hours, in spite of rain throughout the race and a fall at the water station.[20] After the Olympics she ran a personal best for the half marathon, recording 1:07:48 for third at the Great North Run,[21] then ran a 15 km best of 48:09 minutes at the Zevenheuvelenloop (finishing behind Olympic 10,000 m champion Tirunesh Dibaba at both races).[22] She was chosen at the AIMS World Athlete of the Year Award for her performances that year.[23]

In her first outing of 2013 she held off Kim Smith to defend her Marugame Half Marathon title.[24]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiki_Gelana

Beijing and London Double Olympic Champion Tirunesh Dibaba of Oromia.

Oromo Athlete Dr. Tirunesh Dibaba

Oromo athlete:Genzebe Dibaba  1500m world Champion


Oromo athlete, Genzebe Dibaba 1500m world Champion

Oromo Athlete Genzebe Dibaba breaks 3000m indoor record in Stockholm


Injifannoo gammachiisa!!!!
Oromo athlete Genzebe Dibaba wins the women’s 3000m for ‪#‎TeamAfrica‬ in 8:57.54. The fourth w3000 win in a row for Africa at the IAAF‪#‎ContinentalCup‬, 13th September 2014.

Tirunesh Dibaba Continues Her 10,000-Meter Dominance wins in 30:43.35, remaining unbeaten in 11 tries. In this picture Tirunesh Dibaba of Oromia  (Gold) leads Belaynesh Oljira of Oromia (Bronze) and Gladys Cherono of Kenya (Silver) in the women's 10,000 meters at Moscow World Athletics Champioship, 11 August 2013.  In Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.Ibrahim Jeilan (Oromia, silver) and Mo Farah (Britain, gold) in 10,000k Moscow World Athletics 2013 final race. All are Cushitic East Africa and Great finish!!!Ibrahim Jeilan (Oromia, silver) and Mo Farah (Britain, gold) in 10,000k Moscow World Athletics 2013 final race.

Ibrahim Jeilan Gashu  an Oromo long-distance runner who specialises in the5000 metres and 10,000 metres on the track, as well as cross country running. He is a former world champion in 10,000 metres.

After winning silver at the 2005 World Youth Championships, he rose to prominence in 2006 by winning the Ethiopian 10,000 m title and a gold at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics. He then ran a world youth best of 27:02.81 over 10,000 m – also the second best ever run by a junior after Samuel Wanjiru.[1]

After an underwhelming 2007 season he scored greater success in 2008, becoming the 2008 World Junior Cross Country Championand then taking the 10,000 m silver at the African Championships. He also won the long-running Giro di Castelbuono road race in Italy.

Oromo Athlete Guddinaa Dabalee, #Oromia, as he wins run for Leads 10km, UK. 14th July 2013Oromo athlete Guddinaa Dabalee, the winner  of run for Leads 10km, UK. 14th July 2013 with Oromia national flag.Impressive win for Oromo athlete Mohammed Aman in 800m runs 1:43.79 in Ostrava. 28 June 2013

Oromo athlete Mohammed Aman Geleto (born 10 January 1994) is Oromian middle distance runner. Born in Asella town in Oromia. He is the winner of the 800-meter final at the 2013 World Athletics Championships in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. He displayed an impressive  victory  in 800m, runs 1:43.79 in Ostrava in 2013. He also won consecutive 800 m titles at the 2009 and 2011 African Junior Athletics Championships. Aman was the inaugural winner of the 1000 metres race at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore. He won a silver medal in the 800 m at the2011 World Youth Championships in Athletics, finishing behind Leonard Kirwa Kosencha who set a world youth best. In September he improved his Ethiopian record to 1:43.37 minutes (also a world youth best) behind David Rudisha at the Rieti Meeting, then ended Rudisha’s 34-meet winning streak at the Notturna di Milano, beating him by seven hundredths of a second in a time of 1:43.50 minutes.

He won 800 m final in the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul as the youngest gold medalist athlete.

Winner of the Boston Marathon, Oromo athlete Lelisa Desisa with United States Secretary of State John Kerry at the American Embassy in Oromian Capital, Finfinnee. In a somber ceremony at the American Embassy on Sunday, 26th May 2013,  Lelisa Desisa, the men’s winner of this year’s Boston Marathon, said he intended to donate his medal to the people of Boston.  “Sport holds the power to unify people,” Desisa said.Winner of the Boston Marathon, Oromo athlete Lelisa Desisa with United States Secretary of State John Kerry at the American Embassy in Oromian Capital, Finfinnee.
In a somber ceremony at the American Embassy on Sunday, 26th May 2013, Lelisa Desisa, the men’s winner of this year’s Boston Marathon, said he intended to donate his medal to the people of Boston.“Sport holds the power to unify people,” Desisa said.

Oromo athlete, Genzebe Shumi Raggasaa is Golden girl in 800m http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/NewsDetails.aspx?storyid=353849Oromian (Oromo) long distance athletes Continued their dominance of the International Marathon as Jakob Jarsoo Kintraa (Men's ) and Worknesh Degefa (Women's) triumphed Chinese Yangzhou International Half Marathon, the IAAF Gold Label Road Race, on Sunday 21st April 2013.

Olympian. World great athlete Virgin London Marathon 2013 men's race winner: Oromo Athlete Tsegaye Kebede Hordofa http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/21/london-marathon-david-weir-finishes-down-in-fifth-place-as-mo-farah-completes-his-half-3660432/

Oromia’s Tsegaye Kebede won the men’s London 2013 Marathon race in an unofficial time of two hours six minutes three seconds after chasing down runaway leader Emmanuel Muta.

Kebede’s late surge saw him pass the Kenyan in the final mile, having been 49 seconds adrift in fifth place at the 35km mark.http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/21/london-marathon-david-weir-finishes-down-in-fifth-place-as-mo-farah-completes-his-half-3660432/

Oromo Athlete, Fayyisee Boru  Tadesse, winner of the 2013, International Paris Marathon, 37th Edition. World leading time and course record of  2:21:05. Oromia, East Africa.The rising star. Oromo athlete Sifan Hassan. Based in Holland,Sifan Hassan is part of the Diamond League, made Thursday during the athletics gala in Stockholm, finished third in the 3000 meters. Oromo athlete Meseret Defar Gold. http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/2698/Sport/article/detail/3496908/2013/08/22/Toptijd-Sifan-Hassan-in-Stockholm.dhtmlAfter a 27-year wait, the 33rd Beijing International Marathon finally produced a course record as Oromo athlete Tadese Tola won the IAAF Gold Label Road Race in 2:07:16 on Sunday (20 the October 2013), http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/beijing-course-record-finally-broken-by-tolaOromo athlete Buzunesh dhabaa (Deba) 2011 and 2013 New York Marathon finishes 2nd.  Debutante (2013) Oromo athlete  Tigist Fufa displayed great performance as in leading the  1st 35k.

Oromo athletes Buzunesh Daba is 2nd in 2013 New York Women Marathon and TigistTufa  has demonstrated  great performance as debutante. Both were leading the 1st 35 km. Priscah Jeptoo of Kenya is the 1st. The favorite Tsegaye Kebede is 2nd in the men’s race as Kenyan was the 1st. 



Mare Dibaba winning at the 2014 Xiamen International Marathon (Organisers)

Oromo athlete Mare Dibaba wins the 2014 Xiamen Marathon



Negari Terfa wins the men's race at the 2013 Xiamen Marathon (Organisers)

Oromo athlete Negari Terfa wins the  11th Xiamen International Marathon, an IAAF Gold Label race (2013), and  set a course record in the men’s race while  while Oromo athleteFatuma Sado made it an Oromiann double by winning the women’s race. Eyarusalem Kuma is 3rd in the women’s race.


Oromo  athlete Markos Geneti (born May 30, 1984 in Gute, a small township about 10 km east of Nekemte in Eastern Wollega, the State of Oromia) is an Oromian long-distance runner who previously competed in track running, but now is a road specialist.

He won the 3000 metres title at the 2001 World Youth Championships in Athletics and stepped up a level to take the silver medal over5000 metres at the 2002 World Junior Championships in Athletics the following year. Turning to senior competition, he was the runner-up in the 5000 m behind Hailu Mekonnen at the 2003 Afro-Asian Games and went on to claim the bronze medal in the 3000 m at the2004 IAAF World Indoor Championships. He competed in that event twice at the IAAF World Athletics Final, in 2004 and 2005, but failed to win a medal on either occasion.

He made his global outdoor debut at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics, where he reached the semi-finals of the 1500 metres. Geneti ran a 3000 m best of 7:32.69 minutes at the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix in February 2007.[1] The following month he then made his debut at the 2007 IAAF World Cross Country Championships, where his 15th place finish was the second best performance by an Ethiopian (after Tadese Tola).

In March 2011, he won the Los Angeles Marathon, breaking the record by almost two minutes in his first marathon attempt. His time of 2:06:35 was the sixth fastest ever for a race débutante at that point. In his second race at the 2012 Dubai Marathon he ran a personal best time of 2:04:54 hours, but in one of the fastest races ever, he took third place behind Ayele Abshero and Dino Sefir.He did not return to competition until December, when he ran at the Honolulu Marathon and placed second to Wilson Kipsang.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markos_Geneti

Oromo Athletes win Great Manchester Run

_74934696_dibaba _74934898_kenenisa_bekele

May 18, 2014, Manchester, England – Oromian athletics legends Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba eased to victory in their respective races in the Great Manchester Run on Sunday.

World and Olympic 10,000m champion Tirunesh Dibaba earned a comfortable victory in the women’s competition, finishing the 10km course in 31:09.

Bekele, a three-time Olympic gold medalist on the track, raced alongside world marathon record holder Wilson Kipsang of Kenya for much of the 10 kilometres course.

However, the 31-year-old – who indicated he may have an equally glorious career ahead of him in road racing when he won his debut marathon in Paris in April – kicked away in the final 400 metres to finish in a time of 28 minutes 23 seconds.

Kipsang, also fresh from a marathon triumph in London where he set a new course record, came in five seconds back while South Africa’s Steve Mokoka was some distance back in third.

“I’m very happy to win here after having run the marathon recently,” said Bekele.

“There was a lot of wind so I tried to hide behind Kipsang and save my energy.”

A beaming Kipsang was delighted with his showing.

“This is a short distance for me but I still showed I have the speed.

“We shall meet again and over the longer distance (the marathon),” said the 32-year-old, who took marathon bronze in the 2012 Olympics.

Bekele, also a four-time 10 000 metres world champion as well as once the 5 000m titleholder, said that he and Kipsang would face many battles over the marathon distance in the years to come.

“I will run some races on the track still but Wilson and I are the same age and the same level so we will be competing against each other for years to come,” said Bekele.

Dibaba, a three-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion on the track, was never troubled and came home over a minute clear of her nearest rivals Gemma Steel of Great Britain and Polline Wanjiku of Kenya.

“The course was very good but the wind was a problem,” said 28-year-old Dibaba


Bishaan Amboo sana dhugdeeti.
The winner of Dubai and Houston Marathon, #Oromo athlete #Mamitu #Daska is unquestionably the current queen of the #Bolder Boulder’s elite women’s 10K race.

The Oromian won her fourth title Monday 26th may 2014 well ahead of the rest of the field, finishing in 32 minutes, 21.63 seconds. She also won in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and was the runner-up in 2011. Only Portugal‘s Rosa Mota has more career Bolder Boulder victories with five.

Even with temperatures in the high 60s, and even with a hard early pace from Deena Kastor, Daska felt the pace was too slow. So she took off down the left side of a long straightaway before the first mile while the rest of the women followed the inside curve of the road.

The champion “did good training and felt the pace was easy at the beginning,” Daska said through a translator.

That set the tone: If you want to win, prepare for bold moves and a long grind over the scorching pavement of this rolling, high-altitude course.



5th June 2014, Rome: Injifannoo boonsaa fi gammachiisaa atleetota Oromoo. Baga gammaddan. Congratulations!

‪#‎Oromo‬ athletes Genzebe ‪#‎Dibaba‬ (1st) & Almaz ‪#‎Ayana‬(2nd) win the women’s 5000m at  the ‪#‎Rome‬ ‪#‎Diamond‬ League 2014. Mohammed Aman vince gara 800m maschile. Viva! ‪#‎Oromia‬ the athletic nation.


Atleti #Oromo Genzebe #Dibaba (1 °) e Almaz #Ayana (2 °) vince 5000m delle donne alla ‪#‎Roma‬ #Diamond League 2014.Viva! #Oromia la nazione atletica.

Congratulations!to   athlete Mohammed as he wins 800m IAAF  League  2014 

July 26, 2014 (IAAF) —World youth 3000m champion, Oromo athelete Yomif Kejelcha led for most of the last kilometre to win the men’s 5000m in 13:25.19, his best ever clocking.

Kejelcha’s team mate Yasin Haji, with whom he shared pacing duties in the last third of the race, finished in 13:26.21 for silver. Moses Letoyie of Kenya took bronze in 13:28.11.

Almaz Ayana

Oromo athlete:  Almaz Ayana Ebbaa

Injfannoo atleetota Oromoo (Almaaz & Ganzabe).

Oromo women Athletes Almaz Ayana  Ebbaa & Genzebe Dibaba win (1st & 2nd) African Athletics championship, 12 August  2014 in 5000m, Morocco. Janet Kisa of Kenya 3rd. http://ayyaantuu.com/sport/almaz-ayana-surprises-genzebe-dibaba-at-african-athletics-championship-in-morocco/

Oromo Athletes  Bonsa Gonfa (men)  and Adanech Mamo (Women) won Bonn Marathon  April 2014 


Marathona Bonn/Germany-tti Gaggeeffame Oromootni Injifatan.

Oromo Athletes Fiqiruu Ajjamaa and  Badhaanee Gammachuu won the 2011 Bonn mens Marathon. See Picture below:









Photo: Who are the Oromo People?</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Population:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The Oromo people are the native inhabitants of Eastern Africa. Their population is estimated at 40 million people, which comprises the single largest ethnic group in East Africa. There are thousands of Oromo people living in diaspora, largely residing in countries including the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Norway, England and Sweden.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Where is the Oromo land?</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The land of the Oromo people is called Oromia. Oromia is bordered by Ogadenia and Somalia in the East, Kenya in the South, Gambella and Sudan in the West and Abyssinia in the North. The capital city of Oromia is called Finfinnee (pronounced fynn-fynn-neh), otherwise referred to as “Addis Ababa”.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Language:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The Oromo people speak Afaan Oromo. They belong to the Cushitic-speaking group of Eastern Africa. The Oromo language is the 4th most spoken language in the continent of Africa.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Religion:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The Oromo people practice three main religions Waqeefanna (Traditional Oromo beliefs), Islam and Christianity.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>History:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Since the late 19th century, the Oromo have been under colonization by successive Ethiopian governments. Assisted by European colonial powers with modern weaponry, many Oromo people were killed and during 1870 until 1900s. Bloodshed was intense as the Oromo population was reduced from 10 million to 5 million people.  Since the forced incorporation of Oromia as part of present day ‘Ethiopian’ empire, the language and culture of the Oromo people was banned by the Ethiopian government and punishable as a crime, until 1991. Oromo attempts to preserve the Oromo culture and language exist despite open attempts at Oromo ethnic cleansing.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Since the official penalty for speaking the language has been lifted in 1991, many Oromo people are still identified as “Ethiopian”; a title is largely resented because of the because of the historically traumatic connotations  for Oromo people.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Notable Oromo movements, particularly in the 1960′s include the Oromo Raayya revolt, the Caalanqo and Aanoole Wars and The Afran Qalloo movements. Other Oromo groups and movements include the Maccaa Tuulama Association, the birth of the Oromo Liberation Front, the Oromo Student movements in 2005.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>The Oromo people refer to themselves as Oromo and their land as Oromia.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Historical and cultural information about Oromo people:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Gadaa System:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The Oromo people live by a democratic and egalitarian political system, called the Gadaa system. The Gadaa system consists of Gadaa grades, these grades have individual titles and responsibilities and are also grouped in 8 year periods. Each Gadaa title teaches the young male from birth to develop skills and knowledge about culture, governance, family values and leadership qualities. At the age of 40, Oromo men can be elected as Gadaa officials.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Siinqee Institution:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> Like Oromo men, Oromo women have an incorporated institution. Siinqee is one of the pillars of Gadaa, an indigenous system of thought and practice which forms the foundations of Oromo society. As the bride steps out of the door of her mother’s house, she would be handed the Siinqee (a traditional and sacred Oromo stick) by her mother. She walks, imbued with the majesty of Siinqee, shoulder to shoulder with her bridegroom, who carries a spear. The role of Siinqee in Oromo society is to keep the peace and moral sanctity of the society. Warring groups would have to immediately halt their hostilities once the womenfolk wielding Siinqee appear on the battle scene. Most importantly, when in justice is committed, the women in the vicinity would come out in the the morning hours bearing their Siinqee and baring their hairs. According to Oromo custom, the testimony of a woman is not to be doubted. It takes only the testimony of a woman to convict a man. However, it would take the sworn testimony of three men to convict a man as guilty.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Coffee:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> Coffee was first found in Oromia, in the city of Kaffa, South Western Oromia. Oromo people began using coffee for nutritional use in the beginning of the 5th century.</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Athletics:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> The Oromo people have some of the fastest athletes in the world. These athletes include Abbabba Biqilaa who ran barefoot at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Other famous Oromo athletes include Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba, Kenenisa Bekele, Tirunesh Dibaba and many others.#OromoProtests</p><br /><br /><br /> <p> <a href=http://oromoprotests.com/who-are-the-oromo/</p><br /><br />
<p> http://www.oromoliberationfront.info/press/Oromo-flyer-ver.4.0.pdf</p><br /><br />
<p> http://www.pinterest.com/oromtichaoromo/oromia-in-pictures/</p><br /><br />
<p> https://oromianeconomist.wordpress.com/?s=athletic+nation&searchbutton=go%21” />

Who are the Oromo People?

The Oromo people are the native inhabitants of Eastern Africa. Their population is estimated at 40 million people, which comprises the single largest ethnic group in East Africa. There are thousands of Oromo people living in diaspora, largely residing in countries including the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Norway, England and Sweden.

Where is the Oromo land?
The land of the Oromo people is called Oromia. Oromia is bordered by Ogadenia and Somalia in the East, Kenya in the South, Gambella and Sudan in the West and Abyssinia in the North. The capital city of Oromia is called Finfinnee (pronounced fynn-fynn-neh), otherwise referred to as “Addis Ababa”.

The Oromo people speak Afaan Oromo. They belong to the Cushitic-speaking group of Eastern Africa. The Oromo language is the 4th most spoken language in the continent of Africa.

The Oromo people practice three main religions Waqeefanna (Traditional Oromo beliefs), Islam and Christianity.


Since the late 19th century, the Oromo have been under colonization by successive Ethiopian governments. Assisted by European colonial powers with modern weaponry, many Oromo people were killed and during 1870 until 1900s. Bloodshed was intense as the Oromo population was reduced from 10 million to 5 million people. Since the forced incorporation of Oromia as part of present day ‘Ethiopian’ empire, the language and culture of the Oromo people was banned by the Ethiopian government and punishable as a crime, until 1991. Oromo attempts to preserve the Oromo culture and language exist despite open attempts at Oromo ethnic cleansing.

Since the official penalty for speaking the language has been lifted in 1991, many Oromo people are still identified as “Ethiopian”; a title is largely resented because of the because of the historically traumatic connotations for Oromo people.

Notable Oromo movements, particularly in the 1960′s include the Oromo Raayya revolt, the Caalanqo and Aanoole Wars and The Afran Qalloo movements. Other Oromo groups and movements include the Maccaa Tuulama Association, the birth of the Oromo Liberation Front, the Oromo Student movements in 2005.

The Oromo people refer to themselves as Oromo and their land as Oromia.

Historical and cultural information about Oromo people:

Gadaa System:
The Oromo people live by a democratic and egalitarian political system, called the Gadaa system. The Gadaa system consists of Gadaa grades, these grades have individual titles and responsibilities and are also grouped in 8 year periods. Each Gadaa title teaches the young male from birth to develop skills and knowledge about culture, governance, family values and leadership qualities. At the age of 40, Oromo men can be elected as Gadaa officials.

Siinqee Institution:
Like Oromo men, Oromo women have an incorporated institution. Siinqee is one of the pillars of Gadaa, an indigenous system of thought and practice which forms the foundations of Oromo society. As the bride steps out of the door of her mother’s house, she would be handed the Siinqee (a traditional and sacred Oromo stick) by her mother. She walks, imbued with the majesty of Siinqee, shoulder to shoulder with her bridegroom, who carries a spear. The role of Siinqee in Oromo society is to keep the peace and moral sanctity of the society. Warring groups would have to immediately halt their hostilities once the womenfolk wielding Siinqee appear on the battle scene. Most importantly, when in justice is committed, the women in the vicinity would come out in the the morning hours bearing their Siinqee and baring their hairs. According to Oromo custom, the testimony of a woman is not to be doubted. It takes only the testimony of a woman to convict a man. However, it would take the sworn testimony of three men to convict a man as guilty.

Coffee was first found in Oromia, in the city of Kaffa, South Western Oromia. Oromo people began using coffee for nutritional use in the beginning of the 5th century.

The Oromo people have some of the fastest athletes in the world. These athletes include Abbabba Biqilaa who ran barefoot at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Other famous Oromo athletes include Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba, Kenenisa Bekele, Tirunesh Dibaba and many others.#OromoProtests

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IMF denounces “trickle-down” economics July 12, 2015

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???????????Trickle down economics


Huffington Post

The International Monetary Fund Should Challenge the One Per Cent

,  Award-Winning Journalist



Two remarkable developments during the past 10 days that could have a significant impact in many countries are worth a lot more attention in Canada and the United States.

First, a major research document published by five top economists at theInternational Monetary Fund (IMF)admitted that the strong pro-capitalist policies at the centre of its activities in developing countries for the past 30 years do not work.

One of the IMF’s main roles in recent years has been to bail out countries during financial crises. In return for loans, some 60 mostly poor countries have been forced to follow strict rules, such as privatizing government resources, deregulating controls to open markets to foreign investment, and restricting what they can spend in areas such as education and health care.

Now the paper, Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: A Global Perspective, says there needs to be a shift and that greater income equality in both developing and developed countries should become a priority.

Dutch told to act on emissions

The other significant but unrelated development which received scant attention, concerns a ground-breaking decision from judges in the Netherlands. They ordered the Netherlands government to slash greenhouse gas emissions by at least a remarkable 25 per cent by 2020.

The ruling came after almost 900 Dutch citizens, headed by the group Urgenda, took their government to court in April in a class action lawsuit to force a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change. Netherlands has been lagging behind other European countries in tackling climate change.

Significantly, the challenge was based not on environmental law, but on human rights principles. Urgenda asked the courts to “declare that global warming of more than two degrees Celsius will lead to a violation of human rights worldwide.”

The court said, “The state should not hide behind the argument that the solution to the global climate problem does not depend solely on Dutch efforts … Any reduction of emissions contributes to the prevention of dangerous climate change and as a developed country the Netherlands should take the lead in this.”

“A courageous judge. This is fantastic,” said Sharona Ceha, a member of the climate change group Urgenda. “This is for my children and grandchildren.”

The international community is attempting to set limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels. Countries are to publish their own undertakings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ahead of a hoped-for global deal to be agreed in Paris in December.

While the Dutch government can appeal the ruling to a higher court, lawsuits against governments and companies in Europe have increasingly been seen as a way to press for action against climate change.

The Amsterdam-based group said the case was the first in Europe in which citizens attempted to hold the state responsible for its potentially devastating inaction and the first in the world in which human rights are used as a legal basis to protect citizens against climate change.

The landmark case could very well set an important precedent for public interest groups in other countries. Cases are already being brought forward in Belgium, Norway and the Philippines.

Perhaps this is a course Canadian environmental groups should consider. Diane Saxe thinks so. As the Toronto-based environmental lawyer told the CBC’s The Current, “The more I read the Dutch court decision, the more I’m getting excited about it, because the arguments made by the three judges could be made in Canada…I think it eventually will happen.”

IMF denounces “trickle-down” economics

In the other story, the IMF report contradicted its long-held position of following hard-nosed capitalist guidelines. It said that the dreaded concept of “trickle-down” economics — which it forced on developing countries and which is practiced by the Harper government — should be abandoned.

“To tackle inequality, financial inclusion is imperative in emerging and developing countries, while in advanced economies, policies should focus on raising human capital and skills and making tax systems more progressive,” concludes the report. Wages and living standards for the bottom 20 per cent should be raised, worker protections improved, and environmental standards implemented.

The practices and policies of the IMF have been controversial for many years.

The rich and powerful countries that control the IMF have used the body’s loans program to force their preferred economic policies on poor countries, even though rich countries themselves did not employ the same strict measures on themselves when they were developing.

The report’s critical analysis also applies to neo-liberal economic policies practiced by most Western governments, including the United States, Canada and several European countries.

The document was enthusiastically received by IMF critics, who have accused the world body of hindering, not helping, development in several poor countries over the years.

“Fighting inequality is not just an issue of fairness but an economic necessity,” saidNicholas Mombrial of Oxfam International in response to the report. “And that’s not Oxfam speaking, but the International Monetary Fund.”

“By releasing this report, the IMF has shown that ‘trickle-down’ economics is dead; you cannot rely on the spoils of the extremely wealthy to benefit the rest of us. Governments must urgently refocus their policies to close the gap between the richest and the rest if economies and societies are to grow,” said Mombrial.

Austerity increases poverty

Critics strongly object to austerity measures that have been forced upon most of the 60 countries where the IMF has been providing loans.

“Such belt-tightening measures increase poverty, reduce countries’ ability to develop strong domestic economies and allow multinational corporations to exploit workers and the environment,” argues Global Exchange, an international human rights organization.

Global Exchange charges that the IMF contributes to poverty instead of alleviating it: “Nearly 80 percent of all malnourished children in the developing world live in countries where farmers have been forced to shift from food production for local consumption to the production of export crops destined for wealthy countries.”

It’s very likely that the IMF will change some of its policies concerning developing countries. However, change may be slow. The IMF is a huge and complex organization where the wheels grind slowly. Secondly, the Western countries that control the organization tend to be strongly influenced by powerful and wealthy people who benefit from “trickle down” economics.

When the IMF finally makes significant policy changes, and if countries were to follow its lead in their own economic planning, many countries could experience a significant change in income distribution. Perhaps it will result in the one per cent no longer owning 48 per cent of the world’s wealth.

Nick Fillmore is a Canadian freelance journalist and blogger who specializes in environmental, finance, and developing country issues. He is a founder of the Canadian Association of Journalists. This article first appeared on The Tyee.


Opinion: Ethiopia politicizes courts to strangle dissent July 11, 2015

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???????????Aljazeera logo

Ethiopian Muslims staged protest across the country, 10 July 2015Ethiopian Muslims staged protest across the country1, 10 July 2015Ethiopian Muslims staged protest across the country2, 10 July 2015



Ethiopia politicizes courts to strangle dissent

The crackdown on Muslim activists is part of Addis Ababa’s crusade against independent voices and opposition leaders

July 10, 2015

On July 6, Ethiopia’s Federal High Court convicted leaders of the Ethiopian Muslims protest movement on charges of terrorism and conspiracy to create an Islamic state in Ethiopia. The verdict — against two Muslim journalists, 10 activists and six members of the Ethiopian Muslims Arbitration Committee — came after three years of a politically motivated trial whose outcome was long ago determined. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 3.

The trial and the verdict against the Muslim leaders is a political spectacle designed to conceal the regime’s reindoctrination campaign and silence long-standing grievances of the Muslim population. The crackdown on Muslim activists is part of the ruling party’s larger crusade against journalists, bloggers, activists and opposition leaders and supporters.

A peaceful movement

The Ethiopian Muslims movement was organized around the community’s three core demands: ending the government’s continued control of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, the official Islamic authority in Ethiopia; terminating the controversial reindoctrination of Ethiopian Muslims launched by the government in July 2011; and reopening the Awoliya College, the country’s only Muslim college. Authorities closed the institution in 2011, alleging it had become a breeding ground for radicals.

While the government has always controlled the council, it was Awoliya’s closure and the coercive reindoctrination campaign that triggered the confrontation. The government denies allegations of interference and control of religious institutions, but a leaked audio from the initial indoctrination sessions shows that it has invited preachers from Lebanon to introduce Al-Ahbash, a supposedly moderate sect of Sunni Islam, to Ethiopia.

Authorities arrested members of the Arbitration Committee in July 2012 after negotiations with the government failed, and they were charged with “intending to advance a political, religious or ideological cause” by force, signaling the impending criminalization of the peaceful movement.

Repressive political ends

Since the disputed 2005 elections and the mass arrests of opposition leaders and journalists, the use of court proceedings for repressive political ends has become one of the signature traits of the Ethiopian government. The primary purpose of these administrative acts disguised as criminal proceedings is the elimination of political opposition and critical voices. These trials function not to adjudicate legal disputes but to remove actors from the democratic sphere. The judicial machinery is set in motion not to determine guilt or innocence but to sustain and consolidate the government’s authoritarian stranglehold on its people.

In order to build a coherent narrative, the government often recasts genuine grievances as a national security threat and reconfigures activism as criminal offenses. For example, it accused the jailed Muslim leaders of working in tandem with foreign terrorist groups to destabilize Ethiopia and undo its economic progress. By dramatizing the impending danger and alleged links to regional militant groups such as Somalia’s Al-Shabab and Nigeria’s Boko Haram, the defendants’ prolonged trial was used to create an alternative reality manufactured by the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

The accused Muslim leaders see their actions as a defense of the constitution and their trial as persecution — a dubious plot to delegitimize their peaceful protests against the injustices of the state.

The government presented various forms of evidence — including documents, audio and video of sermons and speeches by the defendants, witness testimonies and material obtained through surveillance. However, most of the evidence was presented in closed sessions, and the accused were not given adequate opportunities for cross-examination. The government has deployed stealth propaganda to incriminate the defendants. Since the committee members’ arrests, authorities have produced two fake documentaries intended to generate images and narratives of terrorism to scare Christian Ethiopians and Western observers, in flagrant violation of the presumption of defendants’ innocence until proven guilty.

The verdict of history

The accused Muslim leaders see their actions as a defense of the constitution and their trial as persecution — a dubious plot to delegitimize their peaceful protests against the injustices of the state. The government misrepresented their cause in a desperate attempt to suppress their aspiration and consolidate its control over religious institutions and doctrines.

As the judge read out the verdict, one of the committee members accused the judge of being complicit in the perversion of justice and reading a judgment “written by the security establishment,” according to defense lawyers. “We appear before this court not because we thought that this court is an institution of truth and justice that judges without fear of favor but to clarify the historical record,” another defendant said.

The trial has been an occasion for the defendants to mount their objection to the government’s oppressive narratives and expose its abuse of institutions of truth and justice. As part of their struggle over the historical record, the committee members petitioned Africa’s top human rights watchdog, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, to intervene in the matter. Given the justice system’s lack of independence, the defendants are seeking to present their version of events before an independent international institution, contesting the allegations and images the government created in a trial in which it is both prosecutor and judge. In February 2015 the commission granted a provisional measure, asking Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to undertake a full investigation into allegations of torture and other violations of due process rights.

The EPRDF is using counterterrorism as carte blanche to consolidate its authoritarian control over the country. Meanwhile, the United States, Ethiopia’s close ally in the global war on terrorism, has turned a blind eye to the misuse and abuse of its counterterrorism funding. President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to Addis Ababa would be seen as yet another seal of approval for the regime’s repressive practices and the ruling party’s landslide victory in the recent elections. Ethiopia’s sudden and unexplained release of journalists and bloggers ahead of Obama’s visit later this month is a strategic move meant to assuage Washington’s concerns and to minimize the bad publicity around their continued incarceration.

Regardless of the outcome of these trials, history’s judgment will be different. In the verdict of history and the archives and repertoires of the oppressed, these individuals, like many who came before them, will be seen as victims of a grotesque system of justice.

Awol Allo is a fellow in human rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Appeal Letter to President Obama from Oromo Communities Association in North America (OCA-NA), an Umbrella Organization of NA Oromo Communities. July 10, 2015

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???????????OromoProtests against genocidal TPLF Ethiopia1. 19 June 2015

Appeal Letter to President Obama from OCA-NA, an Umbrella Organization of NA Oromo Communities.

July 07, 2015President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Tel: (202) 395-2020

Subject: Your Plan to Visit Ethiopia in July, 2015

Dear President Obama,

On behalf of the Oromo Communities in the United States, we, the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the (OCA-NA), are writing this urgent letter regarding your plan to visit Ethiopia in July 2015. OCA-NA is an umbrella organization of the Oromo communities, and represents thousands of citizen and legal residents of Oromo origin in the United States. It is organized to advocate for the human rights of the Oromo in Diaspora and those at home, in the Horn of Africa.

Like the majority of US citizens and the global community, we were excited when you were elected as the president of the United States in 2008 and expected huge progress for all freedom loving people in the world. Your statement in Ghana, during your first visit to Africa in 2009, in which you promised your administration’s commitment to support “strong and sustainable democratic governments” in Africa and to deny assistance to corrupt and dictatorial regimes confirmed our hopes and widened our imaginations. Despite moments of frustration, over the last seven years, we have continued to hope for your strong support for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. On several occasions, the Oromo communities have appealed to your administration and to you personally, regarding the repressive acts of the Ethiopian regime. Incidentally, the Oromo residents of Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and representatives of communities from many states were holding a peaceful rally in front of the White House when they learned the announcement of your planned visit to Ethiopia.

It is with shock and profound sadness that we received this message. We are afraid that your visit sends the wrong messages to both the government of Ethiopia and the people suffering from government’s repressive policies. First, your visit emboldens the dictatorial EPRDF regime and encourages it to implement even more destructive and undemocratic policies. Portraying your visit as an endorsement of its misguided actions, the regime intensifies the violence against innocent people, continues violation of human rights, further suppresses dissidents, stifles legitimate grievances of citizens, and displaces farmers, the youth and intellectuals. Your meeting and photo ops with Ethiopian government officials will be exploited to the maximum by the regime to subdue the people claiming that your administration fully supports its dictatorial practices and the unbelievable 100 percent victory in its sham elections. Second, the Oromo in particular, and the Ethiopian people in general, would lose hope. They would feel the most powerful nation and its president, whose speeches and actions they passionately follow and expect highly from his administration, have ignored their plight. Your meeting in Addis Ababa with Ethiopian officials, who torment innocent people daily, will deepen the people’s disillusionment and frustrations. Third, the Oromo communities in US are extremely concerned that your visit will have negative implications for the policy objectives of your administration and the long term interests of United States in the region.

The Ethiopian government distorts facts, manipulates the reality, and represents itself as democratic. But, human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Survival International, Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa and the annual human rights reports of the State Department have attested to the massive human rights violations of the EPRDF regime. The well documented long list of imprisoned students, journalists, bloggers, and members of opposition political parties fully confirm the undemocratic nature of this regime. In a country like Ethiopia, with complicated and highly contested political issues, the recent 100 percent victory in the national elections is totally unbelievable, and leaves no doubt about EPRDF regime’s dictatorial rule. Finally, the Ethiopian government also exploits global and regional security issues. Declaring its support for the war on global terrorism and posing as an ally of the United States, the government uses resources it receives from big powers for suppressing dissent, terrorizing innocent people, and for subverting democratic processes. It should be clear that a regime that terrorizes its citizens cannot be a reliable ally to fight extremism.

Mr. President,

For these reasons, we are puzzled by your decision to visit Ethiopia and meet government officials who contradict your convictions and the principles of American democracy. First, we are strongly appealing to you to reconsider your planned trip to Ethiopia. Second, if your visit to the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa is absolutely necessary, we are strongly urging you not to meet Ethiopian government officials in public and not offer them the opportunity to use your visit for their domestic propaganda. Third, we also request you to make it clear to the people in public that the Ethiopian regime’s undemocratic practices are unacceptable. We believe the United States will not ignore the atrocities perpetrated against the 95 million people in favor of the oppressive regime in the name of alliance against global terrorism.


Oromo Communities’ Association in North America (OCA-NA)

Godina Baalee, Aanaa Gaasaratti, lafeeleen namoota dhibba tokkoo argame July 10, 2015

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Godina Baalee, Aanaa Gaasaratti, lafeeleen namoota dhiiba tokkoo olii argame. Skeletons of  more than 100 human bodies found buried together in Bale, Gaasara district, Dambal locality, Oromia


(OMN:Oduu Adol.09, 2015): Godina Baalee aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal ganda Askaalatti, lafeen namoota 60 ol ta’an, jumlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwaalaman argamuun dhagahame.

Jiraattonni naannichaa akka jedhanitti,ammayyuu lafeen namoota heddu argamuu nutti himuun, gochaan raawwatame kun, sirna bulchiinsa mootummaa kam keessa akka ta’e, haga ammatti wanti beekkame hin jiru.

Godina Baalee,aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal araddaa Askaala ykn Hirbaayyee jedhamutti, lafeen namoota 60 jumlaadhaan ajjeefamanii boolla tokkotti awwaalaman, guyyaa kaleessaa jechuun Adoolessa 8 bara 2015tti, argamuu isaa jiraattonni kun OMN tti kan himan.

Jiraataan magaalaa Danbal akka jedhanitti, lafee namootaa hedduu jimlaadhaan awwaalaman kana, ija isaaniitiin arguu nutti himuun, yoomiif eennuun, gochaan kun akka raawwatame hin beeknu jedhan.

Lafeen namoota jimlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwaalamanii turan kun, namoonni naannawa san jiraatan osoo karaa deeman kan argan yoo ta’u, ammas lafeen namoota awwaalamanii, laakkofsaan hedduu akka ta’ellee namni kun ibsaniiru.

Akka namni kun nuuf himanitti, gochaan raawwatame kun, sirna bulchiinsa mootummaa kam keessa akka ta’e haga ammatti wanti beekkame hin jiru.
Haata’u malee, lafee namoota argamee kanarraa hubachuun akka danda’ametti, awwaalcha baroota dhihoo kan fakkaatuudha jedhan.

Jiraattonni aanaa Gaasaraa magaalaa Danbal akka jedhanitti, lafeen namoota jimlaadhaan boolla tokkotti awwalamanii argaman kunniin, namoota umriidhaan gaheessa ta’aniidha.
Wanatoonni raawwatamee ture kun, naannawaa isaanitti yeroo jalqabaa akka ta’e kan nutti himan namni kun, gochaa raawwatamee ture kana akka qorataniif, gara bulchiinsa aanichaatti ibsuu isaanillee dubbatan.

Ji’a Adoolessaa bara 2014 darbes, godina Harargee Bahaa magaalaa Harar araddaa Hammarreessatti, lafeen namoota jumlaadhaan ajjeefamanii awwalaman keessaa 400 kan ta’an, deeggartoota Adda bilisummaa Oromoo akka ta’an, jiraattota naannichaa waabeeffachuun gabaasuun keenya ni yaadatama.

Keessahuu bara 1998 hanga 2000tti, yeroo Itoophiyaa fi Eritraan waraana irra turanitti, dargaaggootaa fi manguddoota Oromoo, Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo deeggartu jechuun, naannoo Jijjigaa fi Soomali-land irraa, mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin qabamanii kan hidhaman oggaa ta’u,nyaata fi dhugaatii dhorkamuun lubbuun isaanii gaaga’amuun, jiraattoonni kun dabalanii saaxiluusaanii wayituma san gabaasuun keenya kan yaadatamudha.

Gabaasaan Usmaan Ukkumee ti.

OROMO STUDENT PROTESTORS RELEASED FROM JAIL. Barattooti Oromoo Jaha Hidhaa Hiikaman July 9, 2015

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???????????The freed Oromo university students

(OroMedia, Adoolessa 9 bara 2015) Barattooti Oromoo bara 2014 keessa Yunversiitii garaa garaa irraa walitti guuramanii hidhaatti darbaman keessaa jaha bilisaan gadhiifaman.

Maddi keenya Finfinnee irraa akka gabaasetti abarattooti kunneen rakkooleen uummata Oromoo akka furmaata argatuufi uummanni Oromoo seeraan ala qe’ee isaa irraa akka hin buqqaaneef karaa nagaan gaaffii mirgaa warra dhiyeessan keessaa adda baafamanii kanneen hidhaatti darban ture.

Barattootia hiikaman Yunversiitii Saayinsiif Teknooloojii Adaamaatti Dursaa Gumii GAAO kan ture barataa Addunyaa Keessoo, barataaToofik Rashiid Yunversiitii Dirree Dhaawaa irraa, Barataa Leenjisaa Alamaayyoo, Barataa Abdii Kamaal, Barataa Magarsaa Warquu, Barataa Bilisummaa Daammanaa ta’uun beekameera.

Akka odeessa nu gahetti, abrattooti kunneen adda dureedhaan barattoota qindeessitaniittu jedhamanii kanneen himatamuudhaan Finfinnee Mana Hidhaa garaa garaa keessatti dararamaa turaniidha.


Barattooti kunneen gaafa Waxabajjii 22, 2015 murtii dhumaatiif Mana Murtii Federaalaatti dhiyaatanii sagalee isaanii erga laatanii booda barattoota wagaga tokkoof hiraarsan beenyaa tokko malee gadhiisaniiru.

Barattooti kunneen kanneen adda duree jedhamanii hanga ammaa hidhamanii turanii dha. Barattooti Oromoo hundi Bilisaan akka gadhiifamaniis beekameera.

Akk odeeffannoo nu gaheetti barattoota yeroo darbe badii malee funaanamanii Finfinneetti ukkaamfaman keessaa Alsan Hasan(kan mana hidhaa keessatti reebamee ajjeefame) waliin kijiba boombii darbattan jedhuun kan hidhame barataa Abbabaa Urgeessaa qofti beellami kan biroo qabameefii ammas mana hidhaa Qaallittii keessatti argama.

Barattooti Oromoo amam hiikamanis ta’ee kanneen mana hidhaa keessatti argaman barattoota Qulqulluu fi Falmitoota Haqaa ta’uu isaanii namooti hedduu irratti waliif galaa jiru.




(Addis Standard, 9 July 2015), At least six Oromo university students were also among three journalists and two bloggers released from Ethiopian prison yesterday, according to various reports.
The freed Oromo university students include Adugna Kesso, Bilisumma Dammana, Lenjisa Alemayo, Abdi Kamal, Magarsa Warqu, and Tofik Rashid. All were students who were arrested by security agents from various universities located in the Oromiya regional states. No charges were brought against many of them in the last year and three months.



Bilisumma DammanaStudent Bilisumma Dammana 
The arrest of unknown numbers of Oromo University students followed a May 2014 brutal crackdown by the police against university students who protested when a master plan for the expansion of Addis Abeba, the city originally home to the Oromo, was introduced by the federal government.

TofikStudent Tofik Rashid

The 10th Addis Abeba and Oromia Special Zone Integrated Development Master plan, which was in the making for two years before its introduction to the public, finally came off as ‘Addis Abeba and the Surrounding Oromia Special Zone Integrated Development Plan.
The government claims the master plan, which will annex localities surrounding Addis Abeba but are under the Oromiya regional state, was aimed at “developing an internationally competitive urban region through an efficient and sustainable spatial organization that enhances and takes advantage of complementarities is the major theme for the preparation of the new plan.”
The students protested against the plan and the federal government’s meddling in the affairs of the Oromiya regional state, which many legal experts also say was against Article 49(5) of the Ethiopian Constitution that clearly states “the special interest of the State of Oromia in Addis Abeba.”



Nimona Chali

Charges against university student Nimona Chali were dropped without explanation and he was released some two months ago. 
Two months ago, student Nimona Chali, one of the detained students, was released from jail without charges. Student Aslan Hassen died in prison in what the government claimed was a suicide. However, many believe he was tortured to death. No independent enquiry was launched to investigate his death.



Alsan Hassan

Alsan Hassan died while in police custody. Government says it was a sucide, but many say he died of torture. 
By the government’s own account, eleven people were killed during university student demonstrations in many parts of the Oromia regional state. However, several other accounts put the number as high as above 50.


Africa is still struggling with poverty July 9, 2015

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???????????Africa is still struggling with poverty


Over the last few years, sub-Saharan countries have seen significant economic growth. Seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world between 2011-2015 come from Africa.

But this economic growth has not quite translated into significant poverty reduction. As analysts point out, the number of people on the continent living under $1.25 a day has risen from 358 million in 1996 to 415 million in 2011.

Tanzania for example, which saw an average of 6% GDP growth over the last several years, has grappled with this disconnect. “At the macro-level, we may be doing well, but it does not touch the unemployed or those involved in the informal economy,” a former cabinet minister told Quartz.

However, the latest data from the Pew Research Centre shows that there has been significant poverty reduction in some African countries.

The reduction of poverty and increase in the ranks of the slightly better-off “low-income” category is good news, but the challenge remains that many African countries have not been able to transition people into the middle class.

Africa is still the poorest region in the world overall: With nine out of 10 people either poor or low-income, the continent his home to 20% of the world’s poor, the data show. In some countries virtually the entire population is poor or low-income. The picture is somewhat brighter in Seychelles, Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco and Egypt, where 20% are either middle income or better

  Africa is still struggling with poverty   Read more at: http://qz.com/449199/africas-economic-growth-still-isnt-creating-enough-of-a-middle-class/

Africa remains the poorest region

(Gulf News, NEW YORK, 10 July 2015): The dramatic lurch of hundreds of millions of people from poverty since the millennium began has not resulted in a truly global middle class, a new report says.

Instead, the improvement in living conditions for almost 700 million people has been a step forward from the desperate existence of $2 or less a day into a low-income world of living on $2 to $10 daily, the Pew Research Center says.

Its report, released Wednesday, looks at changes in income for more than 110 countries between 2001 and 2011, the latest that data for such a large range of countries was available.

The report comes just two days after the United Nations announced success in key development goals adopted by world leaders at the start of the millennium, including the lifting of more than one billion people out of extreme poverty.

Also worth noting: Europe and North America’s global share of the upper-middle income population fell from 76 per cent to 63 per cent by 2011 as the Asia-South Pacific region got richer. Africa remained the poorest region, with 92 per cent of its population either poor or low-income by 2011, and in Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Madagascar and Zambia, “poverty actually increased significantly.”

For years, reaching middle class has been held out as a goal for people in a growing number of countries. China’s rise in particular, with 203 million people there moving into a middle-income life over the decade starting in 2001, has resulted in what the report calls a “pivot to the east.”

More than half of the world’s middle-class population was living in the Asia and South Pacific region by 2011. That’s a jump from 31 per cent to 51 per cent in a decade. Largely because of Asia, the report says the world’s middle-income population nearly doubled over that time, from 399 million to 784 million.

But the gains are hardly seen everywhere. The report shows that while commodity-rich South America and a strengthening Eastern Europe, including Russia, also made strides into the middle class, Africa, India and many parts of Asia have yet to do the same.

The Pew report calls its overall findings “the uneven geography of the emerging middle class.”

The poverty rate for India, Asia’s other population giant, fell from 35 per cent to 20 per cent over the report’s period, but its middle class only grew from 1 per cent to 3 per cent. The report notes that India’s economic reforms began in 1991, 13 years after China, though the scope and pace of the countries’ reforms have varied.

South America almost reached the point where half of its population is at or above middle-income, at 47 per cent.

And despite China’s rise, more than three-fourths of its people were still poor or low-income. The only other countries seeing a significant shift into the middle class, where the poverty rate fell by at least 15 per cent and the middle-income population grew by at least 10 per cent, were Bhutan, Moldova, Ecuador, Argentina and Kazakhstan.

Among countries with a large number of high-income people, or those living on more than $50 a day, the United States stood out from its Western peers by slipping as its economy stalled. Its high-income population actually edged down, from 58 per cent in 2001 to 56 per cent in 2011.

Factors like conflict and falling oil prices likely have affected the findings for some economies, such as Russia’s, in the past few years, the report notes.



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